24 March 2016

My dandruff problem - Syoss

I've introduced you to my problem with dandruff. Intro post here, all others under the label "My dandruff problem" on the left.
I decided to try Syoss anti-dandruff control shampoo. They say it's effective after only one use and prevents dandruff coming back for 6 weeks. Of course, you're supposed to use it some time for it to really show its power. I used two bottles of 400 ml (I think). I wash my hair every 4 to 5 days.
This shampoo has no scent, it's pure white and feels like any other shampoo. After washing my hair, I haven't noticed any changes in my hair texture or shine. It was as washed with any other shampoo I used to use.
I did notice a bit more dandruff coming off my hair as I started to use it (first two times), but I think that's only because my hair was used to one shampoo and now I changed it.
This is supposedly a hair care product line designed by hairdressers. How do they think this helps at all?
Verdict? If you're looking for a shampoo, I can't say this is a bad one. It does its job as a shampoo. But (!) if you're looking for a anti-dandruff shampoo, I wouldn't recommend it. I didn't notice any changes on my scalp.
If you have any experience with this one please share it in the comments! Also, if you have any advice with dandruff problem, I would love to hear it :)

21 March 2016

DIY: Motivational picture

I'm sure you all have some old picture frame that's just there, but it's not used. Let's turn that thing into something you'll like and that will represent you.
You'll need:
  • picture frame
  • felt pens (black and as many colors as you want to have)
  • scissors
  • piece of blank white (or colored) paper
  • glue
  • rhinestones
  • cut out piece of paper to fit in your frame (usually they write on the paper inside what dimensions of picture are desirable)
  • write or draw anything you want on the paper; or you can print it out to be sure it will look just perfect - I would suggest first writing it with a pencil and to have more options
  • place the paper inside the frame and enjoy
  • if you want, you can decorate your frame a bit
I hope you like this! :)
If you try it out please do tag me into the photo or send it to me on Twitter (link on the right).

20 March 2016

Info - new pages

Hello :)
I don't know if you noticed, but I made few more pages on the top of my blog so all of you could easily find what you want.

Home page will remain the same; showing all posts in reverse chronological order (first post is the one published the last).

Also (!), there are some categories that I didn't make into pages - "Essentials", "My dandruff problem", "Haul" and "Intro and info" for now. The reason is all of these are going to be series of posts and I think there's gonna be more of them so I don't want to have 30 pages on top. Besides, all of these have, at least, one more label so you'll be able to find everything you want and need.

Other than this, labels will remain on the left side as they did till now so not much has changed.

If you have any suggestions or just comments, I would love to hear them in the comments below :*
Tell me what you think. :)

17 March 2016

The Liebster Award

Hello :)
It's Liebster Award time again. In short, I got nominated and I have to answer few questions I've been asked and continue this chain.

There are also few rules:
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you & link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions you have been asked. 
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers for the award. 
  4. Ask them 11 questions of your own.
Why 11??

So, I'd like to thank Jemma from The Sweetpea Life for nominating me. It means so much that you read this and actually like it enough to even consider me! Thank you!!

