16 November 2017

Fluffy knitted leather

I've wanted (fake) leather jeans for quite a while now and I actually got them last year. The problem occurred when the time to style and wear them actually came. I had no clue how to put anything together with them. I always play safe and I've worn jeans all my life.
Note: All outfits can be found on the links below the pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand and the price.
First one and immediately my favorite. I've learned that leather pants go great with these fluffy shirts. I chose basic black bottoms and nice baby blue top. Bag and ankle boots are also black with the same finish and golden studs. Jewelry is also gold with white and blue accents which compliment well this whole outfit. Even though it's basically a fall/winter outfit, sun can be pretty strong so there are simple black sunglasses (the model I own).
Leather pants don't have to be just boring black. Now I've chosen something different, but also pretty safe and easy to style. Dark red jeans are now very similar to black ones in terms of styling. I chose this nice ivory knitted sweater with fluffy sleeves. I also chose shiny leather boots and bag which is not too much cause they're both black. There's also black watch and a beret which I found very suiting for this outfit. Dark red lips compliment the leather pants.
Also, who said silver leather pants would be too much for one outfit? With the right accessories and the rest of the outfit, these will steal the show! I chose black fluffy sweater (which would require some black tank top underneath). There are also these lower black booties and the backpack with similar leather finish. I thought this type of hat would go great for this stylish sassy look. With just a bit of jewelry and some mascara, you're ready to go!
Back to basics. Other than just big fluffy sweaters, leather pants go great with knitted stuff too. Chunky knitted sweaters work better, but this looks great too. I also chose everything else black cause this top is bright enough for the look I was going for here. I love bucket bags so I had to have one here too and I think it goes great with fall vibe.
Now this is a bold outfit. If you have a piece that stands out as much as these pants, you need to tone everything else down. Like a lot. That's why I have plain white knitted sweater, black boots and black bag with a beautiful matte finish. There are also big matte sunglasses and dark lips to make this a truly statement outfit. I added some long, but subtle necklaces to keep the balance with the bottom.

Which outfit you definitely wouldn't wear? Do you wear leather pants? How do you style them?


  1. I really want a pair of black leather leggings! They go with so much, as you've demonstrated haha :) Love it with the white/cream sweater!

    1. I'm sure you can wear them in lots of different ways with other pieces, but this is the safest way to know you're going to look good :D
      I have to get myself some of these pieces :D

      thank you!

  2. I love these outfits! There's honestly not one that I wouldn't wear, you've put them together so well x

    Velvet Blush

    1. thank you so much! this means a lot :)
      thank you also for coming and reading!

  3. Uopće mi nije palo na pamet da ovako kombiniram kožne hlače. Užasno sam grozna u tim zimskim stvarima hahahah. Ti si ti napravila mrak!

    1. Puno ti hvala! :) iskreno, vidla sam jednom zenu koja je ovak skombinirala pa mi se svidjelo. ja uvijek igram na sigurno tak da mi je kozne hlace jaako tesko skombinirat, al eto sigurne solucije :D
      hvala na citanju i komentaru!
      btw ja sam takoder grozna sa zimskom odjecom haha