13 November 2017

What's going on? | A little life update

Hello. My last info post was in August so I wanted to update you all on what's currently going on in my life, how this blog is gonna continue to run and some other stuff. You can find all posts of this sort under category "Info posts". I'll try to categorize this post so read what you find interesting. Also, this one is going to be the most personal I've written here.
P.S. There's something about a giveaway in the end.

New college, new job, no time
Since August, I entered another college year and I also found a part-time job which makes my schedule really tight. So far so good as I don't have exams yet, but when those come in just few weeks, I feel like I'm going to drown in all the things I need to do. My schedule also hates me posting twice a week here and every Sunday (OK, so I skipped some, what's the big deal?) on my other blog. A year ago I was posting whenever I could and then once a week so I planned doing Blogmas two times a week. Since this is my current schedule, this will remain the same. Since I really don't like writing a 100 posts and scheduling them months in advance, I write all my posts a day or two before posting. This will become a problem once I start taking exams. I'll definitely deal with it. I'm just warning you that I might not engage as much on social media.

Clubbing and social life
If you somehow know, I consider myself socially awkward person so my personal life isn't that rich as you would probably think for 22 year-old college girl. I haven't been in a club for 4 years and I just now found a group that I can go out with so I've been doing that quite a lot lately (we went out like 3 times, but in a short period of time). This is no problem as I don't get drunk, I'm not hungover and I get up at 8 or 9 a.m. no matter the time I come home so I don't waste the day. However, with this big change and change of group I hang out with, there are all these different feelings and I'm kinda battling with myself what to do and how to act and feel.

Physical appearance
Also, if you somehow know, I don't like the way I look most of the times. However, in the past 2 years I've learned to find some good things about myself and I'm learning to love me. As I mentioned above, new group of people brought a lot of feelings that are currently mixing and so is the way I see myself. I feel more free and more myself lately. But then, there are also times when I get to the other extreme and hate it all. I guess that's more or less normal. I also have major issues with my scalp which is making me really really insecure.

A while back I announced something really exciting. I haven't really said what was it, but I can tell you now. I was planning on doing a giveaway. Let me immediately tell you it's not happening. Not now. I contacted my favorite brand if they would be willing to sponsor it by picking some stuff for you guys as I need to pay for international shipping quite a large sum of money. However, it turned out that they think I don't deserve it as I'm too small. After sending them my stats, they never even replied which really sucks. Other than just being hurt by that, I can't afford a giveaway right now. I can' tell you when it will happen, but I definitely want to do it. All I can ask is you to help me grow.

If you have any other questions or you're just curious about anything, let me know in the comments!


  1. It sounds fun to go out more, I also don't go to clubs often but I think if I found a good group to go with I might go more often! It can definitely get tiring going out too much in a short period of time though. Good luck with exams! x

    1. It can, but I've missed it so much I'm all hyped up for it now haha
      thank you!