28 September 2017

New in: late summer/fall fashion 2017

I've set up so many polls on Twitter asking whether you would like to see any of my fashion hauls. Every time I asked, majority was voting 'yes' and I never did it. Don't know why. Finally, after months of waiting, I'm here with a fashion haul and I tried on everything. This is supposed to be a fall edition, but summer clothing was on sale so I, of course, took some of that.
Don't mind my weird poses which are all the same. This is my first try on post. Also, I know all of these don't work well with my body, but I'm kinda making myself get in shape by this (?). Also, I now realize I should have put an actual outfit with jackets and all, but I just put on what I bought recently. And I also forgot to change my shoes. Luckily, these go with everything. It's gonna be better next time. Anyhow, let's get on with the photos.
Note: Please acknowledge my super improvised background. Yes, it's a white bed sheet.

25 September 2017

Purple gold manicure

How long has it been since I posted a manicure post? Two weeks? Seems like a lifetime. Although posts about nails and manicures bring me the least views and comments, nails are my biggest passion here so I'll never stop posting them. I sometimes get comment how my manicures are hard to do by a beginner (which I don't think it's the case at all), so I love posting these simple manicures every once in a while.
Today I have a super easy and elegant manicure. You can do it in half an hour and I guarantee it will catch some looks. I also love this contrast between deep purple shade and gold. To make it stand out even more, add a matte top coat and then shiny rhinestone.

21 September 2017

Lush bath bomb Dragon's Egg

I've entered Lush stores before, but I never actually bought anything. This time was different. As I live with my parents, I had to wait to have the apartment to myself so I could really take the entire bathroom and enjoy the bath. This day finally came and I dedicated this time only to myself.
Find all information about this bomb, including the price, in the given links.
I asked Lush's official Twitter page which one would they recommend as I've done 0 research and I've never had their bath bomb before. They offered some, but we don't have those in our country so I got Dragon's Egg. I decided only based on good smell.

18 September 2017

New in: make-up | summer-fall 2017

I was on a vacation for 6 weeks in total and I didn't buy anything in that time. I was also waiting for some new fall collections to come to our stores so I waited. Now that I found everything I wanted, I'm about $50 lighter and full of new stuff.
Also, why do I have separate photos? I bought stuff on one and thought I would make it a post. Then I saw some other stuff and bought that too. And I'm not as organized as you may think so I already put my stuff all over the place. Some stuff are also at my friend's place. Great. And I still didn't capture all items in these photos.

14 September 2017

Kiehl's tester products

About two months ago I walked in a Kiehls store expecting to buy the most popular oil in the beauty world. To be honest, that's the only thing I knew Kiehls had. I also saw free skin testing which I was really interested in. A girl there tested my skin in about 5 minutes and I already got some testers exactly for my skin type to try out.
Now that I've used them all, I can make some honest review. I had about 3 week pause in between (not on purpose, but taking opened testers on vacation would be really hard) using these so I can also see the difference.

11 September 2017

Summer manicures

Summer is slowly coming to an end, but that won't stop me from posting some more summer related topics. Summer is definitely not my favorite season, but it's the season when I go most crazy with my manicures with all neon colors and colorful designs.
Now you'll see three different manicures I did this summer I loved the most. I'll probably do a separate post just for my favorite out of these favorites so your job it to guess which one that will be.
Note: For better pictures, open this post...

07 September 2017

My Essence lipstick collection

It's no secret that I absolutely love Essence. As I said many times before, they're super affordable, cruelty free, with some great products! What's not to love? Anyway, as I announced in one of previous posts, I'm going to show this collection separately. For my entire lip product collection, check My lipstick collection post.
I'm really happy to have this collection and I wish to get more. Stay tuned for my new make-up haul coming soon. I'm showing you both hand and lip swatches with and without flash so I really hope you'll like it.

04 September 2017

Shopping tips

If you knew me, like really knew me, you would know that I love shopping. Honestly, I talk about it a lot more than I actually do it and my friends have a feeling I shop every single day, but I don't. I like to browse a lot and I am in stores every other day, but I rarely actually buy something. Why am I justifying myself to you?
I already shared with you my tips on how to shop online so check it out. Anyway, I'm here today to share 7 tips on how to shop and prepare yourself better as I went shopping just yesterday.
Note: BREAKING NEWS!!! You'll actually see everything I got! I announced try-on post a lot of times, but you'll get this one! Comment if you want it :)