20 April 2020

5 trends for guys I hate

** On a personal note this week: Quarantine workout routine (for totally unfit people)

I take some trends very personally. I'm usually the type to stick to basics and I don't fall for many trends because I know they're just a waste of money and, more often, they're something that really doesn't suit me or my style. However, they're here and here I am as well to comment. And just so you know, I regretted putting only 5 of these on the list...

As I did one of these for girls (find it here), I had to do one for guys too. There are some things I really dislike and find really unattractive. So here I go.
Note: Again, you're not suppose to feel bad because of this post. That's just what I don't like. So do your thing and enjoy it... Also, even if I'll say that that's not for guys, that of course doesn't mean that you can't wear/carry/do it. It's just that I don't like it like that.

13 April 2020

How to maintain a perfect manicure

I've been thinking about this one for a while now. I need to push my love for nails a bit more on this blog. I want to share my love with someone and I think this is one way to find my manicure soul mate. If you're the one, let me know...

I've written about manicures quite a lot over the past years of blogging and I know for a fact that my tips helped some of you. So I tend to keep that reputation and make more posts that could help you maintain the best possible manicure without losing a lot of money. Let's start.

06 April 2020

How to really declutter your closet

In the past few days I've seen about 30 declutter videos. Surprisigly, I started with my own closet for two reasons. First is that I absolutely love organizing stuff and second was that I was simply bored being closed inside my 4 walls for 2 weeks (so far). So, once I was done with my closet, I fell into this YouTube vortex of declutter videos. I like them all, but organizing clothes is my biggest love.

While I was watching all of it, I realized some things all girls had in common and some mistakes they made (in my opinion). If you're stuck at home like I am, this is a post for you.