Here are the questions Jemma asked me:
(Before you start: Of course, when I'm put on the spot, I can't remember anything, so go easy on me.)
  1. What is your favorite thing about blogging? - Oh wow. I love that I can write whatever I want. I also like to think I'm kinda helping people with my reviews and fashion outfits or nail designs. I love love love taking pictures and quickly editing them. I also love the fact I haven't seen one bad comment. Bloggers I'm in touch with are so nice and kind people! Thanks!
  2. What is your favorite movie & why? - As most people, I can't name one. I love Honey, Titanic, most of Nicholas Sparks movies (The Longest Ride, Safe Haven, The Lucky One, The Last Song, A Walk to Remember,...), Fast and Furious franchise,... I basically like (love) all romantic movies, romantic dramas and comedies. I also love action movies (Jean Claude Van Damme is my favorite). There's really a long long list.
  3. If you could choose a country to live in for the rest of your life, which country would it be & why? - I would like to live right where I am, in Croatia. I really hope I'll never leave my country. I love it that much (although we're really a mess). But if I had to move, I would choose USA - New York or Portugal. New York is my dream city to visit.
  4. Dog or Cat? - That's the easiest question ever! Dog! Not that I don't like cats, but, hey, dogs are awesome!
  5. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have 3 things (can be anything you like!) what 3 things would you have & why? - I'll take it that there's no signal or electricity there so mobile phone or laptop are out of the question. Also, I'll leave out the survival kit - lighter, knife and so on... I would take one of my plush toys (I don't want to be alone), sunscreen (I burn immediately), hair band or something (I hate having hair in my face).
  6. What has been your most recent purchase? - I got a red blazer, a white T-shirt, a turquoise scarf and a blue bracelet. But it was all bought by my aunt. The last thing I bought was a leather jacket for my mom. The last thing I got for myself was a medium size turquoise bag.
  7. What are your other passions in life, aside from blogging? - Airplanes! Bikes! Animals! And a lot of stuff, but if we're talking about hobbies, I would say nail manicures. As you can see on my blog, I love nails and decorating them.
  8. Chocolate or chips? - Chocolate!
  9. If you could host a dinner party with 4 people of your choosing, who would you invite & why? - Obviously my friends because I feel most comfortable with them. But, just for the fun, I'll choose some other. David Beckham - I've always thought he's more than just a hot football player. Cristiano Ronaldo - I'm a big fan of his (yep). Emma Stone - I love her acting and I think she's really cool person. Jimmy Fallon - he's my favorite host (with Ellen ofc). Also, Elvis Presley, Lady Diana, Paul Walker and Whitney Houston, but yeah... There are also a lot more people on this list (Rihanna, Kevin Costner,...)...
  10. Tell me one interesting fact about yourself. - I love all diary products (yogurt, cheese, chocolate milk, cocoa,...), but I hate milk by itself. I really don't like the taste of pure milk.
  11. What one thing makes you the most happy? - People I love and me succeeding. There's no greater moment than when you see people around you happy and the pride you feel. I also love being proud of myself. (I'm not egomaniac or anything, but I do love to feel good, you know?)
So, that's that. Now I'll make a list of 11 nominees and questions they have to answer.

Nominees (link on the name is Twitter; link on the name of the blog is blog obviously):
  1. Kathryn from Life + Love
  2. Kiara King from Lion in the wild
  3. Tina from Tea is for Tina
  4. Millie from Modish rambling
  5. Lauren King from Minnie Mouse Chic
  6. Annie from Perception
  7. Shelby Amess from Shelby Marie
  8. Chloe from Snug corner
  9. Kimberly Marquis form The chic confidential
  10. Tamzin fom Through new eyes
  11. Amy Ellen Sutcliffe from Amy - Ellen's Musings
(There are more blogs I love or like but they either already have the Liebster Award post and nomination or have lots and lots of followers.)

  1. Why and when did you started blogging?
  2. Have you met any friends through blogging (and I do mean friends, not just Internet buddies)?
  3. How would you describe yourself in 3-5 words (no more!)?
  4. What's your favorite social network and why?
  5. Do you find yourself wanting more followers and readers to the point where you actually calculate posting and advertising or even feeling bad about small numbers?
  6. If you could go to a concert of any singer or group (dead or alive, together or parted), which would it be?
  7. What do you love buying (e.g. bags, shoes, kitchen supplies,...anything)?
  8. Would you say you like the way you are, like you're a complete person? If not, why not?
  9. What's your little secret your close ones don't know about? If you're willing to share.
  10. What do you do when you're stressed?
  11. This last one is just for me: have you ever read my blog and what do you think of it? Honest answers, please!
And I'm done. Hopefully, you all liked this :)
Continue the chain of good thoughts and support :* :*

Also, if you wanna find out more about this award go here - I found this blog post very helpful.

