27 December 2014

New equipment

I know I've been neglecting nails a bit, that doesn't mean that I'm not doing my nails regularly, I just don't post as much. Hopefully all of that will change because I got my new babies on 25th December. Yup, Santa Claus was very generous!!
The only problem is that I can't really do anything with this until I take some course, but that will come soon too, I hope.
Without further ado, here is (a part of) my Christmas present.
(P.S. Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

First is this starter pack for gel nails. It contains 4 gels (two of them are clear, one is pink and one is white). There are also glue, artificial nails, nail file, some nail stickers, cleaner and gel top coat.
Then there is this awesome professional UV lamp. As you can see it's pretty simple, white but that's how professionals work. It is used for drying that thick and strong gel.
These are sponges for smoothing nails and removing glow, dust, anything that's not supposed to be on the nail before actually painting it.
Of course, we can't have it all without artificial nails. These are regular plastic ones that need to be put in shape.

In the end, not less important, there are nail decorations. I've got one ring of colorful zircons and a palette of colorful dust for popular sugar effect.
As you can see, all of this is still packed, but I hope to open it and use it really soon!!