26 September 2016

New in: make-up

I've bought quite a lot of make-up lately so I'd like to present to you all I got. This is not a haul because I believe a haul is when you buy everything at once (correct me if I'm wrong) and I've been collecting these for the past 2 months (if I'm not mistaken).

19 September 2016

Garnier's BB creams

BB cream is pretty much all the foundation I use so finding a good one is really important to me. I like the feeling of a light foundation with good coverage combined with good duration.
Note: I bought darker one right after I got from my summer vacation so it turned out it was a bit too dark for my skin. That's why I bought lighter shade. Unfortunately, they only have these two shades (at least in my store) so I like to mix them. That's why I'll do a combined review. These are both by Garnier as you can see.

10 September 2016

Cleaning make-up brushes

You know I'm a newbie when this is my first proper cleaning of my make-up brushes. I have only few of them, but it seriously was a pain to wash them all.

I used:
  • brush cleansing spray by Essence (although picture shows their fixing spray - I realized after I took pictures)
  • hand soap by Nivea
  • silicone cleaning glove - bought on eBay here
  • water
  • paper towels

How I did it:
  • spray each brush with cleansing spray - it disolves make-up and you need less time to wash it
  • leave the spray to soak the brushes for about 2 minutes - brushes that have liquid/cream products leave a bit longer; brushes with powder are almost immediately ready
  • wet/rinse off the brush
  • swirl the wet brush on the soap bar until you see some color going off
  • swirl/swipe brush on the glove until its clear
  • rinse well and place on a paper towel

Do you have some other tip on cleaning brushes?

06 September 2016

9 questions for beauty bloggers

Ever since I got into blogging, make up and YouTube, there are these questions in my head and nobody has answered them so far. Google-ing on my own has not gave me any results so here I am asking you all to help me with explaining some stuff.
Note: Before you start, I want to tell you that I'm not judging, although I know it will seem like that, but I'm just very curious and confused. Also, my friend Anchy helped me with this post, so feel free to check her blog out once you answer all of these :)
I really thought I wrote down 10 >.<
  • strobing vs contouring vs highlighting
OK, I just learned what contouring was (not that I use it, but I know what it is) and how to put on highlight and now this new term strobing came and I'm confused. I tried searching the Internet about this and some say it's just a fancy name for contouring and some say it's a fancy name for highlighting. Since these are two different things, I'm curious what strobing really is.
  • contouring vs bronzing
Contour with cold tones and bronze with warm ones. Correct? But, what's the difference? Because all tutorials I watch show contouring and bronzing in the same places on the face. Although bronzing should give warmth to your face and contour should give definition to it, it still looks the same to me.
  • 10+ foundations
Every single blogger/youtuber I follow has at least 5 foundations. I don't understand why a single person would need it. Hear me out. If you like a foundation you have, there's no need to buy another one. If you don't like it, you throw it away or give it to someone and you buy one for yourself. Also, all of those may be by different brand, but you usually look for the same stuff in a foundation (example for oily or dry skin) so they have to be basically the same. Also, all of them have to match your skin so they're all the same color (except summer/winter edition).
  • contouring pretty much everything
Since contouring became a thing, it has developed so much! It all started with cheeks, but now we're contouring noses, necks, boobs, yaw line and chin, neck,... What's next? I get it that everybody wants to present themselves in the best possible light, but doesn't it all look weird? I mean, we all know you don't really have a dark brown line along your face...
  • bullet journal
Seriously what are bullet journals? I've been seeing pictures of them all around Twitter and blogs, but I still have no idea how to make them or how to use them. Please, I really need explanation for this one. Although they do look pretty, why would anyone put so much effort in making one?
  • CC vs BB cream
Probably my biggest mystery. I read so many articles and blog posts and I still don't know what's the difference and which one is better. There are also some other letters there, but I'll start with baby steps.
  • HD make-up
I've been seeing lots of people using the term HD when reviewing some make-up products. What is this? Is it like in videos meaning high definition or something completely different?
  • 50+ make-up brushes
OK, what's the deal with this? I'm watching all these YouTube videos and pictures on blogs and everyone is having like 4 big jars full of make-up brushes. I'm currently starting my make-up journey so I'm naturally in love with all of it and I want a 1000 brushes, but I'm not going to buy them because they're freaking expensive. So explain, why?
  • painting on eyebrows
I can't really remember when this became a thing, but everybody is doing it. Except me. And people look at me funny when I say that. Anyway, why do you do it? I know eyebrows shape the entire face, but most girls I follow already have natural eyebrows and that should be enough, right? I don't understand how can somebody even think that painted eyebrows are looking natural...

I really hope you'll have the time and will to help me out with all of these. :)