27 December 2015

Get ready for New Year!! (part 2) | 2015

New Year is just around the corner! Everybody seems to be so into it and girls plan their outfits weeks before. So I wanted to help you with ideas.
Have in mind this is my style; not everybody is supposed to love it.
You can't have a full collection without a jumpsuit. Left one is a bit more daring with the deep cleavage. Everything is basically the same, except I would add a body chain to the left one since you can really show it. With everything being black and gold, I broke the monotony with the dark red lipstick.
Find outfit here:
This outfit is more businessy and conservative but it can easily be transformed into something more casual. I think of this one as Barbie's choice. If you look at it, everything is nude or pink. Skirt provides enough glitter required at the New Year's eve party and blazer tones everything down. Blazer on - business dinner; blazer off - party girl!
Find outfit here:
 I honestly wouldn't dare to wear this due to cropped top but I would love it I had more courage. I spiced the simple black pencil skirt with lace cropped top in the same color. Heels are also black but with some silver rhinestones. Having the basic outfit in mind, I chose everything in these two colors. Small stud earrings, lots of silver and black bracelets and a bag to go with the shoes. What should make this look special is dark purple lipstick. Dare to wear it!
Find outfit here:
Out of all of these, I think this is my favorite combination! I love the elegance and the youth shown through it. Black suit pants and white blouse are a win-win combination. Adding a silver glitter blazer is turning this boring and safe outfit into amazing New Year's eve look. I chose green diamond ring and earrings and matched them with the green-black-silver bag. I couldn't decide about the shoes since I love all of the four there, so I'll let you decide. Go easy on the make-up. Just a bit of green on the eyes.
Find outfit here:
You can't have a New Year's eve collection without red, right? And there must be a little black dress somewhere! I made this a double choice. Left side is more elegant, for some dinner party. And right side is more for good old partying.

Whatever you choose, remember that the outfit must be comfortable.

Tell me what you think about this, what you plan to wear, where will you be waiting for New Year and your thought about New Year's eve party in general!

26 December 2015

Get ready for New Year!! (part 1) | 2015

New Year is just around the corner! Everybody seems to be so into it and girls plan their outfits weeks before. So I wanted to help you with ideas.
Have in mind this is my style; not everybody is supposed to love it.
This is not something I would actually wear but I thought velvet is a perfect material for New Year's eve. I can't explain why that is. And I found velvet shoes and velvet bag. Can you ask for more? I also think that velvet requires simple and elegant jewelry and just a bit of make-up.
This would be a perfect dress for a fancy dinner and dancing afterwards. Gold/bronze details really make this dress stand put in the crowd. It's the perfect length and it's flowy enough so you won't need to be too careful while having fun. Since the dress is interesting by itself, and you have this matching shoes, everything else is pretty simple.
Find outfit here:
Oh, I love this one. If you're younger, like me, it's most likely that you won't have a chance to wear a dress like this anywhere. That's a shame. So, a New Year's eve is the perfect time to step out of your box and wear a real evening gown. Of course, you'll have to find the perfect event for this!
Find outfit here:
Going clubbing on New Year's eve? This is a combination for you! Short and light dress with a lot of bling accessories will not go unnoticed. Since the dress is quite opened, I think big necklace would fit in perfectly. Don't be afraid to wear all this bling - the dark red color keeps everything in balance.
Find outfit here:
Love this one too! I love it how the dress is casually elegant and appropriate for a fancy dinner and clubbing and anything else you choose to do. Since the color is really intensive, I combined light grey color with it and I think it looks amazing.
Find outfit here:

Whatever you choose, remember that the outfit must be comfortable.

Tell me what you think about this, what you plan to wear, where will you be waiting for New Year and your thought about New Year's eve party in general!

25 December 2015

It's Christmas!! | 2015

Merry Christmas everyone !!

I wish you all peace and joy!

23 December 2015

Advent calendar - opened!

