30 November 2017

Intro to Blogmas

I don't write many info posts, but I've written two in such a short time period. What's happening? Anyway, this year I'm announcing something new on my blog.
It was so much fun to make this picture!
This year, I'll do Blogmas. This is not new, but I've never done it. I know the point of Blogmas should be posting each day with short posts of all kinds, preferably with Christmas theme. Or so I've seen so far.

27 November 2017

Nabla eyeshadows

Some of my friends and blogging gals (aka Maria J.) know that I really wanted to try ColourPop eyeshadows. However, there were some problems with ordering so I searched for another option. I stumbled upon these Nabla eyeshadows and I immediately ordered 4 of them with their own palette.
Top left - Paprika, top right - Farenheit, bottom left - Ludwig, bottom right - Daphne No. 2
I chose all similar colors because I really wanted and needed some burgundy colors, reds and oranges. As you can see, I bought 2 mattes and 2 shimmer eyeshadows.

23 November 2017

Winter skin care routine

I don't think I've ever written a skin care routine. I don't write these because I change it a lot and I'm not consistent with products I use. However, winter is always a problematic season for all skin types and we need to pay extra attention to our skin. As I mentioned I'm not good with 'routines', I'll write down some products I really like during this season and some tips I have to maintain a good skin care.
I also read this moisturizer guide "The best face moisturizer"* that emphasizes the importance of using one. They also explain everything you need and why you need it in a moisturizer and also what do you need for each skin type. What I love the most is how they actually did a contest between more than 200 moisturizers so pick the number one for day and night time and also gave some other options (find out which ones won the battle in the given link).

20 November 2017

Signal White now touch

I've wanted to go and get my teeth whitened for such a long time. In my opinion I have nice teeth, but their color always bugs me. They're actually pretty white, but I want that Hollywood smile, you know.
I've found some dental offices which would do this for me, but they're usually really expensive and most of them go with removing one or few layers of your tooth enamel which ultimately ruins your teeth. There are also those whiteners with light and some other options as well. However, I'm too scared they'll all ruin my teeth so I opted for this more affordable solution.

16 November 2017

Fluffy knitted leather

I've wanted (fake) leather jeans for quite a while now and I actually got them last year. The problem occurred when the time to style and wear them actually came. I had no clue how to put anything together with them. I always play safe and I've worn jeans all my life.
Note: All outfits can be found on the links below the pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand and the price.

13 November 2017

What's going on? | A little life update

Hello. My last info post was in August so I wanted to update you all on what's currently going on in my life, how this blog is gonna continue to run and some other stuff. You can find all posts of this sort under category "Info posts". I'll try to categorize this post so read what you find interesting. Also, this one is going to be the most personal I've written here.
P.S. There's something about a giveaway in the end.

09 November 2017

Metal shock eyeshadows by Essence

Another Essence post? Oh God. Yes, I'm that girl. Anyway, I showed you these in my New in: make-up | summer-fall 2017 post and I told you that I'll give more attention to some products in my New in: make-up | follow-up post where I gave brief reviews of more than 10 products (so go check that out too). Today I'm presenting new liquid eyeshadows by Essence.

I already one separate post on some products and you can read it in Essence butter sticks lipsticks post. However, metallic make-up has become really popular lately and we are all looking for some great affordable options for following this trend.

06 November 2017

Fall fashion | 2017 no black! (part 2)

I hope you saw part one of this fashion post as I did some conventional fall looks there (meaning there are long pants in all outfits). This post would be more my style when I go out to meet my friends.
As I said in part one, I decided to use only fall colors which also excluded black. Creating 12 looks without black was a real challenge for me so tell me how I did...
Note: All outfits can be found on the links below the pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand and the price.

02 November 2017

Essence butter sticks lipsticks

I've shown you these in my New in: make-up | summer-fall 2017 post, but I also announced their separate review in my New in: make-up | follow-up post. As you all know I have a weak spot for lipsticks and Essence, it would only be fair if I showed them all the attention they deserve.
I have two lipsticks of each formula - matte and glossy. Let me start by saying that I love the fact they gave options both in color and in formulas and finish.