28 April 2016

Thursday tip: Smooth lips

If you're anything like me, you like to bite your lips when you're nervous. If not by you, lips get chapped for many different reasons and pure chap-stick sometimes isn't enough.
This wouldn't be such a big problem if I wasn't a fan of lipsticks, especially dark lipsticks. These make every little imperfection on your lips extra visible. Cry no more! I have a solution.
Use your toothbrush and toothpaste and exfoliate your lips. I bought a separate toothbrush, made for babies so it's extra soft - even though I want smooth lips, I do not want to scratch them and make things worse. Also, toothpaste is optional. I guess you could use something else (e.g. some cream) or just water, but toothpaste works great for me. Toothpaste makes it more comfortable to rub on your lips.
The result is smooth and plump lips ready for showing off!
Btw, how cute is this baby toothbrush?

23 April 2016

Ponytail twist

I'm sure you have all heard and seen girls twisting their ponytails or some parts of their hair to make a bit more interesting hair style. I'm a fan of a ponytail with only upper part of my hair. It's so easy to do, practical as your hair stays away from your face, but also very girly and still shows the length of your hair.
I've always done it in the same way: pull the hair from the sides, collect the hair from the top of my head and secure it with a hairband. It was that simple. Now I wanted to make it more fancy and not so boring, so I tried to twist it.
I am amazed how this simple step made my hair look so much better. It gave me the volume on the sides, my band wasn't pulling my hair so much and I just felt like it's more secure.
The only suggestion is not to pull the hair from the top of your hair because it's easier to do it with only the hair from the side because the hole for the twist is easier to make.
I did put a bobby pin in there, but this was taken at the end of the day and I was lying in my bed before it so it was messed up a bit. Otherwise, bobby pins aren't necessary.
So, will you consider doing this little simple step to make your hairstyle more attractive? Have you been doing it already?

18 April 2016

Mani Monday: Pink dotted spring + nail polish review

It was Easter and, unlike on every other occasion like this, I decided to go with a simple manicure. Pure pink was a bit to simple and plain for me, so I decided to add some glitter and details on my nails.

I used:
This base pink one is new (post about me buying it is here). I have to say I was just a bit disappointed with the one layer coverage because I'm used to Essence's nail polishes and I can usually pull one layer of it. But, the color is really pretty. I'm not a pinky-girl (if that means anything), but I loved loved this color.

14 April 2016

Essence lipstick haul

This is sequel to my previous haul (post about it here) where I already introduced some of these lipsticks, but I also complained how I couldn't find all I wanted. I eventually did find them all (I didn't buy every single one because I didn't like the way they looked on me). Anyhow, here's my old-new haul post.
From left to right: #23 velvet matt, #01 boost me up, #21 trés chic#24 velvet matt#16 I am yours!, #19 black gossip
I tried some basic color a while ago (post here) and I loved it. Since then, I'm planning on buying more Essence lipsticks and I finally did a whole haul. These lipsticks are cheap (around $3) so you wouldn't expect either much coverage or duration. I have to say, they proved me wrong! But (!), people do say, and I've noticed, that all make-up last longer on my face and body than it does on other people so I would suggest buying one lipstick and seeing how it goes.
I tried almost all of these. I'll make sure to try them all before writing further posts so I could give you a proper review.
Do you like any of these? Will you consider purchasing it? Let me know in the comments below :*

10 April 2016

Maxi collection (1)

At one point of my "Polyvore career", I had an idea to make some outfits that would fit in my maxi collection. Basically, I just chose long dresses and long skirts and my collection was done. Now I decided to share it with you, so enjoy.
Also, you are able to find all the items and their prices on the links below the pictures - just hover over the item to see the details.
This is a part one of my collection, so I chose only a bit more elegant outfits.
Hope you liked this. Which is your favorite?
If you have a Polyvore account add me or comment below :)

08 April 2016

DIY: Rings

I'm really complicated when it comes to jewelry as I like to have everything in style and I rarely wear gold and silver together. For these two reasons, I'm always in a search for new pieces, but this time I decided to make my own simple rings appropriate for any occasion.
You'll need:
  • plain rings - I bought mine in a hobby shop for $0.5
  • rhinestones with flat-back - I found mine also in a hobby shop for $1, but there are some on the eBay (here)
  • glue - I used my favorite nail glue, but any universal will do
  • before you put on glue, decide how you want your rhinestone to be places (parallel or perpendicular or anything else to the flat part on the ring)
  • put the glue on the ring (not on the rhinestone as you can't know how big the flat part on the ring really is)
  • glue two parts together and let dry
I chose amber because I think it's really beautiful stone and neutral yet statement. Also, I started small, but I'm sure I'll make more jewelry on my own as it is so simple and cheap.
Do you like it? Will you try something like this?

05 April 2016

Thank you Twitter and blogger comunity!

OK, to move a bit from the beauty and style on my blog, I have something else to post today.
I joined a chat on Twitter and I got the chance too meet some amazing people. So, I'm here to tell them all that I appreciate comments, Tweets and everything else they do. Also, I never knew strangers could be so nice from the start, so positive and funny. I didn't think I was the person who would see it and take the opportunity to meet them. Not to fool ourselves, I know we're not friends by the definition and we're most probably never going to meet (not that I wouldn't love to!), but sometimes I really like logging on and seeing their Tweets and comments.
Here are my favorite people:
As I skimmed through her blog, I saw she has book reviews (her blog is named "bookery"), but there are also other reviews and beauty stuff. I'm sure I'll make the effort to send her a message just to chat and get to know each other.
I actually contacted her for her 30 days challenge you'll find on her blog. We didn't chat as much, but hopefully that will change after few messages... Also, I like her tweets and the rest of the blog, so I'll definitely continue reading.
What to say? I think she accepted me the most on Twitter and she is the most amazing host of late night bloggers chat! I love her topics (but seriously, stop with the food haha) and the way she interacts with most of the people. Also, I love the blog which has reviews on all kinds of different things and really useful tips and tricks. Just pay her a visit :)
I don't know what it is about this girl, but I really like seeing her Tweets and new posts. We've met on a bloggers do it better chat (right?). Also, she nominated me for the Liebster Award (post here), so how would I not be thankful and appreciate such a great person?!
Oh boy, does she have a colorful blog... She has her whole life there - varieties of topics separated perfectly in categories which is super helpful and organized. We usually only do "follow Fridays" now, but we did talk a bit and found out we live quite close to each other. Also, I hope I gave her a bit of mental strength when she had her exams...

The list is not completed so you can expect part 2 pretty soon.