23 November 2017

Winter skin care routine

I don't think I've ever written a skin care routine. I don't write these because I change it a lot and I'm not consistent with products I use. However, winter is always a problematic season for all skin types and we need to pay extra attention to our skin. As I mentioned I'm not good with 'routines', I'll write down some products I really like during this season and some tips I have to maintain a good skin care.
I also read this moisturizer guide "The best face moisturizer"* that emphasizes the importance of using one. They also explain everything you need and why you need it in a moisturizer and also what do you need for each skin type. What I love the most is how they actually did a contest between more than 200 moisturizers so pick the number one for day and night time and also gave some other options (find out which ones won the battle in the given link).

First of all, I have oily T-zone and the rest of my face is normal. Skin on all other parts of my body is also normal. I have some skin condition (similar to very mild dermatitis) on my elbows and my skin can sometimes break there (it can slightly look like reptiles skin). My heels get thick and dry quite fast. Now that you know all my skin conditions, here's how I treat my skin.
Note: I'm currently testing one brand and I kinda work for them so I can't reveal their products until they remove me from their listing. I'm about to cancel my membership in few weeks so I'll talk more about those then. Sorry. And I swear this is not Nivea (or any other) brand ad. I really love these products I'll mention.
Everyday face: I use my SkinPro device (review here) on days when I wear make-up (to thoroughly remove all make-up) or every 2 or 3 days, depending on the condition of my skin. I use it with some cleanser which I can't name now, but I love those by Nivea (Review: Nivea blue collection for face cleansing or Nivea face care). After exfoliating, I use a toner to give some fluid back to my skin. Again those by Nivea never failed me (Review: Nivea blue collection for face cleansing or Nivea face care). I let that sit for few minutes and then I apply some moisturizing cream. My favorite so far has been also one by Nivea (Review: Nivea day care mattifying).
Special-days face: On the days I need more care because cold just gets to me, I use oils. I was scared that oils would ruin my already oily face, but this is exactly what my skin needs during winter. I use almond oil by Olival. It is for skin, hair and nails, but I only use it for my face. It is quite heavy which is why I'll usually put it on before going to sleep. Honestly, my skin looks the best in the morning if I use this. 
More expensive alternative: I loved Kiehl's products (review Kiehl's tester products). They are truly amazing, but not as affordable so I can't say I'll use them this winter. I still have some of that night oil left so I'll keep that for those times when my skin really really needs it. This oil will save your skin no mater the condition (well, it did save mine when my beautician ruined my face really really bad!).
Elbows: When I shower, I always pay attention to my elbows and skin condition I have there. I use exfoliating shower gel or any body peeling to remove all dead skin first. I really concentrate on massaging that part for at least a minute. After showering, I just apply some oil (usually that almond oil mentioned above) or body milk (Review: Fruttini body scrub and lotion) or Nivea hand cream (review Nivea's SOS hand balm). Anything moisturizing (even something heavier) will do.
Heels: Hard skin on your feet is normal due to our shoes and walking all around. I also exfoliate and remove all dead skin from my heels. I use sulfur stone to remove that hard top layer. After that, I use any cream I can find or body milk again. Most products are also featured in my My shower routine post.
Hands: My fingers do this weird thing where they start to peel during cold weather. So I use my trusty Nivea Repair & care hand balm that I already reviewed (review here or featured in this post).

  • don't be afraid of oils even if you have oily skin
  • you don't need to get these exact products I mentioned - there are so many out there and you'll find the one which suits you the best
  • products you use on your face can be used for other parts of your body (as they are usually way more gentle)
  • during winter moisture is everything - oils, creams, milk...
  • drink a lot - water is the best option, but just bring in some liquid (OK, alcohol is obviously not a very good choice)
* They did contact me if I would read their guide and share it in my post. Since I liked what I read I decided to share it. I don't get payed for this nor is this an affiliate link. It's just me sharing a page like I usually do. They'll probably share this on some of their sites/events/meetings etc.

Do you have some other advice or recommendation?

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