31 December 2018

Empties | 2018

OMG it's officially the last post of 2018. It's already a boring statement, but each year passes by faster than the previous one and it scares me. By the products I'll show you in this post, it actually looks like I used some more than I usually do and this post won't be a miss. 
If you don't know, this post is my yearly thing and you can read Empties | 2017 and Empties | 2016. I'll divide products into few categories and give my short reviews and/or links to my review posts. So enjoy.

29 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: Recap

It's officially the end of my Blogmas. I hope you had fun. I know most people don't post Blogmas posts after Christmas, but I celebrate Christmas the entire December and we actually have holidays until 6th of January so I think I can get a pass here.

26 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: What I got for Christmas

Last time I did this, I put everything in post, but since I'm out of ideas and struggling with this year's Blogmas (reasons in the post Blgomas 2018: Why I'm failing Blogmas?, I decided to break it down into two. You can read how my last year's Blogmas went and what I got in the post Blogmas 2017: Recap (December, Blogmas, presents) if you're interested.

19 December 2018

Blgomas 2018: Why I'm failing Blogmas?

If you're a faithful reader of my blog, you probably noticed I missed 2 scheduled times to post. OK, I'll make it right now in one night. Or, at least, that's the plan. At times like this I always wonder if people actually realize I haven't posted... Like, are there actually faithful readers that do check my posting schedule? I sure hope so...

17 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: Items that bring Christmas into every home on a budget

I realized now that I have a lot more non-beauty posts in this Blogmas than I had in mind. I'm surprisingly OK with that. To be honest, these are easier to write down because I'm already thinking it and I juts have to write it. Usually, I lose a lot of time doing photos for my blog. Now that we're this close to Christmas, I have no spare time, not even a minute. It's currently midnight, I'm getting up in 5 hours to go to work and I just now got the time to write this. So yeah, life posts it is.

15 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: Christmas traditions

Blogmas 7: Silent Night
Why do we all consider Christmas time "the most wonderful time of the year"? Is it because all the glitter, lights, presents? All the commercials? Everybody telling us it is? To be honest, I don't know why I consider it my favorite time of the year, but I do. I guess it's just a mix of everything, but most importantly for me - it's traditions. I'm a person that loves traditions and I'll make my own if I really like something. So, today I'm going to write just about that!

12 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: How to wrap presents? for dummies

I have no idea why, but I see so many people struggling with wrapping presents. And not only weirdly shaped ones, they struggle with plain boxes too. Now, for a person that absolutely love wrapping presents, and who does it in stead of other people too, this is something I don't fully understand. There are so many tutorials and step-by-step videos that we should all be masters of it. However, I know not all people are for it. They're not creative enough?

10 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: Christmas wreaths DIY

Blogmas 5: Joy to the World

I've been into DIYs so much lately. I've been DIYing some jewelry, but mostly home decor. And now that December has come, I, of course, had to make some holiday DIYs. Among other that I already showed you in the post Blogmas 2017: DIY Christmas ornaments which is all bronze-themed so you can really see how only one color can make perfect sense.

08 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: Holiday manicures

Blogmas 4: Silent Night
Here I am again with these manicures. You know I love them. I would absolutely love to make a YouTube channel for my manicures, but editing takes too much time and it's quite hard so that will have to wait a bit. However, that doesn't mean I don't know how to take pictures of my nails.

05 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: Winter tips and tricks

I basically announced all posts in December will be related to Christmas and holidays, but I also have something else that should be shared during this time. This post will have some Christmas related tips, but also some that I found very useful during these cold days when we usually get sick and our skin is dry and our entire mood can go downfall.

03 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: December wishlist

To continue my previous post Blogmas 2018: What to do during winter, I decided to write my own wishlist according to things I know I'll do this year and also what I would love to do. I keep postponing things on my list so there are some years-old stuff in here. I always say this is the year I'll do them and then they never happen, but I still love writing wishlists and keeping track.

01 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: What to do during winter

What better way to start this year's Blogmas than with ideas what to do this month? Since Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, I always manage to find something to do. Luckily, my city invests a lot of money into decorations and contents so it's pretty easy for me to find something.
I already did Blogmas last year so maybe you'll find some inspiration or ideas there. Post with most ideas could be Blogmas 2017: 10 things I love & hate about winter & Christmas time!, but it's not really specific.

