07 March 2016

Mani Monday: One stroke with fuchsia

One stroke is a way of painting your nails using two colors so they would look like one is fading into another. It's mostly used to draw flowers or butterflies. The point of one stroke is not to lift your brush from the paper (or nail) as you do the motive. For nails, it's usually done with acrylic paint and special brushes. Some people do it perfectly, but have in mind this is my first time doing this so be gentle.

I used:
  • base and top coat
  • Farmasi nail polish Nail Enamel #031
  • I love trends #05 Pure soul nail polish by Essence - there's no more of this one, so I would suggest #39 I love marshmallows
  • tattoo liner by Essence - review here
So, what do you think of my first one stroke? Like it or not? Comment and rate below! :*


  1. Really love this, and your blog

    1. Thank you! Seeing somebody actually reads this and likes it makes my day :*

  2. So pretty!

    tina x