30 December 2019

Empties | 2019

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How has the year already passed? I sound like a broken record every year, but I feel like there's so much I could have done during the year so the end now seems so weird and almost unexpected. Is the life now really faster then it used to be? I wonder how you feel about it...

Each year I have more and more products in this box. I think I'll need a bigger box for these posts. If you're interested in any of the previous posts on this topic, you can find them in my 'Empties' category (Empties | 2016, Empties | 2017 and Empties | 2018).

23 December 2019

Blogmas 2019: Merry Christmas!

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas people!

I hope you spend it with your loved ones in warmth, happiness with lots of tasty food!

I wish you happy holidays!


16 December 2019

Blogmas 2019: Make this Christmas better for everyone

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Walking around these past days during December made me think about other people and how little acts of kindness could really make the difference. Even if you don't think of directly helping other people, there's always something you can do to make things easier for other people too.


I'm also trying to make these holidays better for someone so I'm hosting my first giveaway on this blog. Small things like this can brighten someone's day so I hope you'll realize what you can do to put smile on someone's face. Or, at least, not annoy them.

12 December 2019

Blogmas 2019: December to-do list

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In my last post I wrote down one kind of wish list, Christmas presents wish list. But, more importantly, I love this list. I'm more for memories and experiences than for presents when it comes to December. I would like to see it all and do it all.

However, working full-time every single day until Christmas (yes, weekends too, for 20+ days) makes this really hard for me. I decided to put together a list to see how many stuff I can actually get done in this time. So let's see what I have planned so far.

09 December 2019

Blogmas 2019: My Christmas wishlist

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Have I mentioned before that we have this big tradition with presents each year? This extends to all presents, for birthdays and all other occasions, but it becomes really intense during Christmas. We can give out hints, but we never say we actually want something for Christmas and the person buying the present has to be really careful in planning it out and storing it somewhere. We can not know what we got until the Christmas morning.


I absolutely love that my family does it like that because it keeps the magic of Santa present. It's more heart-warming and special to get a surprise. I also think it's really rude to ask for a certain present because you should be happy enough to even get anything. Stay humble.

05 December 2019

Blogmas 2019: My 1st GIVEAWAY

** Blogmas posts on this blog: click here
Hello everybody! December has started; so did the Blogmas. For us bloggers it's super stressful time because people who do proper Blogmas have to come up with ideas for 25-30 days. It's not easy. However, I modified it a bit so you'll get 2 posts a week from me...

For this one I just wanted to announce my first ever giveaway on this blog. Each day I'll be opening one door of a beauty advent calendar and, at the end of it, one of you will get all the items.
I've been posting what I got each day on my Twitter and I'll continue to do so so follow me there to see what you can get. I also added few bits that I'll reveal on Christmas day.

I've also been posting rules, but I think this will be way easier to follow.

  • follow me on Twitter
  • Tweet about the giveaway (you can also like and RT my posts for extra entries)
  • read this blog and leave comments on whatever you like (except on this post!!)
  • follow me on Instagram (only if you like the content because I don't do follow-4-follow)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That's all folks! Good luck!

If you want, you can give me ideas for future posts in the comments :)

** Giveaway is opened until 31st of December, 12 a.m. CET.

02 December 2019

Blogmas 2019: DIY wreaths

** On a personal note 4 weeks ago: My sleeping problems
** On a personal note 3 weeks ago: Storytime: I was embarrassed to talk to my brother
** On a personal note 2 weeks ago: My body image journey - holding it in (part 2)

I love it how I always say I'm creative person, but my creativity is mostly hidden. Until Christmas arrives. December is my time to shine and, as last few years, I decided to make some easy DIYs to fit this year's theme.

I already shared some DIY wreaths last year in my post Blogmas 2018: Christmas wreaths DIY and some Christmas ornaments in my post Blogmas 2017: DIY Christmas ornaments. I know this is a self-promotion, but I would highly recommend checking these two posts if you need more ideas or want to see my progress over the years.

25 November 2019

Christmas is coming! - winter update

** On a personal note 3 weeks ago: My sleeping problems
** On a personal note 2 weeks ago: Storytime: I was embarrassed to talk to my brother
** On a personal note last week: My body image journey - holding it in (part 2)

How about some information about future posts? Yeah, you got me. I had no time to write a proper blog post and I'm just trying to cover for myself. Update post. Yeah right.

