27 January 2020

What's in my bag? | every day basis

** On a personal note this week: 3 things people hate and we need in life

Guys, I can't be buying more bags. I showed you my entire collection in the post My bag collection and since then I got rid of some, true, but I also got more. And I'm still planning on getting my self a Batman handbag so check it out and please tell me in the comments whether I should get it or not.

I also need to buy more big bags because I'm going smaller and smaller by each purchase. But that's OK cause I really like cute little/medium bags. Anyways, if you're nosy like me, you can check other posts like this under the label What's in my bag?. And now we move on...

20 January 2020

Be smart about your beauty shopping

** On a personal note this week: I want a boob job

New year, new me. Says me who decided to plan my finances and stop spending too much money and just bought a dress I don't need. But I definitely love it. So that makes it OK, right? However, I did manage to cut down my expenses and if you want to know more how to save money, let me know.

Also, I need to get it of my chest and say that this was totally inspired by a video by Patricia Bright (video linked here). Definitely go watch it because I loved it and I think you all need to hear it too. Haha. And now let's get into this, shall we?

13 January 2020

Personal 2020. goals

** On a personal note this week: TV shows I'm currently watching

Right. Of course I have to write a list of these things. God, how I love making lists. Are you with me? I have to say I already wrote mine and I didn't think I would share it this year. However, then I remembered some other things I could add, not specifically for me, and maybe help some of you out.

This is for all people struggling with New Year's goals whether they're being unrealistic or maybe you just don't know what else add to the list. I'm here to solve your problems.

06 January 2020

Garnier sheet masks

** On a personal note this week: My body image journey - holding it in (part 2)

I'm so glad sheet masks made their way into our beauty routines. While I think other, conventional, masks are more practical as you can probably do something while waiting for it to dry, these are usually great for quick fixes when you've been neglecting your face for way too long and now you need to save it.
It took me few months to actually collect them all cause they're usually sold out here, but I finally did it. Some (my mom) may think I'm crazy, but blogging life isn't that easy. I had to buy them all, test them all and write my thoughts down.