I've told you about advent calendar I bought in H&M containing only jewelry. Well, I've opened the whole calendar (yes, 24th too because I won't be home tomorrow) and I wanted to show you what I've got.
P.S. There are no pictures for day 11 and day 16 since I got two pairs of broken earrings. I'm still trying to fix one pair.
You can click on the picture for a larger view.
All in all, I'm really satisfied with the items I got. I'm sure I would pay a lot more if I went to buy each item separately so I can't complain.
It's nice how they put some really festive items in there (earrings in the shape of Christmas tree, reindeer ring and pendant, snowman pin and this key-ring).

Anyhow people, I wish you all merry Christmas and great holidays!

20 December 2015

Red lip pencils

Since Christmas is coming, and I think red lips are so festive and ideal for Christmas and New Year, I have to complete my red lips collection. There are posts about red lipsticks here (Maybelline Laetitia's pure red) and here (MAC Ruby Woo - more about it here). Anyway, since I have these two in red shades, I bought matching lip pencils as I think they are a must have with these lipsticks.
Also check out ways to highlight your lips here.
If you buy at MAC's, you'll find out they have a pencil for each lipstick. That's great, but also very expensive. As the lipstick costed about $22, I didn't want to pay another $20 for just a pencil. So, I found an alternative. I bought red longlasting lipliner by Essence in the shade 01 Ready for red. It was around $3. It is an amazing lip pencil with great coverage and good formula. It's a roll-out system which I love cause it's easier to use it. It goes great with my Ruby Woo. It doesn't fade away at all so I would highly recommend this one.
It was a bit harder to find a pencil to match Laetitia's lipstick since it was a one-time collection so they didn't make matching pencils. I chose ArtDeco waterproof soft lip liner No. 08. A lady in the store recommended buying No. 79 but I went for this one instead. I'm just browsing it and I figured you could probably buy No. 10 or No. 11 too. Just try it. I think it was about $7 but I don't actually remember how much I payed (sorry). I'm not completely satisfied with mine cause I have to be really careful how I apply it. If I press to hard it gets kinda brown and it doesn't match my lipstick. Now, I learned how to apply it to match it, so I can say I'll use it and I'll like it. This is not actually that bad because I can use pencil as lipstick and I'll have brownish shade. It has good coverage and it's really long lasting but it doesn't have roll-out system so you'll have to sharpen it like in the good old days.

16 December 2015

Chapsticks/Lip balms

OK, I just learned that a Chapstick is a brand and not just general term for your lip cream (?). There's also a term lip-balm but, as far as I'm informed, that's also a brand. Anyway, I'm gonna be talking about those creamy sticks that should protect your lips. OK?
For as long as I can remember, we've called it labello. Why? Because it was the most known brand here and it doesn't really matter which one you buy - they're all labellos. With that being said, I'll introduce my favorites.
My favorite brand is Labello. They have perfect sizes of it, they're very practical to use (roll-out system) and they have variety of scents and flavors. There are also unisex balms so it's not even an issue if a guy uses it (and there's one especially for men if they really want it - For Men Active Care).
For so long, I've been the biggest fan of the universal dark blue one. It's called Classic (somewhere it says Original). It is unisex, white (transparent when on the lips), scentless lip balm. It is universal cream and it works just great. I would recommend it if you have chapped lips, especially during this winter times.
After that, I love the Hydro Care, light blue one. This one is lighter, more moisturizing. I think it's based on water, at least it seems so. This one is perfect for only dry lips. It gives it best during hot summer days.
There are so many different types here, but I've been using one for about 3 years now, constantly. It's strawberry from their Fruity Shine collection. Check out the entire collection as you will find many nice scents and colors, but this one is my favorite. It is light but a bit creamy so it stays on your lips for quite a long time (I can have it all night). Also, it has the perfect strawberry smell which will not fade away once you open it. Be careful when picking colored ones as they leave a mark on your lips. This one leaves a gentle red color with just a bit of glitter.
**I would highly recommend this brand for taking care of your lips!
Since I'm a big fan of Nivea's products, I have to include them here too. I won't talk much but I will say that they are almost the same as all said above. Check them out too. (I have no idea what's going on here but it looks like Nivea and Labello are the same thing. So weird.)