But since we're all here, I did want to mention some updates. I have a feeling it's OK to start talking and thinking about #Blogmas on my blog. For the last few years, I wrote 3 posts a week and they were all Christmas or winter related. Since I cut down my regular posts from 2-a-week to 1-a-week, I guess it would be smart to cut down #Blogmas posts too. I'm still thinking about it and how I'm going to pull it off, but I'll definitely do #Blogmas.

This time you'll be able to get some prizes too. I got some products ready for you guys and you'll just have to keep up with the series to find out more. I'm really excited for it and I hope you'll be too!
Also, follow me on Instagram and Twitter because I'll be opening advent calendar each day and I'll be sharing everything.

And that's all. Thanks for coming and reading and keeping up with my ramblings on my personal blog too :)

18 November 2019

Fall favorites | 2019

** On a personal note this week: My body image journey - holding it in (part 2)

If you read any of my posts regarding this topic, you would know that I'm not a fan of fall. There are two reasons for it - rain and shorter days. However, I feel like blogging community has had its impact on me so I'm starting to see the good in it. Now I don't hate it, I only dislike it.

Anyway, there are some things I do really like in fall so I decided to share them with you. We'll see how this goes, but there should be some other stuff than just beauty...

11 November 2019

The easiest eye-catching manicures

** On a personal note this week: Storytime: I was embarrassed to talk to my brother

I don't know why I have the urge to explain myself whenever I write about nails. How many times can I write that I have a huge love towards manicures, always in different way? I guess I still haven't found the right audience for my Nails category. Most loved post was, I think, and still is How to remove stubborn nail polish because no matter what you have painted on, you want an easy way to remove it.

Once I realized you liked that one, I upgraded it and wrote Removing nail polish with clips. But to even have something to remove, you need to paint something on first. I get it not everybody has the will or the time to paint their nails for 2 hours or more like I do, but still want eye-catching manicures. I'm here today with some easy, but very effective ways to make your manicures pop without much struggle.
Note: You can find my entire manicure routine, keeping my nail polish intact for 2 weeks and more here - My nails and manicures routine.

04 November 2019

Cleaning fake jewelry

** On a personal note this week: My sleeping problems

I always say I need to get rid of some of my jewelry because I really have too much of it and then I take it all out ready to declutter and I end up just putting everything back. It has been going in circles for months now.

However, one good thing did come out of it. I found some pieces that really needed cleaning up. Real jewelry I always give to the jewelry guy in the store cause I need that really polished, but the fake ones I clean myself. This was actually the first time I did it so I decided to document it.

28 October 2019

New-in: make-up for fall

** On a personal note this week: I want a boob job

Here's me not following seasonal trends, but still writing a title "make-up for fall". Nice. OK, I'm not gonna lie, I do like a nice dark lipstick and dark nail polishes with sweater-weather, but it's definitely not mandatory. I'm currently sitting here and writing this with white glitter nails and bright yellow and pink make-up.

It's been a while since I did a new-in post, right? It's been a while for all posts since I haven't blogged in months. However, my love for make-up hasn't faded. I still bought some bits here and there and now you'll see new items in my collection. Did I need them? No. Do I love them? Yes.

21 October 2019

Morning & evening motivation routine

** On a personal note this week: Today: 20.11.2019.

Every single time I write any kind of 'routine' post, I say I won't do it again. I simply don't have routines strong enough to actually call them that. Latest one was Daily routine while working 14 hours a day. And then I sit down and think: "You know what's a good post idea? -Routines." And here we are...

However, this is not your traditional routine post. For this one you'll have to read between the lines and imagine great things... Have I intrigued you yet?

14 October 2019

Let’s Vogue - 73 Questions About Me

** On a personal note this week: These things were cool when I went to school

To be honest, I'm still not sure how much of these personal or random posts I want to put in here... After all, that's why I have a personal blog I share weekly along these posts (yes, that's the link in the beginning of each post here). Anyhow, I saw these posts all around (and I know I'm few months late with these) so I decided to tag along and nominate myself to do this.


You all must know how much I love polls and all these question-answer posts so I couldn't pass on this opportunity. I don't know who started this, how it works or anything basically, but I saw it on the blog of Ronald Sampson (blog On the Ron). I also have to add how supportive he is and active on Twitter so check him out.

