07 June 2018

A real no-makeup makeup routine | My daily "make-up"

I think I've said it a 100 times by now that I don't use make-up on daily basis. I think I have too much make-up for someone who puts it on maybe once a month. And I'm not even talking about "everyday make-up". I'm talking about not having make-up at all! I went through my teen years without make-up so I think I got really used to my bare face. I also had the worst days (puberty) without make-up so I'm not that self-conscious without it now.  
Photo shows my favorite products and the ones I use the most in this situation. For more details either find reviews on my blog or ask in the comment section.
I'm most proud of it now. However, I do like to glam up for special occasions which are sometimes just random outings with my friends. I'm basically doing it all - from bare face to using just few products to going full glam. And this can all happen within 2 days.

Although my title here contradicts the stuff I just wrote and I should have 'daily make-up', I do some stuff that should be considered a make-up routine, but, then again, I don't do them every day. Anyhow, before this gets too complicated, I'll start with my "routines".
I hate when my face is shining. That's a fact. It's also a fact that I have oily skin and I only use cream with SPF (post Nivea Urban skin moisturizer) on daily basis. Basically, if I don't do something, I'll be a disco ball in just few minutes of leaving my house. So I discovered this little trick I usually do now. I apply my cream and then I just apply transparent powder all over my face. It looks like I have zero make-up (and truthfully, I do cause transparent powder doesn't count), but I have my moisture and protection and also oil blockage.
Now, if I have something more important or a coffee with friends or a meeting, I'll do just the same with the cream and setting powder, but I'll add some eyeliner or eye pencil. Also, a good lipstick or lipgloss is a always a good idea. These two simple things make you look much more put together and you've put 2 minutes of effort in it. Perfect win!

** On a personal note this week: Storytime: A teacher was wrong & yelled at me

How do you manage your daily make-up? Any good tricks you'd like to share?


  1. Ooh I see some Essence and NYX which I love! I wear makeup every day for work but normally go makeup free over the weekend...unless I'm going out with friends!

    1. With Makeup Revolution, my two favorite brands :D
      of course, I like to overdo it when I'm going out haha

      thank you for reading & leaving a comment ♥