14 March 2016

Mani Monday: Purple steel + nail polish review

I recently purchased new nail polish by Catrice cosmetics. It's #62 Must have STEELetto (how cool is the name?). It says on the bottle that you should apply two coats but I had a manicure underneath it so I only did one coat. Manicure under this one is here (I don't usually do that but I was in a hurry and I needed new nails.)
This nail polish provided great coverage with this one coat (and I believe it would have been enough even without a manicure under it). It lasted a week without top coat (just for the record, all my manicures last more than two weeks without a topcoat, but I usually change them every week). The color is just amazing! It's silver-ish with pink, purple undertone. And this undertone is only visible under specific angle of lightning. I would say this is great combination of party nail polish and every-day nail polish (weird combination, right?). I would highly recommend this!
Do you like my manicure? Or nail polish? Will you consider buying it? Comments below :*

12 March 2016

Eveline hair oil

Since I have dry ends, I had to find something for ma hair to shine again. Out of all products out there I chose elixir of gold (argan + keratin exclusive hair oil 8 in 1) by Eveline cosmetics.
This oil won me over with argan oil and liquid keratin as it's main ingredients. Argan oil regenerates hair, gives strength, softness and moisturizes. Keratin is what hair is made of, so it rebuilds hair structure where the hair is damaged. Other than these, there is burdock oil. It works on the scalp as it reinforces roots and reduces itching. It also prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth. There's also vitamin A for damaged hair. It's also helping with dandruff problems.
Well, this is what they wrote. I have a bit different experience. I'm only using it from the middle of my hair length to my hair tips as I'm afraid it will grease my hair even more. So, I can't really say how it works on the scalp. As for the rest of my hair, I can't say it's doing a great job. I've noticed that it's better on curly hair than it is on the straight. When my hair dries to have curls, this oil gives shine and even keeps my curls in place. When I have wavy or straight hair, it usually looks greasy or doesn't have any effect at all. It certainly does not have the effect they show on the packaging. If you get just the right amount of it, than it's perfect. It gives shine and good scent. But if you're wrong with the amount, it will probably look greasy.
I've been using it on wet hair after washing it. I'll start using it on all of my hair before washing it so I'll maybe have some different effect.
Update: I started using it as a mask before washing my hair. I apply quite a large amount on my roots, especially in the places where I have dandruff. It did help dissolve it and I took it off very easy. Also, I saw that my dandruff wasn't coming back in such amount as usual and it wasn't as bad as without using this.
Verdict? This oil will make you buy it as it is in the beautiful gold color. It's also quite big bottle (150 ml) for only $7. Considering you only take small amounts of it, you calculate it's gonna last for a long time. However, it's not as brilliant as you expect it. It does not damage my hair in any way so I'll keep using it in different ways (I'm hoping to get the best out of it.) I also don't see the long term progress. It's supposed to get into my hair and repair it. I personally don't see the difference. But it does some difference with curled hair. It holds the curls better and gives additional shine.
Update: Use it as a mask to make your hair smoother and keep the dandruff under control.
What's your opinion? Have you tried this one or you have some other hair oil? Do you even use it? Any advice and comments, please below in the comment section! :)

09 March 2016

6 hairstyles I don't like!

