30 March 2014

Perfectly white

We have already seen that you literally can't go wrong with white manicure. That's why today's two manicures are based on a simple French manicure.

You'll need:
  • white nail polish with a regular brush
  • gold nail polish with thin brush
  • blue nail polish with thin brush or blue ornament lines
  • blue zircons
I'll start with a wedding manicure, actually. Weddings are supposed to be graceful, simple, elegant... This manicure represents it.

  • Make a simple diagonal white manicure like I showed you in previous posts.
  • Make a straight gold line on end of the white manicure.
  • Make a French white manicure.
  • Place a blue zircon somewhere between the white and plain part of your nail.
  • Use the zircon as a center point to make the lines with a blue nail polish or lines. I suggest you use the nail polish cause it's easier to make a line with it than it is to glue one on your nail.
And that's it.

Enjoy it!

22 March 2014

Blue lagoon

Blue is really the color of royal families. They say they have blue blood running through their veins. So, you can't go wrong with blue color, anytime.

This manicures are no more difficult than the ones before, so I think they will nicely complement the sequence. Again, I will present manicures where you don't have to have 100% calm hand and much experience. This shouldn't be a big problem for you.

I'm going to show you two manicures because you'll need the same materials for both of them.

You'll need:
  • blue nail polish with regular brush
  • silver nail polish with thin brush
  • Make a diagonal line from the outer bottom corner to the upper inner corner of your nail with blue nail polish.
  • Fill in the gap once you have made the line.
  • Wait until the blue one dries (at least until it's half dried). Take silver nail polish and make a border between the colored part of your nail and the other half.
  • Paint your whole nail with blue nail polish.
  • Take the silver one and make random stripes.
Both manicures are really simple and easy. You can do them in 15 minutes. And the effect is not that plain.

Enjoy having blue blood ;)

16 March 2014

Perfectly elegant

It seems I have a thing for purple nail polish. Since I've already told you last time what I think of purple color on your nails and how it makes me feel wearing it, this time I'm going to write less and just show you pictures.

Both of these manicures are very simple to do, and they are basically the same, except the heart shaped zircon. Only the shape and look of the basic purple manicure is a bit strange since it's not the conventional straight one...

You'll need:
  • purple nail polish with normal brush
  • silver nail polish with thin brush
  • zircons
  • Apply purple nail polish. start somewhere in the middle of the inner side of your nail. Pull the brush to the outer corner. Later fill in the gap.
  • Take silver nail polish and cover the line between the purple nail polish and the part of the finger without nail polish. Try to make it as straight as possible. Make another straight like parallel to it.
  • If you want, you can put zircons on upper left corner of your finger.
That's about it. Very simple, yet elegant and modern.

Enjoy some more purple. :)

11 March 2014

Purple says royal!

I've heard many times that purple and blue colors represent royalty, high standards and class. Deep, darker tones might remind you of Queen or some royal balls, deep sea and mystery inside...

With this manicure you can show imagination, class and a good eye for accessories. Sometimes, less is more. Also it shows that you're following trends and are not conventional girl. Not afraid of few looks on your new style.

It is very simple manicure but really effective. (I did this last week and I got some really great comments.)

For this manicure you'll need:
  • purple nail polish (Essence's multi dimension)
  • glue for artificial nails
  • zircons
  • Paint your nails in purple. Every nail, whole nail.
  • Apply nail glue on the bottom of your nail. Don't put too much glue (nothing will happen, it's just not necessary and it's easier to apply zircons).
  • Put one zircon next to another in any formation you want. I made little triangles on only two fingers on one hand. If you're doing triangles, apply glue for each row separately, because the glue might dry faster.
So, enjoy being shoulder to shoulder with Hollywood divas. :)

04 March 2014

Pink, white,... all lady

There are not better colors for showing your girly side than pink and white. Especially if you combine them and make a great nail design.

With this design, you're showing that you have some pretty good skill in doing regular French manicure, but also that you have imagination and good sense of combining colors and shapes.

You'll need:
  • pink (or apricot or any color like that) and white nail polish with regular brush
  • black nail polish with thin brush
  • any kind of dotting tool
  • Make basic French manicure. You can do this in two ways. First one: make a white French manicure on the whole nail top and then go over one half with pink one. Second option: cover just one half with white nail polish and the other with pink one (I suggest this one so you won't have one additional layer). Try to keep the transition between two colors as straight as you can.
  • Take black nail polish and a thin brush and make a line (preferably not a straight one) to cover the link between two colors. Extend it out of the top manicure.
  • Use dotting tool (or a thin brush that you have) and make little dots anywhere you want to spice things up a bit.
And your nails are ready to be seen.

Enjoy your mixture of colors. :)

03 March 2014

Black, silver, filled with pink

First: Thank you for reading and helping me achieve 100 views. It means a lot (more actually than you can imagine). Keep reading. Comment. Rate. Give ideas.

I've already had one nail design for rebellious lady, but I absolutely love to mix colors and shapes. This time, I've used, what used to be very popular, design. It's sort of a flower, but you can use this model and make your own shape.

Pink (or any bright color) reminds you of spring, summer and positive thoughts. And black is there to calm everything down. To keep you on Earth. There's also a bit of silver to make things more interesting and elegant.

This manicure can be seen as very playful and casual, but can also be seen as imaginative and sophisticated. It's all about the colors you choose.

You'll need:
  • bright base coat
  • pink, black and silver nail polish, all with thin brushes

  • First apply base coat. I used very bright white one with a bit of sparkles. (I'm almost sure it's Essence's.)
  • Then take the pink one and do your shapes (petals, leaves, triangles... whatever). Once you've made your outline, fill it in with the same pink nail polish.
  • Once the pink is dried, take black and silver nail polish and make outlines of your shape. It's easy if you made petals cause then every other line is in different color. Just make it so the colors are in balance.
And, viola!

Enjoy your pinky imagination. :)