14 December 2015

1500 and more!

Hello you all :)
I want to thank you all for reading my blog. Thank you:
  • Croatia - the most views on this blog (802) ♥
  • USA
  • Russia - lately my biggest fan!
  • France
  • Germany
  • Portugal - Madeira maybe? :)
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden
  • the Netherlands
  • the Philippines - I can't believe I'm seeing this (so happy!)
I thank all of you!!! 
As I'm always saying, you can contribute to this blog by commenting below (you can also comment as anonymous) and by rating in the boxes below every post.
**If you have any ideas, please share them with me.
That's it. Thank you!
And counting!

10 December 2015

Break the monotony

So, there's still fall/winter mixed weather in my area; it depends on the time of the day. So, I'll post two outfits for this particular weather. The thing is to stand out in a mass but not to over-do it (that's how I like it). So here we go with fashion. I hope you'll like it.
First of all, I picked out plain skinny jeans and basic shirt with long sleeves. It is green with a bit of white to look like you know how to layer your clothes.
When I chose the essentials, there came a jacket. This is perfect fall/winter piece of clothing because it looks like a normal denim jacket but it has fur in it so it's supposed to be really warm and cozy.
Out of accessories, I chose leopard scarf which I love. It is big and stylish. Next on, there are half-leather gloves. They are warm, very modern looking. And they go great with the black leather boots which are also not boring due to gold parts.
The stand-out piece should be this beret. It's very popular shaped hat but this one is in contrast color to the shirt. Purple will not go unnoticed.
Make up is pretty simple - you can't go wrong with black.
This is more winter outfit. It also has plain skinny jeans, in darker shade, and warm grey sweater with the cutest small snowflakes.
After that, I paired hat, scarf and boots. All are in grey color but not boring at all. Scarf is a bit lighter that the other pieces but don't be afraid to mix shades of the same colors (especially if you have a lot of pieces in the same color like here). Notice that boots also have fur which is really important in the winter times.
Here are two pieces for standing out but I planned for the highlight to be on the jacket. This green bag is looking great and goes really good with this grey and winter theme because it's in a really dark shade. Now there's this amazing winter yellow jacket. It's breaking all boring snowy, rainy and foggy days. It's bringing sunshine and it will follow you wherever you go.

You can see all the pieces and their prices on Polyvore (even if you aren't a member).

09 December 2015

Polyvore adiction

As I'm posting my creations (fashion outfits, I mean) from Polyvore, I'll explain in short what you'll see here.
There will be outfits posted by the season. I live in central Europe so I'll post by the season I experience here (currently it's winter). Since I did a lot of creation during the past year, you'll be seeing my old creations first.
Also, there will be some "Steal the style" posts where I try to copy some celebrity's look I like.
Furthermore, there are "Inspired posts" where I think about something and I make a creation thinking about that (example: 50s or football game).
The new post will be up tomorrow. I planned to post it today (now) but I thought it would be better if I explained some things first. Also, It will take me a long time to download everything and edit those pictures. 
Stay tuned because we're getting back to fashion tomorrow!

06 December 2015

Nivea's Soft cream

After getting my skin in a good place, it wanted to try something else. (First post about Nivea's cream here - Nivea's original cream.) So, I chose Nivea's soft.
This one is my new favorite! It's extremely moisturizing and is great for hydrating your whole face and hands. When I first tried it, I took quite large amount of it - I couldn't be more wrong. It's so soft and light that you only need it on the tip of your finger. I first used it only for my hands because I bought this small one and it fitted in my purse just right. At that time, I didn't realize how watery it really is. It did a great job, but using it on my face really changed my view on it. It's great that you don't even feel it on your face. It absorbs really quickly and leaves only refreshing feeling. I literally felt like I just washed my face in the morning. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who needs just a basic every day skin care. It has jojoba oil and vitamin E.
I got this 300 ml for $4.50. Small one is 75 ml for about $2.
Both of my editions.
Also, both of these Nivea creams I wrote about can be used by guys too because they are unisex and have no scent other than natural cream one.

