16 March 2014

Perfectly elegant

It seems I have a thing for purple nail polish. Since I've already told you last time what I think of purple color on your nails and how it makes me feel wearing it, this time I'm going to write less and just show you pictures.

Both of these manicures are very simple to do, and they are basically the same, except the heart shaped zircon. Only the shape and look of the basic purple manicure is a bit strange since it's not the conventional straight one...

You'll need:
  • purple nail polish with normal brush
  • silver nail polish with thin brush
  • zircons
  • Apply purple nail polish. start somewhere in the middle of the inner side of your nail. Pull the brush to the outer corner. Later fill in the gap.
  • Take silver nail polish and cover the line between the purple nail polish and the part of the finger without nail polish. Try to make it as straight as possible. Make another straight like parallel to it.
  • If you want, you can put zircons on upper left corner of your finger.
That's about it. Very simple, yet elegant and modern.

Enjoy some more purple. :)

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