29 November 2018

Get ready for Blogmas!

** On a personal note this week: Today: 25.11.2018.

Hello! I haven't written an info post in a while so you're welcome. Haha. This one, however, is here to announce the most wonderful time of the year - Blogmas, if you're a blogger... I did one last year and I really liked it. You can read all of the posts under the label "Blogmas" on the left.

I'm also going to do the same thing this year which basically means 3 posts a week, winter themed posts and a lot of glitter. I already have some posts planned out and I'm going to try to do something different for this month. I'll try to keep everything season themes, not specifically Christmas, but winter or December in general, but we'll see where this will go. Also, I'm going to try and switch between all of my categories so you'll get a bit of fashion, make-up, DIYs, nails, etc.

I really hope this goes well, but my life is a bit hectic every December and I'm working and also doing a lot of side jobs so I don't have as much time as I would like to, but fingers crossed this Blogmas will be awesome.

For the end, I'll just remind you of my new schedule:
  • Monday 11 a.m. CET
  • Wednesday 7 p.m. CET
  • Saturday 6 a.m. CET
Also, if you have any ideas related to winter or Christmas time, please let me know (cause I could really use some!).

Will you join me this Blogmas?

26 November 2018

Essence glitter peel-off mask

** On a personal note this week: Today: 25.11.2018.

Once a week, usually Sunday, I take some time to do my beauty routine. That means everything - shower, washing hair, doing nails and, of course, full skincare routine. I'm writing this on Sunday. I just left my shower, I got all my oils on and now I'm ready to write another review.

If you read my last post about skincare, My 4 black peel off masks, you probably noticed that I have that I haven't still used and written about. Today was the day that this glitter went on my face. And if you know me, you should know I love a smooth face and I especially love glitter.

22 November 2018

Black Friday must-buys!

** On a personal note this week: Why I wear black 99% of the time

I would love to have all the money for my needs. And when I say 'needs' I mean random stuff I don't really need, but I still want in my possession. These things usually include clothing cause I fit into all styles so I "need" lots of clothes. I also have passion for shoes and bags. Yes, I have a problem.
Anyhow, there are other stuff I would like to have, like new TV and laptop because mine is dying, electric toothbrush because I have so many problems with my teeth and I hope those would help... However, if this was a list of the things I want (I could have just written 'a wishlist'), this post would be just a bit too long. So I chose 10 things I think everybody should have and now is the time to get them on discount.

19 November 2018

Fall shoe collection

** On a personal note this week: Why I wear black 99% of the time

Fall is here! I know it's been here for a month and a half now, but the time has flown by so I'm just now going into this whole fall mood. With each year coming to an end I have this speech how years go by so freaking fast and I hate it. However, exciting posts are coming in the next two months. Starting with fashion, of course!
I already wrote a post Things I spend most money on and shoes are a big part of my spendings. As I know I like to change shoes a lot, I buy cheaper ones, but they have to serve the purpose, be comfortable and pretty. So, here's my collection of fall shoes...

15 November 2018

My 4 black peel off masks

** On a personal note this week: Should kids earn their money?

I have this feeling that my topics are out of date. Like, are peel-off masks still a thing? I'm sure people are still using them, but they're not as popular anymore. Or am I wrong? Regardless, I go down this rabbit hole and I overthink should I post this or not? But here we are.
Recently, which means a year ago, I wrote a post Black peel-off mask: Iroha vs. Balea where I tested both just to see whether price is a key factor or not. If you're interested, just read it. However, today I'm presenting you my 4 black peel-off masks. Surprisingly, there's no expensive one (again, you can read about it in the previously linked post).

12 November 2018

Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum by Oriflame

** On a personal note this week: Should kids earn their money?

Welcome to the world of oily skin which was dried up. Yes, I'm the founder of this little community. This, however, is not a bad thing. I used to have extremely oily skin, especially T zone and it took me some time to realize what I need to do. Thankfully I found all the right products.

However, before I realized what my routine needs to be, I dried my skin with every existing mattifying product. Now I have it all in control, still using mattifying products, but I now know the importance of hydrating my skin.