I believe everybody has that few hairstyles that annoy them for no reason (why would someone's hair annoy you, right?). Before I start, I want to say that I don't have anything against people below. Some have covered eyes just because I chose random pictures from the Internet and I don't want to put anybody in an awkward position (although they have put these on the Internet and it's there for the world to see it, I don't think this is the context they would like their pictures to be used for). People that don't have their eyes covered are famous people and their pictures in these editions are everywhere. Another thing; I don't want to offend anyone who likes these hairstyles - this is only my opinion.
Half hair bun. I seriously think this looks weird and awful. I know this is among most popular trends out there, but I don't see myself wearing this anytime soon. I don't understand it and I don't like how it looks on anybody.
Extra short bangs. Oh my God, this is just ridiculous. I haven't seen one person that could pull this off. There are some cute hairstyles with bangs short like this, but not with straight hair. Messy hair or bangs on the side can actually look good. I mean, even Beyonce looks weird to me with this hair.
Pointy buns. My idea of buns is big (well, depending on your hair) round one. I personally don't like messy, but I like them on other people. But this looks weird in any occasion. It looks like something you do when you're going showering or cleaning your house. I can't imagine why would people want to go out with this on their head.
Half done ponytails. Oh. Why can't you pull it through to the end? Why? This is also a good hairstyle for doing chores around the house as it keeps your hair out of the way but I don't see how this could be elegant or classy or even sporty. It's casual, but should be kept in the house...
Pulling hair to one side. I'm not talking about hair on one side that's meant to be like that. I'm talking about hair that's parted in the middle and then dried like that. Once it's dried, girls tend to put their fingers in the middle and just "comb" it to one side. And then you get this not natural twist in hair (visible the most in picture 3). I think I shouldn't put Jessica here as I think now she had an undercut so the rest of hair looked like this. Sorry J.A.
Two low buns. I can usually approve two upper buns, but these look like a kid played with someone's hair. It also looks like a kid is wearing it. No matter how they style it (with braids, messy, clean), I don't like it.

Hopefully nobody will get offended here.
What do you think of these? Any hairstyle drives you nuts?

07 March 2016

Mani Monday: One stroke with fuchsia

One stroke is a way of painting your nails using two colors so they would look like one is fading into another. It's mostly used to draw flowers or butterflies. The point of one stroke is not to lift your brush from the paper (or nail) as you do the motive. For nails, it's usually done with acrylic paint and special brushes. Some people do it perfectly, but have in mind this is my first time doing this so be gentle.

I used:
  • base and top coat
  • Farmasi nail polish Nail Enamel #031
  • I love trends #05 Pure soul nail polish by Essence - there's no more of this one, so I would suggest #39 I love marshmallows
  • tattoo liner by Essence - review here
So, what do you think of my first one stroke? Like it or not? Comment and rate below! :*

02 March 2016

Bright cold day

We're still in this warm-cold weather with possible rain. So, we basically have to wear everything just in case. Since cold days are usually reserved for darker colors, I decided to break the brown and black tones with lively, bright colors.
First look is very simple, but very stylish. I started with neon blue jeans. They are my statement piece.
For these eye-catching pants, perfect pair is black blouse.
Since I have jeans as my main piece, I decided to keep the rest of the outfit really simple. That's why I chose black suede ankle boots with medium thick heel and this interesting black poncho/coat.
Not all to be black, there's this bright beige large bag. It's simple enough not to be too much, but not plain and only black.
For the hairstyle, I liked casual wavy hair.
As for the jewelry, I thought simple, but statement black and gold bracelet and earrings in the same tone would be great.
Make-up is also simple as this is meant to be casual daily outfit. Highlight is on the eyes with a bit of smokey-eyes effect and mascara. 
This outfit has more colors as I do not have neon color which immediately becomes one.
I started with simple yellow sweater. I combined it with black jeans so the yellow would stand out even more.
Next is beige coat (in this case trench-coat). That piece will never go out of fashion!
All accessories are in brown tones. Bag is pretty simple hard-casing handbag with black details which match the pants. Scarf had leopard print. I don't think this could be a bad choice (ever!).
Shoes are matching the whole outfit. They are mainly brown, as is the bag, with black medium height heel. They also have a bit of fur details, perfect for colder days.
There is only one statement necklace, just in case you take off the coat and the scarf indoors.
With make-up, highlight is, again, on the eyes.

You can see all the pieces and their prices on Polyvore (even if you aren't a member). Also, you can order most of them.
Do you like these? Any comments or suggestions? Comments below, please :*