07 October 2019

Gary Barlow wants me "back for good"

I would say: "If you don't know what the title is about, get out of here.", but instead, let me educate you a bit. This, Gary Barlow ft. JLS - Back for Good (live), is a song I discovered only last year when I was separated from my brother, watched a lot of military videos and found out Gary did a concert for deployed soldiers. That gesture immediately caught my eye and I actually became a fan of Gary in few minutes. Out of all, this probably my favorite song. So, there you go.

Now on to the real stuff. I haven't blogged in 4 months. Or 5? Somewhere in between. Too much time has passed and I finally got my motivation and will to write back. I had pretty rough/hectic/busy time lately so I always chose to post-pone the blog stuff. Now that I have more or less a normal routine, I'm ready to jump on this wagon again. I also got some ideas for future posts and improvement of this blog. I'm excited.

With this post I also want to thank all of you that are reading this now, that have been coming back even when I wasn't posting, that asked me when I'll be back. Even though this is just fun for me, it's still nice to know that I'm not talking to a wall and some of you actually like my writings here.

Even though I have some ideas of my own, it would really help me to hear your thoughts. I'm sure I'll get more ideas as I see what all of you like to read about. This is a multiple choice poll so choose whatever you like and feel free to add some more.

What do you want to see?

fashion: hauls, internet shopping, recommendations
fashion: try-on, styling
make-up: hauls, new items, reviews
make-up: creating/recreating looks, "tutorials"
skincare: routine, reviews
nails: manicures, caring for nails
DIYs: clothes, home decor, random bits
hair: best products, routine, hair styles
home decor (I would plan it for you too in a professional program if you needed any redecorating)
personal posts
Please Specify:

If you read all the way to here, thank you! You deserve something. And if you leave your Instagram name or email or whatever where I can contact you in the comments below, I'll make sure to make one (or more) of you happy with some giveaway (or reward of some kind). Giveaways are coming too, so stay tuned.

As I have a full-time job now, I'll keep my posting to once a week. I'm thinking it will most probably Monday 9 a.m. CET as it was until now.

Until next Monday ♥

25 April 2019

L'Oreal new Hydra genius fluid

** On a personal note this week: My thoughts on "Where Hands Touch" movie

You know that feeling when you love chocolate and junk food so much, but you also want perfect skin? I'm in that state right now. Especially now after Easter with all the cake and sweets I have all around me. It's currently 11 p.m., I'm eating chocolate Easter bunny and eggs and hoping that my face won't break out in the morning.

I also recently used my old serum Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum by Oriflame and that product was a game changer. Now I just wanted something I would like as much. I stumbled upon this new L'Oreal product before it was all over the place and in my Instagram ads, and I decided I'll try it out. I showed it to you in my post New in: spring beauty haul.

18 April 2019

Gemstones jewelry

** On a personal note this week: Today: 15.4.2019.

In how many posts have I said I have a ton of jewelry? My style varies so much from day to day that I have big chunky necklaces, but also such small dainty jewelry, so I basically buy it all if I can afford it. I kinda showed you my collection in my posts Organizing jewelry (when you have tons of it) and Organizing jewelry (part 2) so you can check that out and maybe get some tips on how to store jewelry...

However, there's a special category in my jewelry collection and those are gemstones. There's a gemstone exhibition each year in my town so I usually go and buy some pieces. I have to emphasize though that I don't actually believe they do anything or have any energy by themselves, but I do like to read about it and I also want to have a cool/interesting story behind my jewelry.

08 April 2019

New in: spring beauty haul

** On a personal note this week: My thoughts on "Where Hands Touch" movie

Haaave you missed me? I've been in and out of here for quite some time so I fell out of this routine. Intros have always been the hard part for me, but thankfully I can fill this intro with this random rambling. But you're not here for that. Let's get into it.

Now that I'm working my first real job, I have more money than I ever had. This is still not much, but I am able to buy more. Surprisingly, I didn't spend it all as I thought I would. However, I still bought few long-time wanted items which are also related to this blog.

01 April 2019

I'm back with a life update

Hi. It's me again with this type of post. To be honest I'm not a fan of these 'life update' posts because there's not much happening and it's usually just an excuse: I wrote something, but it's not actually a real post here.
Anyways, in my last post Spring break?, I promised I would be back on 25th of March and, as you probably noticed, I didn't come back. The reason for it is the fact that my contract got a new expiry date and it seems like I will be working two jobs till the end of April for sure and we'll see for the rest. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, there's a post Why have I gone missing on the Internet? where everything is explained.

