26 April 2018

Organizing jewelry (when you have tons of it)

When you Google "organizing jewelry", you get all the perfectly lined necklaces, drawers full of boxes for each pair of earrings, those "trees", "wire dancers" that hold your jewelry and all different kinds of 'perfect storage'. However, we all know that it's not realistic to have a separate wall reserved just for jewelry. 
I, for instance, have very little space in my room so I have to pay attention to storing everything properly. I'm also a bit of a jewelry junkie so these two things don't go well together. Now, I found a perfect way to storage my jewelry.
I keep my real jewelry in a separate jewelry box for 2 reasons: I like to separate fake from real and because I have a lot less real jewelry than fake ones.

I'll start with these boxes I got from IKEA. Unfortunately, I couldn't find these exact ones, but IKEA has some great options for all storage needs. I am also a big fan of boxes, containers, baskets and all other organization items I can get my hands on. I just love organizing. Moving on...
So it all started here. I had a bunch of jewelry in one box and it was all pretty much tangled all the time. It was a serious pain getting anything out of it and it eventually made me stop wearing jewelry all together. Then I realized I could change that in a second. And I did. I got transparent bags ordered from eBay for only few dollars and I put each necklace in a separate bag. The rest of the jewelry, rings and bracelets, was just nicely put into separate boxes.
It helps the fact that I actually know what's inside here so, even though there are all these necklaces stacked up, I still know what is where. I also put all little necklaces, thin and those with little pendants, in a another separate bag. All round necklaces are on the top (as you can see them) in the same bag since they can't tangle. There are also big statement necklaces separated one from another.
Bracelets are something I wear only during spring and summer since I like them to be visible as high to the elbow as possible (without looking like an idiot, of course). These outdated bracelets are the ones I'm still keeping, but never wearing. I got them for birthdays when I was a kid, my grandparents bought some, some are really not in fashion anymore... Within these everyday bracelets there are some sets which are also packed in separate bags, but most of these are big or can't be tangled so they are just placed in there.
I think I had the most problems with earrings since my mom wears these too and I wanted to make it as easy as possible for her to find anything in there.I got this white container from 'bathroom department' and I also divided it with two boxes. The bigger one is a box from Nivea moisturizer (review Nivea Urban skin moisturizer) and the smaller one is also from some balm or moisturizer. You all know how some earrings come on these cardboard holders and some just don't. So I divided all pair according to that as shown in the photo.
OK, we're finally at the end. Here I have all my fake rings. There's not much to it, but I still wanted to separate knuckle rings from the regular ones so it would be just easier to take them in a hurry.

That's all! This was long, but I wanted to give you ideas. How do you store your jewelry?

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