28 February 2014

Feels like snowflakes

I am well aware of the fact that it's not snowing anymore and winter is passing by slowly, but it doesn't mean it's all over yet. We can still use winter designs and associations to it.

Other than real snowflakes and snowmen, nothing says winter like white and light blue color. Preferably with sparkles. That's why I used it in my former nail design.

  • First you need to shape your nails, of course.
  • Then do the French manicure with the light blue nail polish (you can, of course, do it with white or any other color).
  • Take the all-glitter nail polish (make sure you choose the color that goes great with the base one) and apply large dose only on manicured part. Make sure it's thick enough (not too thick though cause you won't be able to stretch it).
  • Leave it for few seconds to dry just a bit. Then use your brush from that glitter nail polish to stretch glitter on your nail. Go slowly and don't press it like you're actually painting your nail. Make soft moves and don't go all the way to the end of the nail.
If you do everything right, you're supposed to get snowy nail design. I hope I explained it well. If not, feel free to comment and don't forget to rate. Thanks.

Enjoy the snow on your nails. :)

26 February 2014

Brown for rainy days

I've taught you how to do your French manicure, right? I hope I did. Well, I've also told you that this manicure comes in various designs and colors. This is one of the choices.

Brown is modern these days because you can combine it with almost anything (even with black if you're a bit more daring). I've chosen brown for my main color and I've added some accent with some other colors that went great with my wardrobe then.

  • First do a French manicure. Paint your nail tips with light (or darker) brown color.
  • Take your dotting kit (or toothpick, pen...) and do three dots perpendicular to other three dots. (I apologize for weird dots on my nails, this was from my early years of nail painting.)
  • Take some nail ornament (I've chosen purple heart because it goes well with pink.). Place it at the crossing of two dotted lines.
This is pretty much it. It simple and yet, very effective.

Enjoy being brown. ;)

18 February 2014

Emerald shine

Emerald is a gemstone known for its green color. It is regarded as a traditional birthstone for May, as well as for the astrological signs of Taurus and Gemini.

Personally, I love Emerald for its beautiful green color which I absolutely love.

In this manicure, I used small green (fake) zircons. Manicure itself is very simple, but also very effective.

  • There is a bright nail polish (Essence's French glam) as a base to this design. (I don't use base coats under bright polishes like this because light colors won't make your nails yellow, and base coat would only be one more layer you don't need.)
  • I picked two of my nails on each hand (that I always pick because they give perfect balance, and are the most beautiful on my hands.)
  • Apply glue for artificial nails (or maybe you can find special glue for nail ornaments). I applied it from the bottom inner corner to the upper outer one.
  • Place your zircons on the glue. Don't let the glue dries. (Be quick but careful, or you can do half a nail, then apply glue on the other half and so on...)
  • After finishing, you can apply some transparent nail polish )or you can apply glue over your whole nail to fix everything, but I personally wouldn't recommend that).
For this manicure I used:
  • bright Essence's nail polish
  • nail glue also by Essence
  • green zircons
  • professional nail file by Essence

Enjoy your green shine :)

14 February 2014

Heart to heart

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Enjoy your lovely manicures.

10 February 2014

First 50!

Thank you all for my first 50 views. I'm aware that's this number is not that high, but I'm new and these kind of blogs are not really that popular if they have no video tutorials. I'm working on that, by the way.

So, thank you again. I hope you'll get better in commenting my posts and rating them, and I'll try to make the best designs I can.

Keep on reading and tell me what you think. All ideas, please in comments...

Bye :)

05 February 2014

Stop biting your nails!

I can now honestly say that I've been biting my nails since I was a kid and it all ended in 6th grade of my elementary school.

Almost every person has, at least once, been in a situation when they were so close to biting nails. Some are stronger and can resist, some are not. I wasn't. I bit them when I was nervous, mostly before big exam in school. This was my weakness, my kryptonite.

I tried all tricks I knew to stop, but I couldn't. One simple step helped me to have the nails I'm now proud of. I made artificial nails. Underneath all that gel, there were my nails trying to grow. And they did. (You can see them in pictures in older posts.) Once I saw my nails I was amazed and terrified. They were thin as a leaf. Gel really destroys your nails, so try not to use it so often. After lots of nail polishes for strengthening my nails (I used mostly Essence's), I have nails hard as a rock (and I'm not exaggerating).

Once they were all firm, thick and beautifully long, I didn't have the courage to ruin them. I would be too sad to do that now, after all these years. I know some people that actually ate the gel how bad addicts they are, but they are minority, I hope.

For all this good manicures, you need quality nails too. There's more to nails than just being pretty...

So you can go from this...

To this...

Enjoy real food, not nails! ;)

04 February 2014

Taking care of your nails

I should have started this blog with a post like this. Taking care of your nails is important. It comes before base nail polish or a good manicure. You really can't make nails look good if they're bad underneath all that nail polish. Also, the skin around the nail is very important too. If you have nice fingers and skin on it, good manicure is just icing on the cake.

It would be great if you bought nail file for shining nails. It's a sponge with some kind of minerals and it gives your natural nails pretty shine making them look healthier and prettier without any manicure. I believe that and sponge will do the trick but this is really designed for this purpose and it's not expensive.

Before painting your nails make sure they're the right size and shape. Shorten them a bit and make sure they are not broken in any place. If your nail breaks really low and close to the flesh, do not pull it or cut. Put a (sticking) plaster and wait for your nail to grow a bit so you wouldn't end up with a bloody finger. (I had to see some really bad pictures to find this one...)

For the skin around your nail use oil. There are lots of products these days to keep your skin healthy and shiny so almost every company with nail products has oil. Beauty about this is that you don't need to buy specifically oil for nails, you can just use edible kitchen oil. (I use mostly edible oil. Sometimes Essence's.) It gives you the same effect. Also, if you don't like grease, use cream from your bathroom.

If you follow these few very simple steps you can have transformation like this:

Enjoy your healthy shining nails!

01 February 2014

My inventory

Every girl that takes care of her nails has (or should have) a good supply of everything needed for latest designs. At least, you have to have some of your favorite nail polish colors and some extra brushes. It's easy to do something with your nails when you have variety of choices. If you have one nail polish, there's not much you can do different today than yesterday.

If you're really into doing manicures (and maybe making a living out of it), you need to have, at least, this for starters... This is my personal collection and I'm already thinking about buying some more. I need gels, and sparkles,...

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that you should convince your mom to spend her whole salary on your hobby but buy one at the time. Baby steps. If you're more into it, and pretty serious about it, you'll eventually get everything you need.

P.S. I'm so sorry that pictures aren't all the same sizes and maybe you won't see everything clearly. If you need me to, I'll put every picture for them self and will describe exactly what I use.

My inventory. By Honey