Now that I got that out of the way, I'll actually come back. Next week. I decided that for the time being, it's best if I post just once a week and I chose Mondays 9 a.m. CET.

Also, since I jumped out of the blogging wagon, I would highly appreciate any ideas and requests for posts here.

Thank you again for coming, reading and commenting. :*

11 March 2019

Spring break?

Hello again.

After being really active here for quite a long time, then taking a summer break, then being back again, I'm again taking a break until 25th of March. You can find a reason for this in the two of my previous posts.

I hope you won't forget me until then.

Thanks again for coming here :)

07 March 2019

Daily routine while working 14 hours a day

** On a personal note this week: 3 things people hate and we need in life

If you wondered where I was, I announced on Twitter that I would take a short break from this blog (so you should follow me on Twitter to be updated), but I also explained everything in the post Why have I gone missing on the Internet? so check that before reading any further.
Now that you're up to date, I can continue. My daily routine is now both crazy and very boring. I'm actually working 13 or 14 hours a day, since 7:30 a.m. till 9 p.m. almost every day. On good days I only work for 10 hours. Since I don't have any time during the day, I usually have to make mornings my time. And here's how I do it...

04 March 2019

Makeup Revolution Reloaded palette

** On a personal note this week: 3 things people hate and we need in life

After saying I don't need more make-up, and certainly new eyeshadow palettes, here I am with a new review of one. To be fair, I bought this way before I decided to stop myself and before I "quit" buying make-up. Since I don't consider myself a beauty guru, I think I have a bit too much make-up on hand, but if you're interested in seeing it, I would like to try and film my collection. Tell me what you think about it. 

What can I say? I'm a sucker for make-up, colors and especially warm tones. I can wear both cold and warm, but I usually go towards warm... I don't know if I necessarily look good with both, but I like wearing them and I feel good both ways so that's what's important.

Also if you wondered where I've been, there's an answer in this post Why have I gone missing on the Internet?.

11 February 2019

Oriflame lipsticks

** On a personal note this week: Movie review: Molly Maxwell

As I mentioned in several of my posts, I'm in love with lipsticks. I think they are perfect quick addition to every outfit. I think I also mentioned I have way too many lipsticks for a normal girl. I showed you all of them in my post My lipstick collection.

Since then, I added few lipsticks in my collection and I can't see an end to this. Send help. Anyway, since the previously mentioned post, I did some other related to lip products, which I'll link below this post, but now I'll show you one unusual collection.

07 February 2019

Redecorate your room for minimal $$$

** On a personal note this week: Things that need to die in 2019

I always dreamed of having a big house, big rooms, spaces for just myself... I dreamed of having a Disney castle once I grow up. Thankfully, I realized dreams are not reality pretty fast so I altered my expectations. However, a big room is still a wish of mine. Or, at least, room decorated the way I want it to.
I still live with my parents in a room they built for me when I was about 10, maybe 12. It's pretty small, crowded with furniture. There's not much I can do here and it's still the way it was once they made it.

04 February 2019

10 blogger wishes (for 2019?)

** On a personal note this week: Things that need to die in 2019

You know I haven't prepared a post for today, so you're getting this one. Is this cheating in posting schedule? Maybe. Will you hold it against me? Hopefully not. There's a lot going on in my hear for the past few weeks so, naturally, it transformed onto my blog. Enough about me...
Every time I bring some post like this on this blog, I feel scared to post it, but again very happy because I can show some other side of myself here. And I get that you guys really like personal or semi-personal posts. Let me know if you really do... I guess it's going to be a win-win?

28 January 2019

New Nivea day & night care

** On a personal note this week: Today: 27.1.2019.

I was just going through my archive here to see when was my last skincare post and it was in November. This now seems so far away and it's been only around 2 and a half months, or in my schedule, 24 posts away. It was this Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum by Oriflame review and that product made it into my routine just to use it. As I said many times before, I'm not good with routines. I sometimes go days without using products for skincare and then something hits me and I'm all over it.

However, there is one product that I almost never forget and that's night creme or night moisturizer. When I go to bed, I usually have this routine with brushing my teeth, changing into PJs and so on and somehow I got used to putting on moisturizer too. However, when I get up, there immediately something to do and, while I'm still doing my bathroom routine, I'm already thinking of a million things I could or should do. And my moisturizer somehow gets lost in the process...

