29 May 2017

Music festivals fashion

I know Coachella has passed, but it's not the only music festival happening in a year so I prepared 6 outfits which I think would be great for music festivals and basically for all outings this summer. Fringes, tassels, hats and boho look in general is what screams 'festivals'. Also there are two a bit different looks so anyone can find their favorite!
Note: All outfits can be found on the links below pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand, where to get it and the price.

22 May 2017

25000! | Thank you!!

I know I've done a few of these info posts lately, but this one had to be written.

I don't know how much you know about me or my blogging, but I'll just tell you I don't check statistic at all. I do it every now and then (take this very lightly) just so I could write a 'Thank you' post (last one was at the end of 2015 so...). And I mean it with all my heart. I'm really thankful that you read this, share it, comment, anything...

Last time I checked in, I was thankful for 1500 views (post is here), but today I want to thank you all for reaching over 25000 views!
25 000 !!!! Isn't that amazing? For me it is.

I'm always saying you can contribute to this blog by commenting, ranking or contacting me about anything! I'm gonna sound like every blogger ever, but I honestly appreciate everything you say or do here and I appreciate every single click on my blog. Thank you!

Not that it matters in particular, but I'd like to thank countries separately (this gives me chance to see where my "audience" lives although Blogger is messing with me so I always see different countries):

Have I missed anyone? Let me know where do you come from!

P.S. I got just over 5000 views just in April this year! I only hope I won't disappoint you or myself and that we'll keep this up! Also, there will not be another post this week, let's just celebrate this and I'll see you all next Monday :*

Thank you!!
Tell me what you think or just contact me for fun ☺

18 May 2017

DIY lipstick holder (addition)

When I first started buying lipsticks, I never knew I would have this many of them. I first held them in my drawer, then I purchased this acrylic holder and then my friends gave me a smaller lipstick holder for 9 lipsticks. This would be enough if I didn't have lipglosses and some other lip make-up that doesn't fit the 'lipstick' category.
I don't have so much room to buy some more stands, so I decided to upgrade this one. I actually never knew what to put in this left part, so here we are now...

15 May 2017

Spring jumpsuits and maxi dresses

I don't know what's happening with the weather, but I said we're preparing for spring and summer two months ago and it's still raining and it's quite cold here. Nevertheless, I'm here with some spring outfits perfect for every day and for some special occasions.
Note: All outfits can be found on the links below pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand, where to get it and the price.

12 May 2017

Manicure: Black matte leopard

It's been a long time since I did a good matte manicure. Although I usually paint 4 out of 5 (or 8 out of 10) fingers matte and then I put glitter or some kind of shine on those fingers left, this time I actually put some effort in this manicure. It's very simple and easy, but so statement!

08 May 2017

New basic info

Hi. It wasn't that long ago that I posted one "Intro and info" post, but I had the need to update you all on some new and mostly old stuff.

As I've added new category "Life", I thought it would be a bit different than what it is now, but it's basically just a mix of everything that doesn't really fit into only one category. I was once thinking I could add "Food" category as I've made one eatable meal, but I don't like cooking or baking that much so I'll just share some quick recipes and post them all in this "Life" category (I already posted one recipe with easy sandwiches).

Posting schedule:
  • Monday 9 a.m. (09:00) CET
  • Thursday 6 p.m. (18:00) CET

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Also, contact me about anything (contact form on the right or in the comments). I'll would be happy to interact with you, take your suggestions and ideas :)

I would also like your advice on making a separate Instagram account for my blog. I don't fully understand how I can make two on one mobile phone and how I would handle it so any suggestion is very welcomed!

Thank you all for coming, reading, commenting, rating, everything you do here! ♥

04 May 2017

Recipe: Sandwich baskets

I was planning on sharing some recipes every now and then. Have in mind that I basically suck in the kitchen and my mom does most of the cooking so I only do some quick and easy, but tasty recipes. I did one of those recently and my family loved it, so I'll share it.
Note: This isn't my original recipe. I saw it on Tasty (their YouTube here), but couldn't find it anymore so I changed it a bit. Hope you'll like it!

01 May 2017

Plain nails are pretty too

Whenever I post my nail design here, it's about nail art, rhinestones, stickers,... Most comments I get on those are: "I could never do this. That's why I'm not painting my nails." Now, of course, painting nails is a matter of personal preference, but if you like it and can't do nail art, you can still have pretty colored nails. Today I'll share just some of my 'plain manicures'. Of course, I don't always have time to make some fancy creations so I'll just put a coat or two of any color and maybe a glitter top coat to finish it.
Note: This are mostly by Essence and this is not sponsored. Also, I'll link all posts that I already wrote about these manicures for you to see more pictures and text cause some of these aren't finished here and some are reviews for nail polishes. All links to easy and really simple manicures are below.
Fearless black - not a finished manicure