27 July 2014

Summer hats (and accessories)

Summer has been here for a month now and I expect it to stay for at least one more month. (I'm not talking about the dates, I'm talking about the weather.) So, after introducing beach/summer clothes, it would only be fair to continue in that direction and present few of summer accessories. The most important one, after sunglasses, is, of course, a hat. Big, small, colored or black. It doesn't matter. What does is that it is a great fashion addition and it protect your eyes. Here are my top choices with the suitable outfits.
There's not much to say about the base outfit here. I've chosen short jeans which are extremely popular during summer and a black blouse. Now, the blouse is not that simple and plain, but there are just a few little details that don't require any special explanations. But they do make it look better.
I've put two types of shoes for this outfit. Flat shoes are airy and ideal for daily walks on the beach and taking a coffee at the local cafe. High heeled wedges are more for evenings and maybe some summer date.
Bag is, now my favorite, model of Dior's collection. I really don't expect for ordinary people to be able to afford this bag, but I like the model and many colors on it. Since this is supposed to be an elegant/beach wear, this kind of bag is desirable. Something that will be practical and stylish.
And, in the end, the hat. As I said, this is "elegant" version of casual summer wear, so I chose the hat to match the whole outfit. It has very popular bow in black color so it goes great with the blouse. Also, black is great because we already have many colors on the bag and the wedges. It has wide brim so the Sun won't be your problem.
We're starting again with the pants. I've chosen here green (military/army green) color and knee-length pants. Walking is supposed to be more comfortable in this kind of pants. This bow-belt is useful and very stylish and modern at the same time. You really can't go wrong with this pants.
Blouse is very simple, airy and with flower print. Also a very popular model these days. Comfortable and very eye-catching. Perfect!
Shoes are popular gladiators. I've chosen brown and metallic ones. These two choices should make both sides happy. Whether you're more of a high straps fan or less and low straps fan. These are very comfortable models and they will keep you feet very secure and in place. Just what you want.
Bag is big so you can bring everything you want with you and still look very fashionable. The combination of greenish bag with brown details will go great with these colors and this casual combination.
I've put here two hats. It depends on you. If you're more girly pick the one with the blue strip. If you're more for fun or you just love cowboy fashion, pick the cowboy hat with stars. Either way, you can't go wrong.
Here are three more outfits. All of them are somewhere between casual and elegant. It all depends on the accessories, I guess.
Flowers, bright and live colors, airy clothes, comfortable shoes, practical bags, hats that will protect you and will make you look great... All you need to look perfect in every summer occasion.

