12 June 2014


There is a great increase in temperature these days and I can announce that summer is coming. And what goes great with summer? Neon colors. Bright and colorful clothes will most certainly bring happy faces and good mood. Just be careful, one neon item is more enough for one outfit. It will be a highlight of your look. Choose it wisely. :) We'll start with my favorite, as always.
Here we have pink jeans as the basic item for today's outfit. Great thing about bright jeans is that you'll have the feeling like you're wearing something else, something thinner (something like leggings) and you'll still be sure that you're not showing too much (as some people do while wearing, let's say, leggings that are really thin and transparent). And they're also great for those who have some insecurities about their body and feel uncomfortable in anything other than jeans. Well, jeans don't have to be blue or black, you know.
Everything else in the outfit is black so we could keep the highlight on the jeans and so the whole appearance wouldn't be too much.
I've chosen very popular transparent black blouse. Make sure you have a black bra under it, or, better yet, some black camisole top.
Next on, there is pretty simple, yet very modern and attractive black ring. It goes great with the next accessory, the black bag.
For shoes, I picked out two possible looks. You can be sporty and show it with these gorgeous black sneakers (with or without high heel) or you can be more elegant and wear these black wedges. It depends only on you!
Since I chose neon bottom for the first outfit, it would only be fair to make something with the neon top. So here we go.
Base of this outfit is obviously this neon green cropped and cut top. It is absolutely perfect for hot summer days. It is very airily and these straps will hold everything in place. Just what you need to relax and enjoy your free summer.
To continue with this theme, I've found this beautiful fluttery skirt with white daisies. I absolutely love it (and wish I could have it). The skirt has this elastic band so it won't fall off very easily (unless you buy too big). This is also a great fact about it.
Shoes, shoes, shoes... I've found this black heels with closed front and a ankle strap. This makes them a bit unusual but also very great looking and comfortable because you need all the support you can get in heels that high. Of course you can wear black sneakers, flat shoes, shoes with low heel... Anything for that matter. But I like to create runway outfits, and they require high heels.
And in the end, I had to have some accessory in this look so I've put a big statement necklace around the neck. It is black so we won't overdo it with colors. As I said before, one neon item is just enough.
Three more outfits just with short descriptions.
First one. Excellent choice for young business women. You can feel and look young but still be classy and professional.
Second one... Perfect again for young business women. Just be careful that you don't put on too short shirt because it will look a bit tacky.
And third one, my personal favorite from these three. It is a very sporty and casual look but with all the fashion tips in it. Stripes are very popular, white sneakers with black birds also. And yellow jeans became a must-have in every girl's closet...