22 November 2015

Advent Calendar

Since Christmas is coming, every store in my city is decorated and filled with perfect Christmas and winter stuff. One thing caught my eye and I had to get it. This is advent calendar.
It's basically a box full of stuff and you open each window at specific date in December. There are 24 windows; you're supposed to open the last one on Christmas Eve. I will not be able to write what you get and a review because I really want to be surprised every day for the whole December. This should be fun! Anyhow, since I saw it and you have to buy it before 1st of December, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you guys.
I got this calendar in H&M stores for a price of about $30 (price may vary from country to country). I know it seems a lot for a box but when you think about it, you pay about $5 for only one necklace (if you're lucky).
It contains:
  • 7 pairs of earrings
  • 6 pendants
  • 5 rings
  • 3 bracelets
  • 3 necklaces
  • 1 ear decoration
  • 1 pin
  • 1 key chain
I wonder which windows have double surprise.
Also, you kinda know what to expect if you just look at the H&M's jewelry department (I opened US online shop so the prices would be in dollars. You can choose which ever country you're from.). Look around and you'll see if there's anything you like. I really hope surprises will be like what they usually offer.

I also saw a calendar by Essence. I wasn't really interested in it because I have almost every nail polish, but if you don't and you want to try them all, this is a great opportunity. (The more I'm writing about it, the more I think I'll buy that too.) They have 24 nail polishes for $28.

20 November 2015

Nivea's original cream

Since I've first started using creams for my skin, I've used (mostly) one brand - Nivea. Of course, at that point I was too young to buy anything, so I only used what I got and that was the original Nivea's cream.
I used to have really weird skin. It was a mixture of really oily and really dry, if that's even possible. My skin was actually exfoliating at any point and the rest of the face was covered in oil. Since I had two problems, I had to take care of one at the time. Dry skin was the first on my list. 
This one, in it's well known dark blue container, is the original! And it's great. It is really thick which kinda makes it hard to apply. But actually it's a good thing because while you're moisturizing your face, you're also massaging it. Without a lot of talk about ingredients and stuff like that, I'll just tell you that my face isn't exfoliating at all any more. I do still have problems around my eyebrows but that's inherited disease and I don't think this will go away but it has certainly became better since started using this cream. I changed my cream recently (will talk about it in future posts) but I still put a small amount of this one on my problematic areas before I go to sleep. And it smells really nice. Without any perfume, it has a really natural smell but very appealing. Also, Nivea's creams are really gentle and I am not worried about using them around my eyes or mouth. Of course I try to avoid putting cream in my eyes, but I do put it on on my eyelids and I haven't felt any irritation or changes in my eyes. That's always a plus when buying skin care products.
I highly recommend this for anyone with dry skin. I got this 75 ml for $3.
I think it was Valentine's Day when I bought mine. Or Mother's Day.
One more thing about Nivea - it doesn't test their products on animals.

07 November 2015

Make-up stand

For so long I wasn't a make-up person. This has been changing over the years and recently my make-up collection has grown rapidly. I'm mostly talking about lipsticks since I had none and now I have 5 of them and 2 lip glosses. I've been looking for something to store my make-up in. Due to lack of free (or any) space in my room, this was really troubling.
I finally found this make-up stand and I love it. When you first look at it, it is like crystal. It is very bright (transparent) and looking at it from different angles enables you to see the rainbow in every "wall". It is made out of heavy and strong plastic (acrylic they say); almost looks as glass. With that being said, if it breaks it won't cause as much mess as glass would, but it still looks very elegant which is amazing. As I said it's made out of heavy plastic, it's not too heavy; it is light in my hand (not heavier than two glasses of water). The dimensions are 22 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm (length x width x height).

