22 November 2015

Advent Calendar

Since Christmas is coming, every store in my city is decorated and filled with perfect Christmas and winter stuff. One thing caught my eye and I had to get it. This is advent calendar.
It's basically a box full of stuff and you open each window at specific date in December. There are 24 windows; you're supposed to open the last one on Christmas Eve. I will not be able to write what you get and a review because I really want to be surprised every day for the whole December. This should be fun! Anyhow, since I saw it and you have to buy it before 1st of December, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you guys.
I got this calendar in H&M stores for a price of about $30 (price may vary from country to country). I know it seems a lot for a box but when you think about it, you pay about $5 for only one necklace (if you're lucky).
It contains:
  • 7 pairs of earrings
  • 6 pendants
  • 5 rings
  • 3 bracelets
  • 3 necklaces
  • 1 ear decoration
  • 1 pin
  • 1 key chain
I wonder which windows have double surprise.
Also, you kinda know what to expect if you just look at the H&M's jewelry department (I opened US online shop so the prices would be in dollars. You can choose which ever country you're from.). Look around and you'll see if there's anything you like. I really hope surprises will be like what they usually offer.

I also saw a calendar by Essence. I wasn't really interested in it because I have almost every nail polish, but if you don't and you want to try them all, this is a great opportunity. (The more I'm writing about it, the more I think I'll buy that too.) They have 24 nail polishes for $28.

20 November 2015

Nivea's original cream

Since I've first started using creams for my skin, I've used (mostly) one brand - Nivea. Of course, at that point I was too young to buy anything, so I only used what I got and that was the original Nivea's cream.
I used to have really weird skin. It was a mixture of really oily and really dry, if that's even possible. My skin was actually exfoliating at any point and the rest of the face was covered in oil. Since I had two problems, I had to take care of one at the time. Dry skin was the first on my list. 
This one, in it's well known dark blue container, is the original! And it's great. It is really thick which kinda makes it hard to apply. But actually it's a good thing because while you're moisturizing your face, you're also massaging it. Without a lot of talk about ingredients and stuff like that, I'll just tell you that my face isn't exfoliating at all any more. I do still have problems around my eyebrows but that's inherited disease and I don't think this will go away but it has certainly became better since started using this cream. I changed my cream recently (will talk about it in future posts) but I still put a small amount of this one on my problematic areas before I go to sleep. And it smells really nice. Without any perfume, it has a really natural smell but very appealing. Also, Nivea's creams are really gentle and I am not worried about using them around my eyes or mouth. Of course I try to avoid putting cream in my eyes, but I do put it on on my eyelids and I haven't felt any irritation or changes in my eyes. That's always a plus when buying skin care products.
I highly recommend this for anyone with dry skin. I got this 75 ml for $3.
I think it was Valentine's Day when I bought mine. Or Mother's Day.
One more thing about Nivea - it doesn't test their products on animals.

07 November 2015

Make-up stand

For so long I wasn't a make-up person. This has been changing over the years and recently my make-up collection has grown rapidly. I'm mostly talking about lipsticks since I had none and now I have 5 of them and 2 lip glosses. I've been looking for something to store my make-up in. Due to lack of free (or any) space in my room, this was really troubling.
I finally found this make-up stand and I love it. When you first look at it, it is like crystal. It is very bright (transparent) and looking at it from different angles enables you to see the rainbow in every "wall". It is made out of heavy and strong plastic (acrylic they say); almost looks as glass. With that being said, if it breaks it won't cause as much mess as glass would, but it still looks very elegant which is amazing. As I said it's made out of heavy plastic, it's not too heavy; it is light in my hand (not heavier than two glasses of water). The dimensions are 22 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm (length x width x height).

It has:
  • 12 smaller compartments for lipsticks or nail polishes
  • two longer, deep and thin compartments for brushes, lip glosses and pencils (eyeliners and lip liners)
  • long shallow compartment for maybe eye shadows
  • one big but shallow (at front) compartment for probably foundations and blushes
All in all, it has quite enough room for your make-up if you're regular girl with "normal" amount of it. I bought mine in Müller (it's German store but it has stores around Europe and maybe ships to other countries) for $13 but I saw some in Ikea too for $20 (link here; this one is a bit bigger). Of course there are these stands on Amazon (look for it here) and eBay (look for it here). You just have to find the perfect one. I'm in love with mine.
Sorry for the flash.

02 November 2015

Quick nail polish repair

If you paint your nails, you had to experience that horrible moment when your nail polish messes up before it's even dry. Especially if you are impatient person when it comes to drying your nail polish, like me.

You'll need:
  • one of your fingers
  • nail polish remover
  • top coat
Picture is not mine! It's the property of YouTuber Meliney. (This is not a commercial for her; I do not follow her nor I have any benefits by doing this.) I did try it and it worked for me too.
Once you destroy your perfect manicure, here's what you need to do:
  • put a bit (just a bit!) of nail polish remover on your finger tip
  • gently tap it onto the ruined part of the nail (gentle! and do not pull your finger; tap it!)
  • once you're satisfied with the coverage you can either put another layer of the same nail polish (really thin layer!) or just put a top coat
How it works:
  • nail polish remover dissolves nail polish
  • nail polish around the ruined part becomes watery and fills the gap
There are similar methods here:
P.S. I do not have any benefits by showing you any of these blogs/videos/pages. And I hope if people find here their photos and videos, they will not kill me for using it. I found about this method a while ago and it worked so I had to share it with you.