02 March 2020

Silk on hair serum by Olival

I will forever think that a freshly washed hair and nice hairstyle will beat a good make-up day any time. As eyebrows do too, hair is framing your face. It's a sign of how much time you had and what you have been through during the day. For example, I had a nice hair day when I was going out, but rain just started pouring, wind was blowing so hard that I came to work looking like I was dragged through the field of burdock.

And just when I thought I was actually doing good with my hair… I've been exploring with some new shampoos that are made for my type of hair, I've cut the dead ends (something I should do more often, I know) and I've been styling it so it's not getting too dry or damaged. I'll write more on this in some future post, but today I have a new product to show you.

I've come across this new hair product while I was buying something completely different (as I usually do). It caught my eye cause it says „silk hair“, because it was my country's product and because it was quite cheap. So what is it actually?
Silk on. Hair serum. Provides hair with shine and volume. Smoothens the top layer of the hair and split ends. Increases hairstyle durability. Makes combing the hair easier. Does not add grease.
Apply few drops of serum equally on the tips of wet or dry hair.
When I first pumped out this product, I have to admit I was scared that it would add grease. I know most products say that won't do that, but they end up messing my hair anyway. It definitely had that silky feeling and it was something like a dry oil if that makes any sense. I also have to say that I've never used it on a wet hair. I use some other products so I didn't want to add on unnecessary products to already questionable condition of my hair.
Every time I wash and dry my hair, it looks amazing, voluminous and fresh. However, after few days of not washing it, the top gets greasier (thank God for dry shampoos) and the ends start to look a bit dry and dull. Here is where my new product came in handy. I applied 2 pumps on the loose parts of my hair (from the top of the neck downwards), spread it more or less evenly and let it sit. At first, I, again, thought it will look greasy, but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized my hair did look a lot smoother and it was very silky to the touch.
I guess this creates a new layer on top of your hair that makes it feel like it's in a much better condition than it actually is. I've been using it here and there, especially after using a dry shampoo, to revive my hair in between the washing.
I have to say it's probably not something revolutionary (I could be wrong), but I haven't seen anything like it before and it works really well for what it claims it'll do. I'm also so proud that people in my country made this product. I would recommend it as a short-term solution to a bad hair day or split and dry ends.

What is your secret weapon to greasy or dry and dull hair? Share them below :)

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