It has:
  • 12 smaller compartments for lipsticks or nail polishes
  • two longer, deep and thin compartments for brushes, lip glosses and pencils (eyeliners and lip liners)
  • long shallow compartment for maybe eye shadows
  • one big but shallow (at front) compartment for probably foundations and blushes
All in all, it has quite enough room for your make-up if you're regular girl with "normal" amount of it. I bought mine in Müller (it's German store but it has stores around Europe and maybe ships to other countries) for $13 but I saw some in Ikea too for $20 (link here; this one is a bit bigger). Of course there are these stands on Amazon (look for it here) and eBay (look for it here). You just have to find the perfect one. I'm in love with mine.
Sorry for the flash.

02 November 2015

Quick nail polish repair

If you paint your nails, you had to experience that horrible moment when your nail polish messes up before it's even dry. Especially if you are impatient person when it comes to drying your nail polish, like me.

You'll need:
  • one of your fingers
  • nail polish remover
  • top coat
Picture is not mine! It's the property of YouTuber Meliney. (This is not a commercial for her; I do not follow her nor I have any benefits by doing this.) I did try it and it worked for me too.
Once you destroy your perfect manicure, here's what you need to do:
  • put a bit (just a bit!) of nail polish remover on your finger tip
  • gently tap it onto the ruined part of the nail (gentle! and do not pull your finger; tap it!)
  • once you're satisfied with the coverage you can either put another layer of the same nail polish (really thin layer!) or just put a top coat
How it works:
  • nail polish remover dissolves nail polish
  • nail polish around the ruined part becomes watery and fills the gap
There are similar methods here:
P.S. I do not have any benefits by showing you any of these blogs/videos/pages. And I hope if people find here their photos and videos, they will not kill me for using it. I found about this method a while ago and it worked so I had to share it with you.

30 October 2015

Review - L'Oreal and Maybelline lipsticks

I was in a search of a good dark red lipstick lately so, now that I've found it, I can write something about it. Also, as I am, while I was buying one lipstick, the other one caught my eye so I have two reviews to write.
I'll start with the one I've been looking for so long. This is perfect dark red lipstick called Laetitia's pure red from Collection exclusive by Laetitia by L'Oreal Paris. There are more red colors in the collection so check them out. It is really long-lasting dark red lipstick with just a bit of brown effect once put on the lips. It is enough creamy to be easily put on the lips but not that creamy that you will have the feeling of having a lip gloss. Stating that it has a great coverage, one layer is more than enough. I would recommend you to buy a lip liner in the same color as the mistakes are really visible with this one. Another thing that I love is this perfectly designed container in matte black with few gold details.  It looks really elegant. It has standard roll-out procedure.
This lipstick costed me around $15. I would say this is a perfect price for the product you're getting.
I would highly recommend this lipstick! But, if you want it please hurry cause I heard that this collection is soon gonna be canceled. I'm buying the same tomorrow cause I'm so satisfied with it and I want to have it as long as I can.
Moving on to my new love... This is No. 342 Mauve mania by Maybelline New York. The collection is ColorSensational. I chose this one for everyday use since it's only few shades darker than my lips but still in the same tone. It's basically darker (not really dark) pink shade. Once put on the lips it has slightly purple tone, but the pink one is still dominant. It is creamier than the above one which should mean (I learned it like that) that it will not be as durable as the L'Oreal's one but I just had it for 5 hours and it was the same as when I put it on. I would say that's what you're looking in a lipstick. The color I expected was light pink but the lights in the store confused me and now I have this. I still love it, this just means I'll have to buy another one. I think I'll find another lighter one also by Maybelline NY since the formula and the price are great.
This lipstick costs around $9. Now, that's a perfect price for quality make-up. Coverage is great but, as I'm used to put more layers if I have light lipsticks, I put 2 layers and the color was amazing. Also, this one does not require lip liner.
If you're into something simple, do go and get yourself a new lipstick!

P.S. I do not own the photos below. I found them on the Internet but I thought they could help you see what you're getting.

