27 February 2017

Essence: My must haves haul

One of my favorite brands, Essence, just came out with their new collection called "My must haves". They discontinued production of some old products, but gave us full new range of eyeshadows, palettes, lipsticks and lipglosses and many more stuff. For the first time, I didn't head directly to the nail polish rack.

25 February 2017

Changes in posting!!!

I asked you if you want me to post more often and it's agreed that two times a week would be just perfect. I wouldn't be asking if I didn't think I had time for it, so I'm taking advantage of not having to study at the moment and I'm starting to post two times a week.

New schedule:
  • Monday 9 a.m. (09:00) CET
  • Thursday 6 p.m. (18:00) CET
I really hope this will work cause I have so many ideas and stuff to show you. :)

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Also, contact me about anything (contact form on the right or in the comments). I'll would be happy to interact with you, take your suggestions and ideas :)

Thank you all for coming and reading :*

20 February 2017

Essentials: Fashion

It's been a long time since I wrote my last "Essentials" post, but here I am. You'll be able to find all posts like this under the label Essentials or in the category Life. This time I'm talking about few fashion items you should have to be prepared for all situations.
Note: I'm only gonna write about female fashion as I'm a girl. If you really want to see my opinion on male fashion, comment below and I'll do essentials for them too. Also, I know there's much more to it, especially because I haven't covered every season and weather.
All pictures are made in Polyvore (my profile is here).

13 February 2017

Transition from squoval to coffin nails

Since I've had my nails (I used to bite them; read in post here), I've always had them in squoval shape. Then something hit me right before Christmas and I decided to change them to ballerina or coffin nails. I'm here today to show you my transition.
Note: I'll still post manicures with squoval nails cause I'm not doing it in any order so bare with me. Also, scroll down for some more new manicures :)
There are more nail shapes than this, but this is just to show you my transition.

06 February 2017

Review: Nivea blue collection for face cleansing

Few weeks (months?) ago, I was looking for a new facial treatment, after I ran out of my green collection (review here). As usual, I went right to the Nivea department and I saw these 4 blue products.
From left to right: Pure effect Stay clear purifying toner, Control shine toner, Anti-blemish 3-in-1 cleanser, Clean deeper daily wash scrub