15 September 2014

"Timberland" boot

Since I found out about Timberland's boots few years ago, I'm not taking them off during winter. Of course, mine are not real because they're too expensive, but there are some really good copies that will do their job protecting your feet and making you look fabulous.
Here's a pretty simple combination. It is cheap to dress like this, but the outfit sure doesn't show it that way. We all have a winter jacket, black shirt, jeans, (...) in our closets. However, this style is very carefully put together and, trust me, everybody will notice it and your good taste.
My base are blue Timberland (or fake) boots. They've become more and more attractive to me over the years. Simple, color of the denim, so they must go great with everything you wear. Also, this white strap on the top and brown bottoms make them interesting and not boring at all.
I've found these really interesting jeans with a print. They can't go unnoticed. But, be careful. If you have a large print like that, make sure you pick out the rest of the clothes to keep the balance. That's why I've chosen this simple and plain black long-sleeved shirt.
Next on, I've found simple white winter jacket. Assuming you'll wear these boots during winter. The jacket has a jacket to show off your great line. Also, it keeps the jacket more interesting.
In the end, every girl/woman needs a bag. This blue one is the perfect one. It looks great, matches with the whole outfit perfectly and it can store pretty much anything you need for the day (or even two).
If I had to pick one of the boot colors, I would probably always pick the biggest of all, yellow. (Regardless what I said about the blue boots.) They are the first to see the light of the day and will always have a special place whenever somebody mentions this boots.
I'm starting with regular blue fitted jeans. Everybody has to have at least one pair or them. Any color will do, but blue is, let's say, a must have.
We're moving on to our feet where I've put yellow boots. These are not very simple and ordinary. These one have golden studs and leopard print. They are unique and very easy to see on the street. But, even like this, they are very easy to combine. Exactly the effect we want to accomplish, right?
As we have the yellow boot with golden accessories, we have to have the matching bag. This one is brown with the matching studs. Also pretty big one, ideal for going to college or a casual meeting with friends. Big enough to have everything you really need, small enough not be always in your way.
To finish the styling, I've chosen brown leather (not real!!) jacket. This aviation jacket, as everybody calls this model, is both stylish and convenient. It is light and modern, but also very warm which is really important during winter.
I couldn't decide what to put here (cause I always make two or three more outfits) so I've put them all. First and last one are my favorites. Very stylish, bold and representing "girl power", simple and sweet with those pink boots, again bold and edgy, and in the end, we could say elegant. Those would be my descriptions of these outfits in order from the left.
P.S. Whatever you wear, especially during winter, make sure it fits you, keeps you warm and comfortable. Everything else, like great style, is just an addition.