25 October 2015

My favorites: Eye make-up

When it comes to my eye make-up, I like to keep it simple. Eye pencil is most of the times my only partner, but I do have my favorites.
My first and most important choice is Long lasting eye pencil by Essence. This shade is 01 Black Fever. For me, there is only one color made to be on the eyes and that is black. It suits me the best so I found this eye pencil perfect. It really is long lasting. It has thin pencil inside which enables me to draw straight and smooth lines around my eyes. It can't be removed with only water, but it does smudge a bit if you're sweating or in the rain, etc. It has a great roll-out system so you do not have to sharpen it like the old style pencils. Because it has a really great coverage, you need to put only small amount of it, just one layer. With that in mind, and the fact that it's really long pencil, this item could last you really long time. The price of this amazing product is only around $2. This is the best investment in my eye make-up collection I ever made. It also comes in different colors so definitely check it out. There are also a lot of products similar to this one by Essence so check it out which one suits you the best.
My next favorite product is gel eyeliner, also by Essence. This shade in particular it 01 Midnight in Paris. The only thing you need to worry about this product is the fact you'll need a perfect brush to apply it. I use gel eyeliner brush by Essence. This eyeliner is an amazing product. It is really intense, the coverage is perfect every time, the gel is waterproof. If you're looking for an eyeliner, these are what you're looking for. It comes in the cutest little round container and it is so practical. One more thing about it. If you buy a brush made for gel eyeliners (the brush should be harder than those for e.g. eyeshadow and narrower to the tip) you can just dab it in the gel once and that will be enough color for the whole eye. You don't need to scratch on the surface with it. Gel is about $4.
P.S. This isn't my eye. I'm just showing you the coverage.
Now, this is not really my favorite (only the top two products are), but I also love it. If you're more a smokey-eyes kinda girl, there is I love glam powder eyeliner and eyeshadow. It doesn't say which color this is (black of course, but the exact name isn't written) so I guess there's only black one. Great thing about this is that it leaves a darker line in the middle and smudges the edges. You basically get eye pencil, eyeliner and eyeshadow in one product. However, this is a bit trickier to work with as it has dust and little glitter in it so you have to be careful how you put it on. Besides that, application is really easy, maybe even easier than with any of the above products. When I put it on, I like to blow at it from all the sides just to be sure all extra dust is gone. As for the items above, this one also lasts a long time since you only need a small amount to make a line. However, this one is not proven to be waterproof. So be careful with it.

23 October 2015

Light purple with rainbow rhinestones

Diagonal manicures are one of my favorites. They are really easy to do but they look different and, that being said, very unique and great.

You'll need:
  • base coat
  • light purple nail polish
  • darker nail polish with a striper
  • colorful rhinestones
  • top coat
  • optional - nail glue
  • First goes the transparent base coat.
  • After the base is dried, we're going in with light purple from one corner of the nail diagonally to the other corner. To make it more precise you can make a line with a pen or pencil and then cover it with nail polish. Do not stress if the line is not perfectly straight.
  • Pick some nails you want to put rhinestones on.
  • To disguise a rough edge, we'll cover it with darker nail polish. Straight line is made with a striper in the polish or a thin brush. It goes on all other nails but those previously picked out.
  • Choose whichever rhinestones you think go together and start placing them either on wet top coat or on nail glue.
  • Seal it with top coat. Or don't. Mine don't have top coat.
I used:

