02 March 2020

Silk on hair serum by Olival

I will forever think that a freshly washed hair and nice hairstyle will beat a good make-up day any time. As eyebrows do too, hair is framing your face. It's a sign of how much time you had and what you have been through during the day. For example, I had a nice hair day when I was going out, but rain just started pouring, wind was blowing so hard that I came to work looking like I was dragged through the field of burdock.

And just when I thought I was actually doing good with my hair… I've been exploring with some new shampoos that are made for my type of hair, I've cut the dead ends (something I should do more often, I know) and I've been styling it so it's not getting too dry or damaged. I'll write more on this in some future post, but today I have a new product to show you.