13 July 2014

Summer fashion

Finally summer! The time of light dresses and open shoes has came. In this hot season we look for sophisticated, yet very light clothes. We also want to have as less clothes on our bodies as possible. That's why we have some great pieces of clothing made exactly for this time of the year. We'll start with my favorite...
I absolutely love this dress. It is light, airy and fluttery. It is bright with just a bit of dark details that make it even more interesting. Bows are a great and very cute addition. Also, the bow in the waist area is actually a belt so you can show off your new figure. Back to the black details... If I were you, I would choose birds, crowns, smiley faces... Anything but the dark figures like skulls... It is summer after all.
This half wedges are my next new love. They have just the perfect heel height for everyday strolls and for an evening out. Pluto is also more comfortable than you probably think so they won't be too bad for your feet which is extra important! Color is complementing those details on the dress. Black is, like white and beige, always a safe way to go. There's also a little bow on them. Just to be extra cute!
The bag. Oh, the pink bag with the black and white leopard print bag. Black and white bow goes great with the rest of the combination. There's nothing more to say. Pink will light up the whole impression.
This styling will take you anywhere - from the city to a club and to the beach on the after party. Enjoy.
Since I can't just do the "elegant" styling, there must be a causal one as well. You need to be able to get ready in a sip and be fast on your feet. That's why we have flat shoes and simple combinations.
This is a very popular jumpsuit. Blue, color of the bright sky, sea and summer altogether. Jumpsuits are very comfortable and easy to put on. I would pick ones with straps or sleeveless ones like this because that way you'll be safe that nothing will fall off or move. White dots are fun detail.
Next to the jumpsuit is a wicker bag. This bag is extremely popular in summer because it's more resistant than the normal, everyday bags. They are usually big so you can store everything you need without any problem. Neutral colors are the most popular. You can either color them yourselves or try harder to find colored in stores. Either way, they're great.
And to conclude this outfit, there are lovely flat sandals. Open shoes are great for hot summer days. Your feet won't get sweaty and if you paint your toenails the effect will reach its maximum. There are also some flower details on these ones because we all know nothing says summer like flowers. Beige is going great with the bag and light theme of summer.
As always, I did few more outfits.
Jumpsuits are my great love for the past three years so I tried to make few more combinations with them as the main stars. Hope you'll like it.
First one... Flowers, flowers, flowers... Flowers on the jumpsuit, on the shoes too. To keep some kind of balance here, I've chosen this bright green bag.
Second one... Again with the flowers. But this time we have elegant white high-heeled wedges and the stripy pink and white bag. Colors are all here.
The last one... This could be the elegant look but I've chosen flower wedges so they bring more fun in this than elegance and seriousness. And I have to say that I simply adore this black and white bag!
Be careful: Don't wear all flowers. At least one piece should be something different, preferably one color. Even though you have multicolored, for example, dress, you have to be careful that you pick a purse of the one color that is already on the dress. Don't go outside it and look for more colors. Wear flat shoes and wedges with jumpsuits. Try to avoid normal heels with a thin heel.

05 July 2014

Green parka

Everybody has heard about the all time star among jackets - the green parka. It can be combined to look like a sporty and casual jacket, that it really is. No matter what people say, green parka is very stylish and comfortable. It can be found almost everywhere and it looks good on 99% of people. Since I got one last week (because weather doesn't know what summer means) I had to praise this wonderful piece of clothing.
As always, first comes my personal favorite. The closest one to my style.
Here we have simple blue jeans. As I said many times before there is nothing like them. Stylish, casual and elegant, comfortable...
I believe in casual look more than anything so I've chosen this simple white printed T-shirt. Animals are always popular, and I really like big cats on my clothes. Simple and very effective. No doubts there.
Next on, I found this really simple black shoes. Nike, of course, since it is my favorite brand. Sneakers in general are the most comfortable foot wear and it only depends on the model and color you choose that will show your personality or occasion you're attending.
Something that's a total must have with the green parka is big black bag. I just love it how these two things go great together. Practical and stylish.
And I'll end it with a good pair of black and dark sunglasses. These are really popular model of Ray-Ban. I know these are really expensive so you can use any pair but make sure they fit your needs and style and are not too bad for your vision.
Second look is a combination of casual and wannabe elegant.
Parka is fitted and with a hoodie. Great for unexpected rain. It also has this belt area and you can easily remove or replace your belt.
We're starting with a simple printed T-shirt and blue jeans.
I added some accessories to this look so it would be more appropriate for some date, casual meeting... Anywhere where you want to leave impression that you're paying attention to details and you're sophisticated.
Here are again black sneakers. This time they have small heels. This model is very popular these days and almost every girl has at least one pair of them. They are great: comfortable and can take you anywhere really fast like real sneakers and lifted and more stylish like real heels. Try them!
I'm here again with the black bag. Can't wear parka without it...
What is new here are this scarf and popular golden statement bracelet.
Scarf has a leopard print and is great for autumn and chilly spring days. It can be worn for keeping you warm or just for making you look great.
Golden bracelet will just add more elegance to this outfit.

Left one has more eye-catching jeans but everything else is pretty simple. Nothing I haven't mentioned before, except for the hat. If you have that style and know how to wear it, this would be a pretty great combination for you to try on.
Right combination has cheerful and bright T-shirt, older version of sunglasses (remember John Lennon), and a small necklace. Other than that, combination is actually very simple, modest and, most of all, very casual. Still very attractive.