29 May 2017

Music festivals fashion

I know Coachella has passed, but it's not the only music festival happening in a year so I prepared 6 outfits which I think would be great for music festivals and basically for all outings this summer. Fringes, tassels, hats and boho look in general is what screams 'festivals'. Also there are two a bit different looks so anyone can find their favorite!
Note: All outfits can be found on the links below pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand, where to get it and the price.

Will you go to any music festival this year? Were you at Coachella? I'd love to hear your impressions!!
Which outfit is your favorite?


  1. I love the second one, although I'd probably pair it with shorts because I heard it gets so hot at music festivals! I'm not going to a festival, are you?

    Beauty From Katie

    1. Yeah it's supposed to be hot during summer, but you never know in the evening or at night :)
      unfortunately no. I wanted to go to one, but I have college and exams at the time and I don't think I could take the time off just then... maybe next year.. :)


  2. I love all the tassell styles! I love the 5th one x

    1. tassels are now all over the place and I love them :D

      thank you for coming :*