01 May 2017

Plain nails are pretty too

Whenever I post my nail design here, it's about nail art, rhinestones, stickers,... Most comments I get on those are: "I could never do this. That's why I'm not painting my nails." Now, of course, painting nails is a matter of personal preference, but if you like it and can't do nail art, you can still have pretty colored nails. Today I'll share just some of my 'plain manicures'. Of course, I don't always have time to make some fancy creations so I'll just put a coat or two of any color and maybe a glitter top coat to finish it.
Note: This are mostly by Essence and this is not sponsored. Also, I'll link all posts that I already wrote about these manicures for you to see more pictures and text cause some of these aren't finished here and some are reviews for nail polishes. All links to easy and really simple manicures are below.
Fearless black - not a finished manicure
Perfect nude - my favorite
Orange(ish) + nail polish review
Purple steel + nail polish review

Other simple manicures:
And here's my routine regarding nail care, manicures, shapes and all other things: My nails and manicures (routine)

Do you paint your nails? If yes, how - nail art or plain nails? If no, why not? ♥


  1. That 3rd & 6th shades are so stunning :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

    1. they are, 6th is probably my favorite! :D

      thank you for coming and reading :)