24 January 2019

Ombre blue abstract manicure

** On a personal note this week: What I like in romance movies

Lately I really neglected my love and passion for nails because they take quite a lot of time to create. Also, I'm kinda a perfectionist when it comes to manicures and I'm almost never 100% happy with the way they look, but that's a whole other problem of mine. 

But! I'm absolutely in love with this manicure. The idea was taken (completely stolen) from very talented Yagala (and here's her photo and Instagram video). Honestly, when it comes to nails, I always go to her profile for inspiration and new tricks. If you like manicures or just find those wideos of painting nails relaxing, definitely go to her profile!

21 January 2019

Organizing laptop and my phone

** On a personal note this week: What I like in romance movies

A thing you may not know about me is that I love cleaning up and putting stuff to its place. Hello. My name is The Organizer. Nice to meet you. I love boxes, labels, categorizing stuff... Before you judge me, it's not like an obsession, but if I have the time, I'm probably going to go and tidy up my room.
However, it's a bit harder to stay organized with everything in its place if you hold on to everything. I like keeping stuff and I'm usually really sentimental so I don't get rid of much. Now that my room mostly has boxes and dividers and all that, I can say I'm pretty happy with my organizational skills.

17 January 2019

Test your body! *

** On a personal note this week: 20 plans and wishes for 2019

New year, new me. How many times have I said that and nothing has changed? Every single year. Yes, I'm that person. One of my most repetitive goals is to get fit and to lose weight. I've tried it a lot of times, but I seem to lose interest quickly. However, I noticed that something was wrong with my body in the past few years so I decided to act on it.


Now that I've changed my situation, I can start working on other things. I also tested my body and got some shocking feedback. Keep reading if you're interested in the full story!

14 January 2019

Brown-rose gold manicure

** On a personal note this week: 20 plans and wishes for 2019

If we don't count Blogmas, it's been more than half of year since I posted a proper manicure post. To be honest, I don't know why I haven't focused on nails more lately... I've been doing manicures regularly every week, but I guess it's the most boring post to actually write...

This one, however, is a bit different. Not in terms of actual manicure, but the story with it. If you read my post about Barry M nail polish Barry M peel-off nail polish base, you probably recognize this manicure... You also know how damaged my nails were after using it (there's a video to prove it). However, I'm posting it again because I was in love with it!

10 January 2019

MUR Flawless palette

** On a personal note this week: NYE from hell to the best NYE

I'm thinking I have way to much make-up for a regular person. Then I also see that I mostly have eyeshadow palettes and I really don't need them all. I was planning on filming my declutter process so let me know if that's something you would like to see. Twitter friends said "yes".  
With this in mind, I bought myself this Makeup Revolution London (does anyone actually knows what this company is called now?) palette with 32 eyeshadows to use. When I was buying it, I was really into mattes with pops of shimmer and brown colors, something neutral and easy to apply. This seemed like a perfect choice.

07 January 2019

Home-made Caesar salad

** On a personal note this week: NYE from hell to the best NYE

Food is back, back again... Yeah, I just watched a vlog where they sang this so it's stuck with me forever probably. If you're too young or whatever to know what I'm referencing, it's the song Eminem - Without Me (0:32). Now that we all know I listen to Eminem, I can continue my post.

I haven't done much regarding cooking on this blog and I've said multiple times I'm not a good cook. I mean, I maybe am, I just don't like to spend time in the kitchen. However, every now and then I still have to feed myself and this time I had to feed me and my brother and we had no idea what to eat. We were also too lazy to go to the store. So here's our lunch.

03 January 2019

Life update | January 2019

So, Blogmas is over and now what? I have to say I had a pretty hectic December and, even though I loved it and my holidays, I'm feeling tired and like I missed something in the real world. So, I wanted to let you all know I'll take a week break from this blog and it'll be up and running again on 7th of January with the old posting schedule:
  • Monday 9 a.m. CET
  • Thursday 6 p.m. CET
I'll keep you updated about my personal life and awesome things that have happened recently on my personal blog Beehive as usual in the beginning of every post here.

If you have any ideas, wishes, requests, questions or whatever, feel welcome to comment below or send emails or contact me on Twitter.

Thank you for another year on this blog, let's make 2019 great (OK Trump, calm down...)!

01 January 2019

New Year | 2019

Happy New Year!

My lovely readers, I wish you all the best in this new 2019! I wish you patience and persistence to achieve everything you want!

Thank you so much for being with me through 2018 and I hope we'll grow even more in 2019.