08 November 2018

Organizing jewelry (part 2)

** On a personal note this week: I'm more than my social media.

I'm pretty sure I have jewelry for like 20 girls. Good piece of jewelry can make every outfit better, it can make you look like a rocker girl, princess or business woman in seconds. Also, eBay is usually my best friend when it comes to buying jewelry. I like big statement jewelry, but also small dainty pieces.
As with everything else, I have very little space for all of it so I constantly have to find different ways to keep everything organized. I personally lose the will to look for anything or wear some pieces of jewelry if I can't find them immediately. I need to keep it neat and accessible. I already made one post about this, Organizing jewelry (when you have tons of it), but things have changed a bit. Necklaces and bracelets are still in that order, but earrings and rings have changed their homes.

05 November 2018

5 must-have lipsticks for fall season!

** On a personal note this week: I'm more than my social media.

Why is writing these intros to posts the hardest thing ever? Here I was, sitting in my room, looking around and noticed I haven't rearranged anything in quite a while so I decided to get my hands on the first thing next to me. And those were lipsticks. They're just standing here on my shelf and I noticed that I didn't like the order they were in, there were no categories.

I also realized that I gravitate towards some more than others. Especially with the season change. I usually do stuff without thinking about it being good for this blog. But this time I was smarter and took the opportunity of writing this post along with organizing my lipsticks. If you want to see the full collection, read My lipstick collection post.

01 November 2018

Animal testing brands

** On a personal note this week: Why not having Netflix is a good thing

This issue has been around for quite a while now. We all love animals and we also see horrible stuff that are happening to them for our beauty products. I know some big YouTubers and bloggers have put a stop to buying makeup that has been tested on animals. However, makeup industry is growing by the day and I'm actually not sure anything is changing regarding this issue.
It also sucks that some brands test on animals just because they sell their products in the countries that require those. I mean, if you're able to make a product without testing it on animals, why do they require such tests? The rest of the world is still alive and well even after using them... Anyhow...

29 October 2018

Things for kids I still use in my beauty routine

** On a personal note this week: Why not having Netflix is a good thing

How many times have you heard "You're too old for this!" while growing up? I know I have way too many times. I still hear that from my mom. I know I'm too old for teddy bears, but they're my kids mom! My weird self aside, there are products for kids I still love to use.
I wonder to the kids aisles quite often. If I'm looking for some fun and colorful hairband or nail polishes to test. To be honest. I just like colorful rainbow stuff and small things so it's more of a pleasure trip to those aisles than anything else. However, there are some quite useful stuff made for kids, but great for my beauty routine.

25 October 2018

Essentials: Skincare

** On a personal note this week: When there's too much bad sh*t in short time

This is 4th post in the 'Essentials' series (previous Essentials: Nails, Essentials: Fashion and Essentials: Make-up) and, on the contrary of how often I've been writing them, I actually love to write these. These posts also help me realize what I actually want and need. I always emphasize how I have a small room with very little storage space so I need to take a look of what I really need to make my routine full.
Let's pretend I know a lot about skincare. Let's pretend I'm so good at keeping my skin in place that I can actually share some advice on the topic. I definitely know what to do to keep my skin great, but I often forget or I'm just too lazy for it. However, I'll write down my essentials. Also, reviews to some of my favorites here are in the photo descriptions.
Note: Even though I feature a lot of L'Oreal products, this is not a sponsored post. I wish it was though...

22 October 2018

New in | summer-fall 2018 (part 2)

** On a personal note this week: When there's too much bad sh*t in short time

I told you I have a part 2 coming out today. If you haven't read the first part of my huge shopping, read it in my previous post New in | summer-fall 2018 (part 1). Now that I look at all of these, I'm thinking do I even need it or this blog made me buy it? I guess, I'll never know. But I know now that I have some reviews coming up your way.
Photos for this post were taken just few days ago and I actually did swatches for all of these. Now that I think of it, I could have done swatches for the previous one too... I wasn't thinking back then. However it is, we're here now so enjoy the post...

