13 April 2020

How to maintain a perfect manicure

I've been thinking about this one for a while now. I need to push my love for nails a bit more on this blog. I want to share my love with someone and I think this is one way to find my manicure soul mate. If you're the one, let me know...

I've written about manicures quite a lot over the past years of blogging and I know for a fact that my tips helped some of you. So I tend to keep that reputation and make more posts that could help you maintain the best possible manicure without losing a lot of money. Let's start.

Be realistic. Before anything, you need to know your nails and your routines. If your nails naturally chip a lot, if they're thin and break a lot, there's only so much you can change about it. You can make them significantly better, but not over night and with just one product. Also, have in mind that your daily routines may be in a way of perfect manicure. For example, if you work with some chemical liquids, hand washing the dishes, scrub the bathroom, etc., nail polish will lose that battle.

Base and top coat. I didn't used to be addicted to these two products, but now I can't make a manicure without them. Base coat will protect your natural nail, prevent it from going yellow and prepare it for the next layer, the colored nail polish. Top coat, on the other hand, is much more than just an added gloss. It keeps your manicure sealed. If you look at it closely, you can notice it will wear off after some time. If you didn't have it, that would be your colored nail polish wearing off and then the whole manicure would look really bad really quickly.

Stay away from liquids. I mentioned before some chemicals (medical staff, for example, will use some), but this also includes water. Showering, washing hands, etc., is, of course, allowed, but soaking your hands in any liquids is not. Nails tend to change shape and become wider in such conditions and then they shrink back after they're dry. This will cause the breakage of the nail polish bonds and it will become more likely your polish will chip.

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