02 July 2018

My skincare routine (morning + night)

** On a personal note this week: My body image journey - body shaming (part 1)

Every time I think of skincare, I just think of my grandma and my mom. To give you some background, my grandma grew up very poor. In the years of her youth, she barely had money for food so she really couldn't afford skin care products. Since I can remember, she always used the same 2 creams - Becutan and Nivea. There was no toners, cleansers, oils... And her skin is to this day (she's 79) is absolutely gorgeous.

Then I open my YouTube, I see all these beauty gurus with their routines and fancy products and then I look at myself and think if I'm doing something terribly wrong to my skin. I also wonder if they really have the time to do all that every day, because I don't. Or, at least, I don't want to lose precious time doing 20 extra steps. Not that I don't trust my grandma, but things have changed over the time so I'm trying to pick up as many useful advice as I can.

I also rarely write 'routine' posts because I don't really have a routine. Products change a lot, procedure as well. All according to my will, time and needs. However, I've established some routine steps I usually do so here they are. I wrote only few real 'routine' posts, such as Winter skin care routine and Hair routine & the best oil combination for perfect hair if you wanna check them out.

Starting with night routine cause morning really depends on it. Night time routine usually depends on whether I wore make-up or not that day. It also depends on my mood and time, of course. If I wore make-up, I'll first remove it with a make-up remover, micellar water or baby oil. Once I've removed about 95% of make-up, I'll take some of my washes or cleansers and my SkinPro device and go all over my face to really clean it 100%. Since I use all mattifying products which suck out oils from my skin, I always top it with some toner to give some moisture back. Once that soaks in, I'll apply face oil. If I haven't worn make-up, I'll use some scrub (probably L'Oreal Smooth sugars glow scrub (grapes) these days) and massage it with only my hands and I'll apply oil right after it. Depending on the state of my skin, I'll use more or less oils.

As I said, morning depends on the night. If I applied more oils, it's more likely that not all the oil has soaked into my skin so I still have a layer of it just sitting on my face. Regardless, I'll fist go and rinse my face with water. If I have more oil, I'll use a toner to remove it. Then comes the cream and I've been using Nivea Urban skin moisturizer which also has SPF 20 so I'm immediately good to go. And by 'good to go' I mean just that and you can read my trick to real no-makeup-makeup in my post A real no-makeup makeup routine | My daily make-up.

I'm pretty simple when it comes to my skin. At least, I think so. I don't use many products, but I'm happy with the results so I'm sticking with it.

What's your routine? Do you have some staple product you have to use each time?

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