25 November 2019

Christmas is coming! - winter update

** On a personal note 3 weeks ago: My sleeping problems
** On a personal note 2 weeks ago: Storytime: I was embarrassed to talk to my brother
** On a personal note last week: My body image journey - holding it in (part 2)

How about some information about future posts? Yeah, you got me. I had no time to write a proper blog post and I'm just trying to cover for myself. Update post. Yeah right.

But since we're all here, I did want to mention some updates. I have a feeling it's OK to start talking and thinking about #Blogmas on my blog. For the last few years, I wrote 3 posts a week and they were all Christmas or winter related. Since I cut down my regular posts from 2-a-week to 1-a-week, I guess it would be smart to cut down #Blogmas posts too. I'm still thinking about it and how I'm going to pull it off, but I'll definitely do #Blogmas.

This time you'll be able to get some prizes too. I got some products ready for you guys and you'll just have to keep up with the series to find out more. I'm really excited for it and I hope you'll be too!
Also, follow me on Instagram and Twitter because I'll be opening advent calendar each day and I'll be sharing everything.

And that's all. Thanks for coming and reading and keeping up with my ramblings on my personal blog too :)

18 November 2019

Fall favorites | 2019

** On a personal note this week: My body image journey - holding it in (part 2)

If you read any of my posts regarding this topic, you would know that I'm not a fan of fall. There are two reasons for it - rain and shorter days. However, I feel like blogging community has had its impact on me so I'm starting to see the good in it. Now I don't hate it, I only dislike it.

Anyway, there are some things I do really like in fall so I decided to share them with you. We'll see how this goes, but there should be some other stuff than just beauty...

11 November 2019

The easiest eye-catching manicures

** On a personal note this week: Storytime: I was embarrassed to talk to my brother

I don't know why I have the urge to explain myself whenever I write about nails. How many times can I write that I have a huge love towards manicures, always in different way? I guess I still haven't found the right audience for my Nails category. Most loved post was, I think, and still is How to remove stubborn nail polish because no matter what you have painted on, you want an easy way to remove it.

Once I realized you liked that one, I upgraded it and wrote Removing nail polish with clips. But to even have something to remove, you need to paint something on first. I get it not everybody has the will or the time to paint their nails for 2 hours or more like I do, but still want eye-catching manicures. I'm here today with some easy, but very effective ways to make your manicures pop without much struggle.
Note: You can find my entire manicure routine, keeping my nail polish intact for 2 weeks and more here - My nails and manicures routine.

04 November 2019

Cleaning fake jewelry

** On a personal note this week: My sleeping problems

I always say I need to get rid of some of my jewelry because I really have too much of it and then I take it all out ready to declutter and I end up just putting everything back. It has been going in circles for months now.

However, one good thing did come out of it. I found some pieces that really needed cleaning up. Real jewelry I always give to the jewelry guy in the store cause I need that really polished, but the fake ones I clean myself. This was actually the first time I did it so I decided to document it.