18 October 2018

New in | summer-fall 2018 (part 1)

** On a personal note this week: The Fall Tag by Hailey

I still feel like I've been MIA even though I've been active here for 3 weeks now. I still feel like I'm starting fresh. I also have tons of ideas for this blog, but not enough time do actually do them all. That's why today you're going to see what I recently got. When I say recently, I mean in the past few months of me not blogging.
I also went for small shopping trips so I didn't do a haul type of post. Another thing that has happened here is I got some stuff at the beginning of summer and some just yesterday. So, that's why there are different photos and set-ups. OK, let me just show you what I got myself...

15 October 2018

Argan oil night repair serum

** On a personal note this week: The Fall Tag by Hailey

The winter is coming! That's a Games of Throne reference, right? I haven't watched a single episode, but I think I got that right. How is it already fall? Mother Nature obviously hates us and the year passes by so quickly. Of course, with the colder weather, my beauty routine changes. If you can even call it a routine. 
Fortunately, I don't have much skin problems throughout the year. The most problems cold causes is to my fingers and I have a perfect solution explained and showed in one of my old posts Nivea's SOS hand balm. Of course, even if it's not necessary, I do take care of my skin a bit more during winter, as opposed to just throwing on sunscreen in the summer.

11 October 2018

L'Oreal Smooth sugars nourish scrub (chocolate)

** On a personal note this week:Two of my colleagues may be dating

I already wrote an 'Essentials' post Essentials: Skincare and I mentioned how scrubs are essential products for my skincare. I found them to work well on my skin and I love using them. Most of them can replace few skincare steps so I love a product that also saves my time.

I also mentioned how I especially love chocolate during fall in my post Fall favorites | 2018 so it's no surprise I chose to write about this scrub now. Too bad you can't actually eat it. You can read about two more of these in the posts L'Oreal Smooth sugars clear scrub (kiwi) and L'Oreal Smooth sugars glow scrub (grapes) or you can read about all L'Oreal masks and other products under the label 'L'Oreal Paris'.

08 October 2018

Removing nail polish with clips

** On a personal note this week: Two of my colleagues may be dating

I've been kinda sad lately that I don't have enough time to actually do a proper manicure with drawings, stamping, gluing something or something like that. I've been doing pretty simple manicures which I really like, but I sometimes miss the creativity strike...
Also, if you know me, you know I love glitter. I need it everywhere. Doing simple, one color, manicures leaves some room for some bling and it usually ends up with a glitter top coat on at least one finger. However, removing nail polish is my worst nightmare and I offer money to somebody to take it off for me. Maybe, just maybe, I found a way to stop hating the process as much as I do now.
Note: You can find my entire manicure routine, keeping my nail polish intact for 2 weeks and more here - My nails and manicures routine.

04 October 2018

How to get ready in 5 minutes or less

How stressful it is when you've overslept and you have a meeting in 10 minutes? Or if you made plans with friends which you forgot and now you have to look great in only 5 minutes? A while back I wrote a post 5 ways to survive morning, but there's nothing helping you if you don't have a minute left to put your self together.
I personally think I have quite different morning routine than other people on the Internet. I get up usually half an hour earlier than I need to leave, I don't eat breakfast or drink coffee. I just do the essentials and I'm good to go. Of course, you'll know best what to do for yourself. However, these tips work for anyone and every routine.

01 October 2018

I'm back!

Haave you missed me? I hope you did. Haha. But I'm back now! And I'm here to stay! Hopefully. Without much rambling, I'll tell you what has been happening lately, why I haven't been active here or on social media in general, why I haven't read any of your posts (sorry!) and some other stuff.
It's been 2 months since I even opened blogger. I honestly thought I would just take a two week break to deal with my stuff and then come back, but it turned out that my assignment took a lot more time than I calculated. So, what's the big thing that occupied me? College. Or uni. Whatever you call it. I had to write my final paper and take care of tons of stuff and that was still my number one priority. To be honest, I had some time to write one post a week, but I was so stressed out all the time, I couldn't be bothered with this platform. However, I missed it almost every day.
So I can now proudly say that I finished my paper, I finished college too!! And, even though I'm starting to work today, I'm much more relaxed and happier so life is pretty good right now. I also made a pact with Anja from Gaia_s blog that we would both start blogging again in October. Her schedule has been hectic too, so we think it'll be easier to do it together, pushing each other towards the goal. Thank God for friends!
My plan now is to start posting regularly again (Monday 9 a.m. CET, Thursday 6 p.m. CET). This blog will remain all beauty, make-up, fashion, interior decor, recipes here and there and other stuff. Basically, I'll just continue where I left off. However, if you like more personal stories, there's my other blog Beehive where I'll post every Sunday noon CET. I'll include those stories here too, so you don't have to keep track of both blogs.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please leave them below in a comment section, contact me via email or on Twitter.

