18 April 2019

Gemstones jewelry

** On a personal note this week: Today: 15.4.2019.

In how many posts have I said I have a ton of jewelry? My style varies so much from day to day that I have big chunky necklaces, but also such small dainty jewelry, so I basically buy it all if I can afford it. I kinda showed you my collection in my posts Organizing jewelry (when you have tons of it) and Organizing jewelry (part 2) so you can check that out and maybe get some tips on how to store jewelry...

However, there's a special category in my jewelry collection and those are gemstones. There's a gemstone exhibition each year in my town so I usually go and buy some pieces. I have to emphasize though that I don't actually believe they do anything or have any energy by themselves, but I do like to read about it and I also want to have a cool/interesting story behind my jewelry.

So today I'll write a bit about my stones... Also have in mind that all sources have slightly different stories, so I'll try to combine and take out and write down what I think it's accurate, but you can definitely do more research if you're into it.

Amethyst. It is apparently gemstone of all Aquarius people so I had to get it. It was used to prevent people from drinking alcohol so it is supposed to keep your body clean. I don't drink alcohol so this doesn't apply to me, but alcohol could be considered as all bad things you put in yourself. So it's also against food poisoning. It is believed Amethyst has healing power and it can heal your wounds, but also keep you cold-headed and rational.

Magnetite. This grey/black stone is the ultimate good vibes stone. It should give stability, energy and balance between heart and mind. It also empowers self-esteem so it's good for shy people. This stone doesn't only give out this positive energy, but also attracts love and loyalty which is so important! Magnetite should also help with fighting your fears, anger and sadness.

Hematite. Since black is my favorite "color", you know I'll like this stone. It's also quite similar to Magnetite with its calming and balancing effect. Hematite is supposed to suck in all the bad energy around you so you wouldn't feel any of it. Also, because of this, but also the belief that improves circulation, it was supposed to be worn close to the heart.

Amazonite. This beautiful green/turquoise stone is supposed to calm down your spirit and body. However, it's more linked to women, specifically to women warriors. It was used to protect them and guide them in battles which can easily be transferred into today's world and everyday struggles. As it's more associated with women in general, it gives compassion, but it also balances being overly emotional. As, throughout history, women were more scared of ending up alone, it fights the feeling of being alone and also brings happiness.
Note: My amazonite bracelet was recently thorn up by my dog.

Sunstone/goldstone. Yellow/orange sunstone acts just like the sun. It is supposed to guide you in your life and make you find only the light and good things. It also acts like a lucky charm, bringing happiness into your life. Another benefit of having yellow sunstone is a belief that it brings wealth and fortune which you never get enough of...

Blue sunstone/blue goldstone. This version of sunstone has only similarity with the previous one and that is being the light at the end of the tunnel. You're supposed to see the right way and the answer to your problems and a way out of them. However, this one adds few more things. It gives wisdom, energy and courage to the person. It is great for people in school or chasing their career because it helps with studying and adds ambition. It is also supposed to make people tougher by fighting hypersensitivity.

Red agate. This gemstone is for emotional people because it balances your feelings and makes them stable. It also protects the heart which supports the previous statement and also makes you deal with things easier than you usually would. Agate also gives you more determination to do whatever you want.
Note: My earrings were left at my grandparents' so I couldn't take a photo...

Red garnet. Garnet is a birthstone of January. In medieval times, garnets were thought to cure depression, protect against bad dreams, and relieve liver diseases. It is believed it can fix broken bonds between lovers and it's usually given if a person is traveling away for a quick and safe return. It includes passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, and truth. The stone also sharpens your perception of yourself and other people.

If you want to do more research or find your stone, you can always just Google it, but also find more information on sites like this:

Do you believe in the power of gemstones or some rocks? Do you have any?

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