20 October 2015

Winter incoming

As we are currently struggling with the weather change and it is getting colder, it's time to bring warmer clothes in our closets. Better prepare in time.
Who says black is for the winter? This is adorable light combination perfectly cozy and warm for fall/winter days.
I think I started it with this beautiful white knitted sweater (which are usually the best for cold days). Since I went for this lighter look, I had to choose beige jeans (white ones would be too much for my taste).
With all this in mind, black accessories would be to much so I went with big beige bag and beige gloves. The hat is white so the person wouldn't feel like wearing a beige uniform.
Timberlands (fake or not) are just perfect footwear for cold weather. These are great because of their neutral color and white fur (hopefully fake) to round the whole look.
I only chose a necklace as jewelry. It is slightly yellow to match both the light tone and shoes.
Make-up is really natural and light, with highlight on the eyes and golden nails.
This outfit has a grey tone. Gray is a great color as it can be combined with almost everything (as white and black).
There are some simple blue jeans which are great base for any outfit. Next on, I added, again, knitted sweater with white and pink details to break the monotony. Fitted gray coat is just a perfect round-up of the whole upper part.
As there are, for now, only white, pink and gray colors there, I chose accessories in the same style. There is white knitted scarf, gray knitted hat and gloves.
Now, again to break the gray part, there are two black leather (fake if possible), very important pieces.
I chose above-knee-height boots which are an absolute must-have during fall/winter. They are practical and look great on skinny jeans or skirts/dresses.
Not to leave boots alone in the black department, I chose simple smaller black bag. It will round the upper and lower part as a whole since it's a long strap bag.

You can see all the pieces and their prices on Polyvore (even if you aren't a member).

18 October 2015

Fast face recovery

We all have those times when we just do not want to take off our make-up, when we do not want to have the whole process of taking care of our facial skin. Most of the times we regret it when we make unexpected plans to meet somebody or when somebody is coming over. Thankfully, there is a trick how to revive your skin in really short time.

You'll need:
  • cosmetic sponge
  • warm water
  • cold water
  • soap (optional)
No matter if you have or don't have make-up on, or if you haven't really cleaned your face for more than a week, this works the same. Of course, this works if you have light make-up on. For heavy make-up it would be better if you took off even one layer (so the sponge wouldn't get dirty and then smudge it all over your face).

  • soak the sponge with warm water and start rubbing your face (if you have it, you can include just a bit of soap)
  • once you think you covered all the places, either soak the sponge with cold water or just put cold water in your hands and cover your whole face with it
How it works?
  • warm water will relax the skin and it is better for cleaning than cold water
  • once your face is clean and gentle, cold water will close the pores
  • also, cold water "removes" wrinkles and gives you "morning freshness" look
The redness should be gone in about 3-5 minutes.
Have in mind this is my experience.

I can not really tell you which sponge I use cause my mom threw away the packing but they are really all the same. If you choose any that looks like the one below, you're good. Do not use the ones which are too smooth.
Also, these sponges are around $2.
Cosmetic sponge

16 October 2015

Pink ombre and glitter nails

Pink is ultimate girly color. It gives a girl a finishing look of a princess. Maybe that's why I loved this so much. It may seem complicated, but I assure you it's not. It took me about 40 minutes to do all this and it's because I needed to wait for all to be dry before going to the next step.
Order of this post: what you'll need, description how to do this nails and product which I used.

You'll need:
  • transparent (or any other) base nail polish
  • pink nail polish
  • pink glitter
  • light pink nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • white nail polish with a striper or a thin brush
  • sponge
  • glitter nail polish
  • pink rhinestones
  • top coat
  • I applied base coat on all of my nails.
  • After the base coat had been dried, I applied darker pink nail polish on all of my fingers except for the thumb.
  • I applied second coat of the same pink polish on all of the fingers again, except for the ring finger.
  • For the thumb I chose white nail polish first.
  • On the ring finger (first finger next to a pinky) I applied a new coat of the the same pink nail polish and while it was still wet, I put my finger in a container of pink glitter.
  • I whipped of the extra glitter around my nail with a wide brush. I did not go over the nail with a brush until it was almost completely dry.
  • Once the white coat was dry I did my pink ombre - I painted half of sponge with darker pink and half of it with light pink.
  • I dabbed the sponge onto my nails few times to create an easy transfer from dark to light pink.
  • Once the ombre was almost dry, I started painting a butterfly. I chose lighter wing on the darker half of the nail and darker wing for the lighter part.
  • Once the wings were dry, I painted the outline of it and added a dot on the upper wing and glitter nail polish only on the wings.
  • Once everything was dry, I applied top coat on all fingers except for the ones with glitter.
  • I also added two rhinestones on each thumb.

