27 December 2015

Get ready for New Year!! (part 2) | 2015

New Year is just around the corner! Everybody seems to be so into it and girls plan their outfits weeks before. So I wanted to help you with ideas.
Have in mind this is my style; not everybody is supposed to love it.
You can't have a full collection without a jumpsuit. Left one is a bit more daring with the deep cleavage. Everything is basically the same, except I would add a body chain to the left one since you can really show it. With everything being black and gold, I broke the monotony with the dark red lipstick.
Find outfit here:
This outfit is more businessy and conservative but it can easily be transformed into something more casual. I think of this one as Barbie's choice. If you look at it, everything is nude or pink. Skirt provides enough glitter required at the New Year's eve party and blazer tones everything down. Blazer on - business dinner; blazer off - party girl!
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 I honestly wouldn't dare to wear this due to cropped top but I would love it I had more courage. I spiced the simple black pencil skirt with lace cropped top in the same color. Heels are also black but with some silver rhinestones. Having the basic outfit in mind, I chose everything in these two colors. Small stud earrings, lots of silver and black bracelets and a bag to go with the shoes. What should make this look special is dark purple lipstick. Dare to wear it!
Find outfit here:
Out of all of these, I think this is my favorite combination! I love the elegance and the youth shown through it. Black suit pants and white blouse are a win-win combination. Adding a silver glitter blazer is turning this boring and safe outfit into amazing New Year's eve look. I chose green diamond ring and earrings and matched them with the green-black-silver bag. I couldn't decide about the shoes since I love all of the four there, so I'll let you decide. Go easy on the make-up. Just a bit of green on the eyes.
Find outfit here:
You can't have a New Year's eve collection without red, right? And there must be a little black dress somewhere! I made this a double choice. Left side is more elegant, for some dinner party. And right side is more for good old partying.

Whatever you choose, remember that the outfit must be comfortable.

Tell me what you think about this, what you plan to wear, where will you be waiting for New Year and your thought about New Year's eve party in general!

26 December 2015

Get ready for New Year!! (part 1) | 2015

New Year is just around the corner! Everybody seems to be so into it and girls plan their outfits weeks before. So I wanted to help you with ideas.
Have in mind this is my style; not everybody is supposed to love it.
This is not something I would actually wear but I thought velvet is a perfect material for New Year's eve. I can't explain why that is. And I found velvet shoes and velvet bag. Can you ask for more? I also think that velvet requires simple and elegant jewelry and just a bit of make-up.
This would be a perfect dress for a fancy dinner and dancing afterwards. Gold/bronze details really make this dress stand put in the crowd. It's the perfect length and it's flowy enough so you won't need to be too careful while having fun. Since the dress is interesting by itself, and you have this matching shoes, everything else is pretty simple.
Find outfit here:
Oh, I love this one. If you're younger, like me, it's most likely that you won't have a chance to wear a dress like this anywhere. That's a shame. So, a New Year's eve is the perfect time to step out of your box and wear a real evening gown. Of course, you'll have to find the perfect event for this!
Find outfit here:
Going clubbing on New Year's eve? This is a combination for you! Short and light dress with a lot of bling accessories will not go unnoticed. Since the dress is quite opened, I think big necklace would fit in perfectly. Don't be afraid to wear all this bling - the dark red color keeps everything in balance.
Find outfit here:
Love this one too! I love it how the dress is casually elegant and appropriate for a fancy dinner and clubbing and anything else you choose to do. Since the color is really intensive, I combined light grey color with it and I think it looks amazing.
Find outfit here:

Whatever you choose, remember that the outfit must be comfortable.

Tell me what you think about this, what you plan to wear, where will you be waiting for New Year and your thought about New Year's eve party in general!

25 December 2015

It's Christmas!! | 2015

Merry Christmas everyone !!

I wish you all peace and joy!

23 December 2015

Advent calendar - opened!

