11 February 2019

Oriflame lipsticks

** On a personal note this week: Movie review: Molly Maxwell

As I mentioned in several of my posts, I'm in love with lipsticks. I think they are perfect quick addition to every outfit. I think I also mentioned I have way too many lipsticks for a normal girl. I showed you all of them in my post My lipstick collection.

Since then, I added few lipsticks in my collection and I can't see an end to this. Send help. Anyway, since the previously mentioned post, I did some other related to lip products, which I'll link below this post, but now I'll show you one unusual collection.

07 February 2019

Redecorate your room for minimal $$$

** On a personal note this week: Things that need to die in 2019

I always dreamed of having a big house, big rooms, spaces for just myself... I dreamed of having a Disney castle once I grow up. Thankfully, I realized dreams are not reality pretty fast so I altered my expectations. However, a big room is still a wish of mine. Or, at least, room decorated the way I want it to.
I still live with my parents in a room they built for me when I was about 10, maybe 12. It's pretty small, crowded with furniture. There's not much I can do here and it's still the way it was once they made it.

04 February 2019

10 blogger wishes (for 2019?)

** On a personal note this week: Things that need to die in 2019

You know I haven't prepared a post for today, so you're getting this one. Is this cheating in posting schedule? Maybe. Will you hold it against me? Hopefully not. There's a lot going on in my hear for the past few weeks so, naturally, it transformed onto my blog. Enough about me...
Every time I bring some post like this on this blog, I feel scared to post it, but again very happy because I can show some other side of myself here. And I get that you guys really like personal or semi-personal posts. Let me know if you really do... I guess it's going to be a win-win?