Thank you!!

05 July 2018

L'Oreal pure clay anti-blemish mask (the blue one)

** On a personal note this week: My body image journey - body shaming (part 1)

Are masks even a thing now? I have a feeling they had a big popularity boost a while back and then sheet masks came in and the original masks fell into the shadow. I could be wrong. But at the time they were really popular, I bought them all and now I have few of them to review.
Although there are a lot of these masks out there, L'Oreal's are the ones everybody went nuts for. Naturally, so did I. I already reviewed some of them: Review: L'Oreal Pure clay exfo mask (the red one) and Review: L'Oreal Pure clay purify mask (green one). I've also collected some of the scrubs by L'Oreal and you can read some reviews too: L'Oreal Smooth sugars clear scrub (kiwi) and L'Oreal Smooth sugars glow scrub (grapes). Now on to the newest in my collection...

02 July 2018

My skincare routine (morning + night)

** On a personal note this week: My body image journey - body shaming (part 1)

Every time I think of skincare, I just think of my grandma and my mom. To give you some background, my grandma grew up very poor. In the years of her youth, she barely had money for food so she really couldn't afford skin care products. Since I can remember, she always used the same 2 creams - Becutan and Nivea. There was no toners, cleansers, oils... And her skin is to this day (she's 79) is absolutely gorgeous.

Then I open my YouTube, I see all these beauty gurus with their routines and fancy products and then I look at myself and think if I'm doing something terribly wrong to my skin. I also wonder if they really have the time to do all that every day, because I don't. Or, at least, I don't want to lose precious time doing 20 extra steps. Not that I don't trust my grandma, but things have changed over the time so I'm trying to pick up as many useful advice as I can.

28 June 2018

Sugar spun nails

How long has it been since I posted a manicure? Seems like ages since my last 'Nails' post was about terrible experience with a peel-off base (post Barry M peel-off nail polish base). I also don't exactly know how late am I with this manicure cause I've seen it few months back. I decided to try it out anyway and see is it really as easy as they show it.
This trend is called sugar spun for whatever reason and I was really excited about it. It seemed quick and easy. It also didn't require any experience with manicures, drawings or any other form of creativity. You just need to pick out two or more colors you like together and that's it.

25 June 2018

Body hair & shaving

If you are a girl, I really hope you don't fall into my category with this topic. Since I can remember, I always had quite strong hair, thick, dense and dark brown. And, unfortunately, this didn't stop only on my head. I have the same hair all over my body. Now I know there's a hormonal disorder with extreme hair growth and I don't have that, but I have a pretty bad situation over here.
I have extremely hairy legs, mostly hairy arms, hairs on my belly and a beard. Mustache too, of course. I think some guys would be jealous of my hair growth. If you are not bothered by body hairs, this isn't post for you. However, if you struggle like I do, here are some of my products, tips and routines.

11 June 2018

Barry M peel-off nail polish base

Do I even have to point out by now that I love manicures? I don't think so. I always have my nails painted (post My nails and manicures (routine). They only get to be naked for about 4 weeks a year. If. And as much as I don't mind spending 4 hours doing my manicure and waiting for all of it to be dry, there's a part I can't stand. It's, of course, taking off my last manicure.
There's nothing I hate more regarding nails. I will shape them (post Transition from squoval to coffin nails) , apply all necessary nail care and paint them for how long it takes, but taking off nail polish is a nightmare. I do have my own trick, it's still just a waste of time for me. However (!), peel-off bases are a huge thing right now so I decided to give it a go. I got this Barry M one and tested it. I also had to make a video proof...