I've told you about advent calendar I bought in H&M containing only jewelry. Well, I've opened the whole calendar (yes, 24th too because I won't be home tomorrow) and I wanted to show you what I've got.
P.S. There are no pictures for day 11 and day 16 since I got two pairs of broken earrings. I'm still trying to fix one pair.
You can click on the picture for a larger view.
All in all, I'm really satisfied with the items I got. I'm sure I would pay a lot more if I went to buy each item separately so I can't complain.
It's nice how they put some really festive items in there (earrings in the shape of Christmas tree, reindeer ring and pendant, snowman pin and this key-ring).

Anyhow people, I wish you all merry Christmas and great holidays!

20 December 2015

Red lip pencils

Since Christmas is coming, and I think red lips are so festive and ideal for Christmas and New Year, I have to complete my red lips collection. There are posts about red lipsticks here (Maybelline Laetitia's pure red) and here (MAC Ruby Woo - more about it here). Anyway, since I have these two in red shades, I bought matching lip pencils as I think they are a must have with these lipsticks.
Also check out ways to highlight your lips here.
If you buy at MAC's, you'll find out they have a pencil for each lipstick. That's great, but also very expensive. As the lipstick costed about $22, I didn't want to pay another $20 for just a pencil. So, I found an alternative. I bought red longlasting lipliner by Essence in the shade 01 Ready for red. It was around $3. It is an amazing lip pencil with great coverage and good formula. It's a roll-out system which I love cause it's easier to use it. It goes great with my Ruby Woo. It doesn't fade away at all so I would highly recommend this one.
It was a bit harder to find a pencil to match Laetitia's lipstick since it was a one-time collection so they didn't make matching pencils. I chose ArtDeco waterproof soft lip liner No. 08. A lady in the store recommended buying No. 79 but I went for this one instead. I'm just browsing it and I figured you could probably buy No. 10 or No. 11 too. Just try it. I think it was about $7 but I don't actually remember how much I payed (sorry). I'm not completely satisfied with mine cause I have to be really careful how I apply it. If I press to hard it gets kinda brown and it doesn't match my lipstick. Now, I learned how to apply it to match it, so I can say I'll use it and I'll like it. This is not actually that bad because I can use pencil as lipstick and I'll have brownish shade. It has good coverage and it's really long lasting but it doesn't have roll-out system so you'll have to sharpen it like in the good old days.

16 December 2015

Chapsticks/Lip balms

OK, I just learned that a Chapstick is a brand and not just general term for your lip cream (?). There's also a term lip-balm but, as far as I'm informed, that's also a brand. Anyway, I'm gonna be talking about those creamy sticks that should protect your lips. OK?
For as long as I can remember, we've called it labello. Why? Because it was the most known brand here and it doesn't really matter which one you buy - they're all labellos. With that being said, I'll introduce my favorites.
My favorite brand is Labello. They have perfect sizes of it, they're very practical to use (roll-out system) and they have variety of scents and flavors. There are also unisex balms so it's not even an issue if a guy uses it (and there's one especially for men if they really want it - For Men Active Care).
For so long, I've been the biggest fan of the universal dark blue one. It's called Classic (somewhere it says Original). It is unisex, white (transparent when on the lips), scentless lip balm. It is universal cream and it works just great. I would recommend it if you have chapped lips, especially during this winter times.
After that, I love the Hydro Care, light blue one. This one is lighter, more moisturizing. I think it's based on water, at least it seems so. This one is perfect for only dry lips. It gives it best during hot summer days.
There are so many different types here, but I've been using one for about 3 years now, constantly. It's strawberry from their Fruity Shine collection. Check out the entire collection as you will find many nice scents and colors, but this one is my favorite. It is light but a bit creamy so it stays on your lips for quite a long time (I can have it all night). Also, it has the perfect strawberry smell which will not fade away once you open it. Be careful when picking colored ones as they leave a mark on your lips. This one leaves a gentle red color with just a bit of glitter.
**I would highly recommend this brand for taking care of your lips!
Since I'm a big fan of Nivea's products, I have to include them here too. I won't talk much but I will say that they are almost the same as all said above. Check them out too. (I have no idea what's going on here but it looks like Nivea and Labello are the same thing. So weird.)