I used:

13 October 2015

Black going to a party

Black is ultimate good choice when it comes to clothes (as is white). Here are some combinations with the perfect black.
I started this outfit with a perfect little black dress that is not too elegant. This dress will suit the best the girls who are not flat (stylist fact as I heard).
Since this dress has a gold plate in the middle, I chose golden high-heeled sandals. These are perfect because they're simple but have just the right amount of straps to make them interesting, and hopefully, comfortable.
Keeping it simple again with the black clutch bag which has golden sides to make it more stand out and incorporated with the rest of the outfit.
As for the jewelry, I chose big gold statement necklace. I love those when I have free upper chest and shoulders as with this dress.
There are highlighted eyes with fake lashes, nude but beautiful color of the lipstick and black or red nail polish. Either one will look great.
This is a beautiful summer going out outfit.
We have light and sleeveless black blouse. What's more perfect than black and white combination? That's why I added white jeans.
Since I'm trying to keep this elegant and as an evening look, I chose beautiful beige/nude high heels. They have platform and straps so they have to be really comfortable, which is most important after all.
As for the accessories, I went with beige clutch which goes great with the shoes (which I like) and has golden strap. In that tone, I chose a watch and some bracelets too. Earrings are a bit different. They are nude with black and gold elements. Black had to be incorporated to make some connection to the main piece of this outfit.
Make-up is also nude and light, as it suits this look.

You can see all the pieces and their prices on Polyvore (even if you aren't a member).

11 October 2015

Tattoo liner

I have just tried the new Essence tattoo liner for skin and nails. I had to write about it immediately because it is such a great product. It is so similar to an eyeliner (I am not sure if it can be used as an eyeliner) but it is great for nail art and, apparently, to add some decoration on your fingers. I can not believe that I haven't tried to use eyeliner to draw on my nails, but now I have a perfect drawing tool.

You'll need:
  • green nail polish
  • base coat
  • matte finishing coat
  • black liner
All nail polishes are described in one of my previous posts: "My favorites - nails".
  • I started with one layer of base coat.
  • Then there are two thin layers of green nail polish.
  • Once the green polish was dried, I started drawing random ornaments.
  • Afterwards, I added matte nail polish as a cover.
  • As the matte cover was drying, I put on rhinestones on only highlighted nails.

08 October 2015

Oh, the reds

I've put together two outfits with the red elements. I have to admit, red is my favorite color of clothes. I also think that red really makes you stand out in the crowd. So here they are.
This is a very simple everyday or night outfit. It's is great that you can wear it in both situations. Without red lipstick it is an awesome daily look, and lipstick adds this elegant note.
I started it with regular blue jeans which I absolutely love and every person should have them. I added this gorgeous sleeveless red top which has this coverage on the arms and that looks great.
For the feet I chose high-heeled high boots. They are perfect for autumn days and they will most likely make your leg longer and slimmer.
I didn't want to go overboard with the jewelry so I only put one golden ring in a shape of wings and a pair of simple triangle golden earrings.
There is also a black little bag with only a touch of gold to round this outfit as a whole.
This is totally a night-out look but it can easily be transformed into daily one. Lose the heels and make-up and you're good to go.
I started this one with this super cute red skirt with black belt with a small bow on it. I tried to keep the rest of the outfit simple because this skirt is interesting enough so I chose fitted white long-sleeved blouse.
I also chose black pumps that go on almost every look and they have a nice touch of this red soles to fulfill the whole combination.
Whole jewelry package is in silver-black tone. I've chose a set of black rings, black bracelet with diamonds and very popular silver necklace with a black bow as a collar.
Make-up is pretty strong since it's meant to be a night look. The focus is, again, on the red lips. Eyes have only a bit of black mascara.

You can see all the pieces and their prices on Polyvore (even if you aren't a member).