18 September 2017

New in: make-up | summer-fall 2017

I was on a vacation for 6 weeks in total and I didn't buy anything in that time. I was also waiting for some new fall collections to come to our stores so I waited. Now that I found everything I wanted, I'm about $50 lighter and full of new stuff.
Also, why do I have separate photos? I bought stuff on one and thought I would make it a post. Then I saw some other stuff and bought that too. And I'm not as organized as you may think so I already put my stuff all over the place. Some stuff are also at my friend's place. Great. And I still didn't capture all items in these photos.
As you'll see, I was waiting for new Essence collection (and everything is metallic). I got most stuff from them, but I also ordered some from a site Pink Panda (Balkan area only?). So, let's start.
Note: I'll definitely do a follow-up post writing down short reviews of all of these so stay tuned.
In the upper left corner I have Vibrant shock lip paint in shade #02 bloody Mary. This is supposed to be a mix between liquid lipstick and lipgloss. Below that, I have two metal shock liquid eyeshadows in shades #02 stars & stories and #06 total eclipse. These are regular liquid eyeshadows, full of glitter and they contain carmine which is written right below the shade name. These four black squares are single eyeshadows by Nabla. I got them in shades #Daphne no.2, #Farenheit, #Ludwig and #Paprika. Since I don't have any reds and oranges in my eyeshadow collection, I got all based on these colors. I also got an empty palette, by Nabla again, called #SixFreedomination with magnetic bottom to fit 6 single eyeshadows. Right below palette, there's NYX Liquid suede metallic matte lipstick in shade #Biker babe. To the right, there are two Essence colored eyeliners. Bronze one is #03 coppy right and reddish one is #04 pink glam. Upper right corner has metal shock silver pigment for nails in shade #01 mirror, mirror on my nails. On the plate, there are two butter sticks. They have glossy finish and are in shades #02 sweet frosting and #04 dark syrup. The only nail polish I got here is from cracked metal collection in shade #35 crack is back!. I'm sure you remember these that crack leaving interesting pattern after applying it. Last things here are black and brown eyeliners in shades #01 deep black and #03 brown.
Here I have four Essence brushes for eyeshadow, blending, eyeliner and holo one for highlighter. I also got one holo nail polish in shade #05 holo fever. There's also one more nail pigment in gold #04 a touch of vintage. I also got this red copper pigment from Chinese store and I have to get nail polishes to match it. In the middle, there's Essence cushion eyeliner in only shade #01 black. To go with it, I got some eyeliner tool. Basically stencils that will make my wings perfect. Hopefully. Last thing I got are these eye pads that are supposed to be cooled and then applied on your eyes to relax and refresh tired eyes.
Other than these stuff, I also got Affinitone foundation by Maybelline in shade #30 sand beige. There's also one primer The baby skin primer by Maybelline. I also got two more butter sticks with matte finish in shades #03 frozen sugar and #04 pink marshmallow.

That's all. I think I went a bit overboard, but fortunately my budget didn't suffer much as Essence is the cheapest brand out there :)

What's your latest beauty purchase? What do you think of mine? Seeing anything you like?


  1. I need a holo nail polish in my life! I also need to try more from Essence, I've really liked everything that I've tried from that brand :)

    1. I've tried it and honestly I love it. I'm going back for more shades!
      yeah, I love them too. and if I find something that doesn't suit me, it's not that big deal cause they're so cheap :)

      thank you for coming :*