29 January 2014

It's an animal!

There is a new nail design every day. Mostly all of them are based on good old fashioned French manicure. Why? Because it's the easiest design you can do and it looks great every single time.
This one is one of the most popular nail design among teenage girls. It's a zebra. Wild animal. Of course, there's leopard, but that's too advanced since I've only showed you some simple manicures.

Zebra is calm, gentle, shy and fearful animal. On the other hand, it's a wild animal, as I said. So, basically, zebra pretends to be all sweet and then it shows her other side. People work the same way. They're one in public, one when they're happy, one when they're sad, one when they're alone... It goes on. We all wear our "public face" until we close the door of our home. So, zebra represents the fact that people shouldn't be underestimated on the first sight. Some of them can look harmless, but, when needed, run as hell towards you... Nothing is as it seems...

  • white nail polish with regular brush
  • black nail polish with thin brush
  • Make simple white manicure as I showed you few times before. This time also be careful that your white ends are as straight as possible cause there's nothing covering that.
  • Use black nail polish to make stripes. Make sure they're not straight. They also don't have to be the same length or thickness. Spread them all over the white part so they look as natural as a wild animal can be on nails.
This is pretty much it. Very easy to do.

Explore the wilderness with your new manicure.

27 January 2014

Stand out with blue

I've told you that good old white French manicure will never die. It is also the most popular nail design. It looks great in every occasion and with pretty much every outfit. Here, we're taking a step further with that manicure and we're making it more personal and unique. 

I, personally, really like blue nail polish, so I did this with that color. You can, of course, use any color you want. Make sure that the colors you match go great with one another and with your personality, cause that's most important.
  • Make the usual French (white) manicure, like I taught you in previous posts. This time be more careful to make really good edge cause here there's no line to cover for any mistakes. If you want to, you can put the line too, but I don't guarantee that it will look good.
  • Use blue nail polish with thin brush. You can use toothpick as well, but it's so much harder to work with it.
  • Start the first line in the bottom right corner of your nail and pull it diagonally to the left upper corner. Don't leave to much nail polish on the brush. Just a small amount of color will be enough.
  • Make the second line close to the first one. Be careful that you don't go too close to the first one, or they will merge. Then, you'll have just one thick and not so smooth line.
  • Finish off by applying one blue dot in the right upper corner of your nail. I also did it with this same blue nail polish and its brush.
Enjoy the blue!

26 January 2014

Be a peacock or a gentleman

If you really want to stand out with your nail designs, here are the two options for you that will guarantee all eyes on you.

Both of these designs are very modern. For girls that are not afraid to take chances and are ready to step out of the box. These are certainly not conventional nail designs but can look great in every occasion. Like, most of the times, it just depends how you combine your nails with your clothes. Here they are:

  • Peacock nails are very unique. Unfortunately, these aren't mine, but I'm planning on doing them very soon, so I'll let you know how it went.
  • They're made in eight really simple steps. All you need is to pick out the right colors and some nail polish with a thin brush for all those details.
  • You can paint all your nails like this, or you can be wild and paint every nail in different color and design.
  • Tuxedo nails are very popular these days. They can be combined with both casual and elegant style. If you choose them be prepared for lots of staring into your fingers.
  • However, this is not a design for every type of nail. I personally like it the best on these short oval nails, but, I supposed, you could make this on every type. I just don't know how it will look.
  • Again, you need to have the right tools for this. Good nail polish, thin brush and lots of patience and calm hands.
Enjoy being unique.

21 January 2014

Black and pink for a rebellious lady

Black is a color of modern young women who are not afraid to show their statement. Black color on nails represents strong, determined woman. If you paint your nails black, you will not go unnoticed.

Pink, on the other hand is really gentle, lady-like color that shows your sensitive side. It shows that you are romantic and very emotional person.

When you combine those two colors, you get a perfect combination. This mostly represents two sides of the same person. And every person has, at least, two sides. So, you can't go wrong with mixing black with any color, but pink is the perfect opposite to it.

Here's my example and below you can find all the steps to it.

  • Make sure you have something to cover your nails with before putting any nail polish in color. I used transparent base nail polish.
  • Paint your nails black.
  • Choose where you want your pink design to be and what shape. I used the middle as a starting point and decided to do crooked triangles, something like a circus hat.
  • Make two lines from the middle towards the end of a nail, where ever you want.
  • Paint in between the lines with that pink you just used. Pink is brighter color, so, you'll probably have to go over it more than one time.
  • Put some kind of zircon to camouflage the awkward beginning.
By the time, my manicures will get more complicated, don't worry. I'm using my old designs because I don't have the time to do anything new these days.

Enjoy your new "edgy" style.

20 January 2014

Popular manicures in different colors

Last time I showed you how my simple white manicure is done and how it looks on my nails. I also told you that you can do it in any other color that you want. It is probably the easiest way to get some positive attention. This time, I'm actually going to show you how it looks with all different colors. 

I personally think this is very easy to do. That's why I didn't post any photos of the entire process of making it. If you need me to, I'll do it. For some complicated designs, I hope I'll do some videos. 

So, without further ado, I give you my nails:
  • Black manicure with silver line. I used this black nail sticker to make it more interesting. Of course, after you put on that sticker, go over it with some transparent nail polish to make it more durable.
  • The same black manicure. This time, silver lines are making a triangular shape, also to make it more interesting.
  • Red nails for special occasions. I used simple, shiny red nail polish to make a "French" manicure. This time I also used nail sticker, this time a white one. This white flowers really make a difference and light up every simple design. 
  • Very bright and "nurse" alike nails. This really reminds me of nurse's outfits. Blue French manicure with white line. There's a little white heart on the thumb if you can see it.

Nail stickers can be found in any store that sells cosmetics and nail polishes. There is no wrong and right stickers, so feel free to explore. Just make sure you cover every sticker with transparent nail polish.

Basically, you can do this with any color there is in the world. You just be careful that your nails match your outfits or occasions you're going to.

Enjoy being colorful.

19 January 2014

Simple white manicure

Everybody likes a good manicure, especially if it looks like it's made in a nail salon by a pro. Unfortunately, not everybody has that much money to go to the professional every week to do their nails. So, I'll teach you how to do all time favorite white manicure on your nails.

I have, most of the times, long square shaped nails because they're the easiest to design. If you look at it, almost every good nail design (with gel) is on square shaped nail. (Nowadays are modern those pointy nails but I personally hate that shape.)

This is probably the easiest and the shortest tutorial there is on nails. There are only four simple steps.
  • Apply some base coat. I used transparent nail polish.
  • Pick a white (or any color) nail polish. I used Manhattan's 11A Quick dry. It is the best for these kind of manicures. Paint it only on the white parts of your nail (those which are not directly attached to your finger). You don't need to be extra careful to make a straight line on the ending of a white part.
  • Use silver (or any other) nail polish with thin brush to make a straight line. This is great for covering your non-smooth edges.I used Essence's 03 silver surfer.
  • With some sparkly nail polish go over everything. This is a great protection, your manicure will last longer, and you'll have pretty, sparkly look. 
Used for this manicure:

Enjoy your new manicure.


Hi you all.

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