07 June 2018

A real no-makeup makeup routine | My daily "make-up"

I think I've said it a 100 times by now that I don't use make-up on daily basis. I think I have too much make-up for someone who puts it on maybe once a month. And I'm not even talking about "everyday make-up". I'm talking about not having make-up at all! I went through my teen years without make-up so I think I got really used to my bare face. I also had the worst days (puberty) without make-up so I'm not that self-conscious without it now.  
Photo shows my favorite products and the ones I use the most in this situation. For more details either find reviews on my blog or ask in the comment section.
I'm most proud of it now. However, I do like to glam up for special occasions which are sometimes just random outings with my friends. I'm basically doing it all - from bare face to using just few products to going full glam. And this can all happen within 2 days.

04 June 2018

Small closet organization

Is it just me or every blogger/youtuber that has anything to do with fashion has a room just for their clothes? Or they at least have huge closets. And, of course, everything is minimalistic and there's room for everything even though they have tons (!) of clothes.
However, I'm showing you the real thing. I have a small room, even smaller closet. Actually, it's a regular size closet, but seeing all the others, this seems tiny. And I also have quite a big amount of clothes. Let's see how this goes.

21 May 2018

I'm tuning out.

Hello guys.

Firstly I want to thank you all for being here, coming for the first time or revisiting which is even more awesome.
Not to make this a long post, I'll just give you a quick update on what's going on.

So, I won't be publishing any posts until June (which is in a week and a half, I know) which will make me miss 3 posts, but hopefully it'll give me enough time to do stuff and prepare my posts. As you may know I'm posting on my personal blog too (and you can find weekly posts linked in each post on this blog). Although I find it easier to post personal stuff cause I'm just writing stories that pop to my mind, it's still time consuming.

Also, I'm currently in the middle of a lot of stuff. Some being looking for a job, writing my final paper, attending meetings and other stuff related to both my college and job so I don't really have the time to write this. And I'm disappointed in myself cause I'm usually good with time management, but lately I've been stuck in this rut with all college/job issues that it's basically all I think about.

Anyways, give me a week and a half.

Thank you!!

17 May 2018

Essence metal shock nail powders (+ video)

Metal nails or nail foils were a huge thing now (they still are as far as I know) among all nail artists and manicure lovers. Although there are hundreds of powders and base/top coat combinations, and they can be ordered pretty much everywhere, I got my eyes on the Essence collection. Among other products, they offered metal shock powder and top coat.
I got powder in the shade #03 i'm so fancy (purple), #01 mirror, mirror on the nail (silver) and #04 a touch of vintage (gold) and I also got these cute mini eyeshadow applicators as I've seen many tutorials using these.

14 May 2018

Pore cleaner | device review

In how many posts do I need to share my need for clean pores? Someone please help me! I went to a beauty salon for a professional lady to do it for me. I paid quite a lot of money, I've lain there for about 40 minutes, I felt quite a lot of pain and then I was done.
I was left with clean pores. Every single bit out of all of my pores was taken out. I've never seen my face like that. Absolutely clean and irritated. I also received all facial treatments afterwards so I was just waiting for the redness to go away. Well it all took a different turn the next day.

03 May 2018

A pop of yellow

OK, let's first talk about how one page I used a lot, Polyvore, was sold so some other company and now the whole community is left without any of their works. I had more than 300 looks put together there and they're all gone. Without any warning. Thank God I used those looks for posts here so I have some saved, but my most recent ones are my favorites and they're gone forever.
Well, spring is back! Now that we're a bit pissed off and sad, I'll show you some outfits I managed to put together before the site went down. I have some more of these planned, but now I have to be very careful how I post these...
Note: Unlike any other fashion post from Polyvore so far, you won't be able to find links and prices of the items. Because the site no longer exists, unfortunately.

30 April 2018

Makeup Revolution chocolate rose gold eyeshadow palette

It's been a month since I posted my make-up review (and I also review a Makeup Revolution product Retro Luxe Gloss lip kit). But you know those days when you just don't want to wear make-up so you have no idea what's going on in beauty world? Well, that's 90% of the time for me. And then one day I feel like going full glam for no reason. And then I look for my most beautiful make-up products and I feel like a queen.
It's safe to say I've transitioned from a simple black smokey eyes from 10 years ago to fun make-up, experimenting with it and, lately mostly using reds and a lot of warm tones on my eyes.This is something I never thought I would do. But here I am. And here's my newest palette.

