05 July 2014

Green parka

Everybody has heard about the all time star among jackets - the green parka. It can be combined to look like a sporty and casual jacket, that it really is. No matter what people say, green parka is very stylish and comfortable. It can be found almost everywhere and it looks good on 99% of people. Since I got one last week (because weather doesn't know what summer means) I had to praise this wonderful piece of clothing.
As always, first comes my personal favorite. The closest one to my style.
Here we have simple blue jeans. As I said many times before there is nothing like them. Stylish, casual and elegant, comfortable...
I believe in casual look more than anything so I've chosen this simple white printed T-shirt. Animals are always popular, and I really like big cats on my clothes. Simple and very effective. No doubts there.
Next on, I found this really simple black shoes. Nike, of course, since it is my favorite brand. Sneakers in general are the most comfortable foot wear and it only depends on the model and color you choose that will show your personality or occasion you're attending.
Something that's a total must have with the green parka is big black bag. I just love it how these two things go great together. Practical and stylish.
And I'll end it with a good pair of black and dark sunglasses. These are really popular model of Ray-Ban. I know these are really expensive so you can use any pair but make sure they fit your needs and style and are not too bad for your vision.
Second look is a combination of casual and wannabe elegant.
Parka is fitted and with a hoodie. Great for unexpected rain. It also has this belt area and you can easily remove or replace your belt.
We're starting with a simple printed T-shirt and blue jeans.
I added some accessories to this look so it would be more appropriate for some date, casual meeting... Anywhere where you want to leave impression that you're paying attention to details and you're sophisticated.
Here are again black sneakers. This time they have small heels. This model is very popular these days and almost every girl has at least one pair of them. They are great: comfortable and can take you anywhere really fast like real sneakers and lifted and more stylish like real heels. Try them!
I'm here again with the black bag. Can't wear parka without it...
What is new here are this scarf and popular golden statement bracelet.
Scarf has a leopard print and is great for autumn and chilly spring days. It can be worn for keeping you warm or just for making you look great.
Golden bracelet will just add more elegance to this outfit.

Left one has more eye-catching jeans but everything else is pretty simple. Nothing I haven't mentioned before, except for the hat. If you have that style and know how to wear it, this would be a pretty great combination for you to try on.
Right combination has cheerful and bright T-shirt, older version of sunglasses (remember John Lennon), and a small necklace. Other than that, combination is actually very simple, modest and, most of all, very casual. Still very attractive.

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