14 December 2015

1500 and more!

Hello you all :)
I want to thank you all for reading my blog. Thank you:
  • Croatia - the most views on this blog (802) ♥
  • USA
  • Russia - lately my biggest fan!
  • France
  • Germany
  • Portugal - Madeira maybe? :)
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden
  • the Netherlands
  • the Philippines - I can't believe I'm seeing this (so happy!)
I thank all of you!!! 
As I'm always saying, you can contribute to this blog by commenting below (you can also comment as anonymous) and by rating in the boxes below every post.
**If you have any ideas, please share them with me.
That's it. Thank you!
And counting!

10 December 2015

Break the monotony

So, there's still fall/winter mixed weather in my area; it depends on the time of the day. So, I'll post two outfits for this particular weather. The thing is to stand out in a mass but not to over-do it (that's how I like it). So here we go with fashion. I hope you'll like it.
First of all, I picked out plain skinny jeans and basic shirt with long sleeves. It is green with a bit of white to look like you know how to layer your clothes.
When I chose the essentials, there came a jacket. This is perfect fall/winter piece of clothing because it looks like a normal denim jacket but it has fur in it so it's supposed to be really warm and cozy.
Out of accessories, I chose leopard scarf which I love. It is big and stylish. Next on, there are half-leather gloves. They are warm, very modern looking. And they go great with the black leather boots which are also not boring due to gold parts.
The stand-out piece should be this beret. It's very popular shaped hat but this one is in contrast color to the shirt. Purple will not go unnoticed.
Make up is pretty simple - you can't go wrong with black.
This is more winter outfit. It also has plain skinny jeans, in darker shade, and warm grey sweater with the cutest small snowflakes.
After that, I paired hat, scarf and boots. All are in grey color but not boring at all. Scarf is a bit lighter that the other pieces but don't be afraid to mix shades of the same colors (especially if you have a lot of pieces in the same color like here). Notice that boots also have fur which is really important in the winter times.
Here are two pieces for standing out but I planned for the highlight to be on the jacket. This green bag is looking great and goes really good with this grey and winter theme because it's in a really dark shade. Now there's this amazing winter yellow jacket. It's breaking all boring snowy, rainy and foggy days. It's bringing sunshine and it will follow you wherever you go.

You can see all the pieces and their prices on Polyvore (even if you aren't a member).

09 December 2015

Polyvore adiction

As I'm posting my creations (fashion outfits, I mean) from Polyvore, I'll explain in short what you'll see here.
There will be outfits posted by the season. I live in central Europe so I'll post by the season I experience here (currently it's winter). Since I did a lot of creation during the past year, you'll be seeing my old creations first.
Also, there will be some "Steal the style" posts where I try to copy some celebrity's look I like.
Furthermore, there are "Inspired posts" where I think about something and I make a creation thinking about that (example: 50s or football game).
The new post will be up tomorrow. I planned to post it today (now) but I thought it would be better if I explained some things first. Also, It will take me a long time to download everything and edit those pictures. 
Stay tuned because we're getting back to fashion tomorrow!

06 December 2015

Nivea's Soft cream

After getting my skin in a good place, it wanted to try something else. (First post about Nivea's cream here - Nivea's original cream.) So, I chose Nivea's soft.
This one is my new favorite! It's extremely moisturizing and is great for hydrating your whole face and hands. When I first tried it, I took quite large amount of it - I couldn't be more wrong. It's so soft and light that you only need it on the tip of your finger. I first used it only for my hands because I bought this small one and it fitted in my purse just right. At that time, I didn't realize how watery it really is. It did a great job, but using it on my face really changed my view on it. It's great that you don't even feel it on your face. It absorbs really quickly and leaves only refreshing feeling. I literally felt like I just washed my face in the morning. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who needs just a basic every day skin care. It has jojoba oil and vitamin E.
I got this 300 ml for $4.50. Small one is 75 ml for about $2.
Both of my editions.
Also, both of these Nivea creams I wrote about can be used by guys too because they are unisex and have no scent other than natural cream one.