26 April 2018

Organizing jewelry (when you have tons of it)

When you Google "organizing jewelry", you get all the perfectly lined necklaces, drawers full of boxes for each pair of earrings, those "trees", "wire dancers" that hold your jewelry and all different kinds of 'perfect storage'. However, we all know that it's not realistic to have a separate wall reserved just for jewelry. 
I, for instance, have very little space in my room so I have to pay attention to storing everything properly. I'm also a bit of a jewelry junkie so these two things don't go well together. Now, I found a perfect way to storage my jewelry.

23 April 2018

Spring shoe collection

If I had to choose my one weakness when it comes to shopping, I couldn't. You know I love it all. Lately, I've put a break on buying bags and I'm all into shoes. With spring being my favorite season of all, this is my time. I made sure I got some fun pieces I'll love.
Some shoes are new, some are old. I think it's totally not necessary to buy shoes (or bags or clothes) each year. I don't blindly follow trends so I think I'll love these in the future too and I'll get few seasons out of them for sure.

19 April 2018

L'Oreal Smooth sugars glow scrub (grapes)

I have a feeling I've been going on and on about how I hate my textured skin, how I don't want any shine on it, how I want clean pores... Don't we all? Well, during last year, I stepped up my skincare routine, my make-up routine and overall caring for myself. Yay for me!
With all these changes, I'm glad I have some new products that I can try out. You never know what will suit you. So, recently L'Oreal smooth sugars came into our stores and I'm here to test them all. I already wrote a review on L'Oreal Smooth sugars clear scrub (kiwi) and all other masks and products by L'Oreal Paris.

16 April 2018

Nivea Urban skin moisturizer

How important is moisturizer on daily basis? And how much do we struggle to find a perfect care for our skin? I don't know about you, but finding a good everyday cream is much bigger struggle than a person would expect. There are age groups, skin types, longevity, SPF, finish, feel... There's a lot to consider while finding a perfect base for your skincare.
After not having a moisturizer for way too long and managing with all different skincare products, I finally decided to buy a new one. Also, after trying some out of my comfort zone, I'm back to safe zone. That being Nivea.

12 April 2018

Essentials: Make-up

With all bloggers, brands and youtubers bombarding us with all the make-up "you need to have" is's easy to get lost into it. You're constantly persuaded that you need just one more eyeliner, just one more highlight and there's no make-up without a mascara. So I sat down today and went through my make-up collection.
I don't need make-up at all (as I put full make-up on maybe (!) two times a month), but if I wanted to do some look, I found some essentials. A while ago (more like a year ago), I wrote two more 'essentials' posts and I showed you what I think are fashion essentials (really proud of that post) and nails essentials so check that out too. 

09 April 2018

New info post + giveaway info/prizes

It's been a month since I wrote some info post, life and blog update, if you will. You can find all of those under my category "Info posts". I think it's OK to write these once a month or once every few months. Just to set some of my goals and to keep you updated on what's going on.
Another reason why I'm writing this one today is because I was super busy last week and I didn't have the time to prepare another post. But I also wanted to ask you guys something.

05 April 2018

How to style boyfriend jeans?

Boyfriend jeans came and they're not going away. At first, I didn't like the trend, I didn't get it. I'm still not fully on board, but I got myself one glittery boyfriend jeans and I, of course, had to think of how to wear them.
There are many styles, colors, cuts... I chose some random ones, but I really hope this will encourage you to wear something out of your comfort zone or just give you some ideas. These are all basically very casual, but more heels are going to be featured in upcoming posts.

Note: All outfits can be found on the links below the pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand and the price.

02 April 2018

The sunshine blogger award | tag 3

I've said many times, I'll say it again - I love tag posts. I love polls, answering questions and this new trend of Instagram stories templates. When I was a kid every person had to have a notebook with questions that required short answers and we would give them to each other to answer questions and pass on to another friend. It was kinda a privilege to get someones notebook, so I was always happy to get one.
I have a feeling I get nominated in all sorts of tag posts in nice intervals of time. I'm not boring you with these, but also get to write them quite often to satisfy my wishes. I wrote my last The sunshine blogger award | tag 2 in January (also, you can find all award posts here and all tag posts here).

