About me


I'm Honey.
I was born in 1995.
Dark brown and curly hair (mostly wavy with highlights).
Brown eyes.
168 cm high. You don't ask a lady about her weight.
Finished elementary and high school. Currently in college and working.


Why I started this?
I don't have any professional ground for this (I didn't go to beauty school, although I'm thinking more and more about taking a course in make-up and hair), but I do think I can take care of myself quite nicely. That's why I discovered some new tricks and products and I know I like to read somewhere that it's good and I should purchase it. That's why I started this. I want to help you all.

What should you do?
You should comment and rate my posts. You should give me suggestions and ask me whatever you want. That's all.

Me and nails:
Where to begin? I've been biting my nails since I was a kid. Then, my mom decided (thank God she did) it was enough and she took me to get my gel nails done. After I took off the gel, I couldn't go back to my old habits so now I can proudly show my nails. I developed love for nail art instantly and I'm practicing new methods and designs all the time. Nails are my love. I do have a licence for doing nails professionally, but I've only done 3 of them so I'm looking forward to taking another course to really start this as a business.

Me and fashion:
I wouldn't call myself as a fashion designer nor stylist, but I do love putting clothes together and seeing how it all turns out. That's why I made Polyvore account and I used to post there a lot. You'll see my creations here. Fashion isn't my first choice, but, as a girl in her twenties, I can't stay immune to clothes.

Me and beauty:
I only started this part recently as I started buying more make-up. I don't do make-up on daily basis; only when going out or for some special occasions. I can't really make tutorials and a lot of different looks. I also have to admit I am not really that good at applying make-up, but (!) the stuff I write here about, I'm sure they'll work. I only write about the stuff that I know something about. Also, I'm a new fan of skin care products and shampoos so I had to incorporate them in my blog.

This blog, companies and sponsorship:
I don't work with any company and this blog is not sponsored. If that ever happens, or if get something as a present to review by some company, I'll write that down so you will know. If you are a company that wants to work with me, comment on any post or get in touch on my Twitter (link on the right) or through email written above.

That's all folks!

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