09 November 2017

Metal shock eyeshadows by Essence

Another Essence post? Oh God. Yes, I'm that girl. Anyway, I showed you these in my New in: make-up | summer-fall 2017 post and I told you that I'll give more attention to some products in my New in: make-up | follow-up post where I gave brief reviews of more than 10 products (so go check that out too). Today I'm presenting new liquid eyeshadows by Essence.

I already one separate post on some products and you can read it in Essence butter sticks lipsticks post. However, metallic make-up has become really popular lately and we are all looking for some great affordable options for following this trend.
I bought two of these, knowing I could combine these colors. Lighter one is in the shade #02 stars and stories and darker one is #06 total eclipse. Unfortunately, I threw away the receipt, but I know they're not over $4 for sure. And for that price you get 3,5 ml of product which is a good sized bottle. While I'm on the topic, bottle looks like any liquid lipstick. It's quite simple, sturdy and has a good lid. Glass is nice and thick so it won't break easily (I've dropped mine multiple times and they're like new).
Creamy eyeshadow for an incredible metallic and vibrant finish. Apply with applicator and blend in with brush or fingers. Longlasting and smudge-proof.
These eyeshadows are super pigmented and you won't need much to cover your lids so you should have this one bottle for basically forever. Applicator is nice, looks like in a liquid lipstick. However, if you're trying to do a cut-crease with it, it could be a bit tricky as it's not thin enough to do it precisely. For any other normal application is just fine. Once you apply the eyeshadow, you need to work quickly enough cause it dries pretty fast. I actually like that cause I'm not afraid of transferring or smudging.
If I'm using them together, darker one goes in the outer corner and lighter one on the entire lid. I've also used them separately with some other powder shadows and to highlight the center of my lid. I also used them alone for a quick everyday look with a bit of sparkles (and I didn't even use transition shades or any other eyeshadows).
They hold up really really good with primer of any kind (I usually use concealer which I set with neutral eyeshadow in the color of my skin). They don't transfer, but I did see very few (!) glitter particles somewhere where they shouldn't be. I guess you could set them with some powder glitter eyeshadow, but I didn't and they looked amazing. They're easy to remove, but they will leave some glitter residue which is also easy to clean up with two or three more swipes.

Have you seen these? I love their quality for that amazing price!

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