01 April 2018

Happy Easter | 2018

Happy Easter!

I wish you baskets full of colorful eggs and love, happiness and peace. Enjoy ♥

29 March 2018

Tasty tortilla/fajita/taco recipe!

If you didn't get it by now, I'm not much of a cook. I cook only if I have to and if something hits me in the head. However, there are some really easy meals I do like to make. I like to work with ingredients I know can be eaten raw so I can't really undercook it or not bake enough. I play it safe in the kitchen. Sue me.
But seriously, who can be bothered with long meal preparations? I know meal preps for a whole week in advance are really popular, but that's not how we do it. There are some food that can be eaten few days later and this is one of those. I make this and I have 2 days full of food. I showed  you two easy recipes by now and you can find them under the label "food" or "recipe" or category "life".

26 March 2018

MakeUp Revolution Retro Luxe Gloss lip kit

How many times have you read "I'll keep it down with buying make-up" or "I have way too many lipsticks for a normal person" on my blog? But (!) I've also said many times that I can put on just lipstick without any other make-up product and feel like a queen. So I did it again. I bought another lip kit. 
As usual, I was browsing through local Internet store and I was searching for a lipstick that my mom wanted. As it's from MakeUp Revolution, I filtered it and I saw this kit on discount. Naturally, I don't pass out on good discounts, so here's a new review.

22 March 2018

Upcoming spring outfits (dresses + leather jacket)

I've said this many times, but I'll say it again: spring is my favorite season. I love the weather, clothes, nature... Everything. So I normally can't wait for spring to arrive. As we still have snow here (and it's supposed to be a lot warmer and sunnier), I just had to invite spring somehow.

Note: All outfits can be found on the links below the pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand and the price.
Today I'm showing you these 6 outfits I put together for nice spring (or fall) days. I chose all dresses and leather jackets cause I've seen how this combination can turn out to be pretty great. I already have some other outfit posts in mind, but I'll start with this one.

19 March 2018

Fashion & make-up & jewelry & skin care haul

Whenever I buy something new I plan on writing this post and I ask you on Twitter whether you'd like to see it and the answer is always "yes" and I've still never done it. So, I've finally done it! Over the past few two months I got some new stuff in all categories so I'm showing you all I got.
It will take me a while before I figure out how to get great pictures of clothes and I'm planning on doing a try-on post one day, but for now you'll get these. Also, my camera has a will on its own so there are different photos here, but you'll get it...

15 March 2018

Rewind/kill time without "wasting" it!

How long has it been since I did a 'Lifestyle' post? Two months? Even more if I don't include New Year's resolutions and Blogmas. It was about time to change this. Since my college year started, I noticed how I have way less time and way more stress ahead of me. Although, I knew this was coming, you can never be fully prepared.
Now I'm going to share some ideas how to rewind, relax and have a time to yourself without actually wasting time. Of course, what's a waste to one man, it's a treasure to another.

Note: Some of these are my ways too, but I'll include some I see my family and friends using too.

12 March 2018

Introducing new segment & changes to the blog

Hello! Let's take a break from my usual content to show you something new here. If you don't know already, I do these "Info posts" every now and then when I have something new to say, some new category to introduce or basically anything that doesn't fit my beauty world.
Today I have some news, one addition to this blog. I'm pretty excited for it, but I'll let you decide if that's something you'd like to see or not. Feedback is always appreciated. I'll also fill you in on my life lately a bit.

08 March 2018

L'Oreal Smooth sugars clear scrub (kiwi)

I've already written few words about L'Oreal Paris masks that have basically taken over the beauty world. You can read my thoughts on the green mask here Review: L'Oreal pure clay purify mask (green one) and on red mask here Review: L'Oreal Pure clay exfo mask (the red one). With me being so satisfied with the red one, I had to try new 'sugars' collection. 
Like the red clay mask, these 'sugars' also have some micro-beads in them so they're all good for exfoliation. Or so I thought when I bought all 3 of them. Since I've been using clear scrub (or kiwi sugar, as I like to call it) the most, I'm here to write down my thoughts on it.