08 April 2019

New in: spring beauty haul

** On a personal note this week: My thoughts on "Where Hands Touch" movie

Haaave you missed me? I've been in and out of here for quite some time so I fell out of this routine. Intros have always been the hard part for me, but thankfully I can fill this intro with this random rambling. But you're not here for that. Let's get into it.

Now that I'm working my first real job, I have more money than I ever had. This is still not much, but I am able to buy more. Surprisingly, I didn't spend it all as I thought I would. However, I still bought few long-time wanted items which are also related to this blog.

So far I had my morning and evening beauty routine which included a hydrating serum and a moisturizer and it worked really well. However, I recently used all of my Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum by Oriflame so I went looking for something similar. To be honest, I didn't know what exactly I wanted, but I knew I needed moisture somewhere. I checked out few serums and gels and finally settled for this L'Oreal Hydra Genius. I paid around $8 for 70 ml of product which, the was I'm going to use it, should last me quite nice amount of time. Before I found that one, I ordered this Delia Hyaluronic acid serum. It was about $4 for 10 ml.
My current routine is using L'Oreal in the morning with my Nivea moisturizer for hydration for the entire day and Delia serum in the evening with night Nivea moisturizer. Hydra genius is supposed to bring life back into my skin, bring back the moisture and keep it there all day long without making my face oily. Hyaluronic acid serum, on the other hand, is here to keep away all the wrinkles. I'm only 24 so I'm not really worried about those, but I decided to start with just 2 drops each day and see how it goes.

How many times in the past few months have I said I can't buy more make-up? A lot. How many times have I broke my own rule? Just a few. I'm proud of myself. To be completely real, I think this is my first buy after 3 or 4 months. Since I've been seeing a lot of bold, colorful looks, I decided to buy one more Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette, Creative vol. 1. I was drawn by these yellow and dark purple and blue shades. As I've always love everything my MUR brand, I hope I'll like this product too. Also, you all know I don't wear blush, but I recently got the urge to put it on every now and then so I bought this palette Blush goddess, also by Makeup Revolution. To be honest, I thought these were all blushes, but photos on the Internet didn't do its justice and I didn't do enough research. These are also highlighters which I know I'll definitely use so even if I never wear blush, this palette won't be useless.

You'll definitely get full reviews on these, I just need to test them and use for a bit of time.

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