27 December 2014

New equipment

I know I've been neglecting nails a bit, that doesn't mean that I'm not doing my nails regularly, I just don't post as much. Hopefully all of that will change because I got my new babies on 25th December. Yup, Santa Claus was very generous!!
The only problem is that I can't really do anything with this until I take some course, but that will come soon too, I hope.
Without further ado, here is (a part of) my Christmas present.
(P.S. Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

First is this starter pack for gel nails. It contains 4 gels (two of them are clear, one is pink and one is white). There are also glue, artificial nails, nail file, some nail stickers, cleaner and gel top coat.
Then there is this awesome professional UV lamp. As you can see it's pretty simple, white but that's how professionals work. It is used for drying that thick and strong gel.
These are sponges for smoothing nails and removing glow, dust, anything that's not supposed to be on the nail before actually painting it.
Of course, we can't have it all without artificial nails. These are regular plastic ones that need to be put in shape.

In the end, not less important, there are nail decorations. I've got one ring of colorful zircons and a palette of colorful dust for popular sugar effect.
As you can see, all of this is still packed, but I hope to open it and use it really soon!!

23 November 2014

Puzzle manicure

Although winter is coming, there's no need not to show your warm side on your nails. In these cold days, bright colors are just what we need.

This manicure is a bit childish. Make sure you have the attitude to wear it.

You'll need:
  • yellow, blue, green and red nail polish
  • thin brush (or nail polishes with thin brushes)
  • Pick the nails you want to have puzzles on. (All of them or, like me, only two on each hand.)
  • Do the yellow french manicure on the other nails.
  • Put a line of blue, then red, then green nail polish with a thin brush.
  • Make the first piece of puzzle (yellow) in the corner of your chosen nail.
  • Do the green part next, then blue and, in the end, red.
  • Be careful that every piece of your puzzle has one convex and one concave part so the puzzle effect would have the wanted effect.
Have in mind that I did this in the beginning of my nail-decorating "career". If I do the same design soon, I'll make sure you see the progress.

Enjoy your bright manicure :) 

07 October 2014

Fashion and beauty tips


  • Don't ever use too much make-up. Heavy foundation on your face isn't good for your skin.
  • Lipstick should be one shade darker than your inner side of the lips. Unless it is timeless red.
  • Don't wash your hair too often. Don't let it become greasy, take care of your hygiene, but washing the hair too often is actually very bad for it.
  • When you use hair conditioner, put it only on the tip of your hair, not vertex. Your hair won't get greasy so soon.
  • Remove your nail polish before taking a shower. That way nails will regenerate a bit with warm water and soap.
  • When you apply nail polish, use oil (for nails or regular/eatable) on the skin around your nails.
  • When you're struggling with removing glitter nail polish, make 10 balls out of cotton, soak them with nail polish remover and put one on each finger. Hold that on for about a minute or two and remove. It should remove all of nail polish without any damage.
  • Remove your make-up with baby oil. It's totally safe, even for eyes.
  • Don't use too much heat on your hair (drying, curling, straightening...).


  • One fluorescent (neon) item per outfit is enough.
  • Don't wear heels with hoodies. This is just an example, but decide whether you want to look sporty or elegant.
  • One striking item is also enough. Don't be a zebra and a leopard at the same time...
  • Open shoes are enemies with socks!
  • When you put all of your jewelry for the day, remove one part and that's perfect!
  • Black and white are not colors, therefore they go with everything. Brown, beige and grey are almost as good for combining as those two.
  • Always find clothes that fit you: not too small, not too big!
  • Comfort and self-confidence before anything!
  • If you have a short skirt, make sure you covered the upper part of the body. Same goes in reverse: big cleavage, longer skirts. 
  • Bag and shoes should match, but if you're bold and have a good fashion sense, you could make it work with the opposite colors.
I know that all this is a matter of a personal choice, these are just my opinion.
That's all for now...

15 September 2014

"Timberland" boot

Since I found out about Timberland's boots few years ago, I'm not taking them off during winter. Of course, mine are not real because they're too expensive, but there are some really good copies that will do their job protecting your feet and making you look fabulous.
Here's a pretty simple combination. It is cheap to dress like this, but the outfit sure doesn't show it that way. We all have a winter jacket, black shirt, jeans, (...) in our closets. However, this style is very carefully put together and, trust me, everybody will notice it and your good taste.
My base are blue Timberland (or fake) boots. They've become more and more attractive to me over the years. Simple, color of the denim, so they must go great with everything you wear. Also, this white strap on the top and brown bottoms make them interesting and not boring at all.
I've found these really interesting jeans with a print. They can't go unnoticed. But, be careful. If you have a large print like that, make sure you pick out the rest of the clothes to keep the balance. That's why I've chosen this simple and plain black long-sleeved shirt.
Next on, I've found simple white winter jacket. Assuming you'll wear these boots during winter. The jacket has a jacket to show off your great line. Also, it keeps the jacket more interesting.
In the end, every girl/woman needs a bag. This blue one is the perfect one. It looks great, matches with the whole outfit perfectly and it can store pretty much anything you need for the day (or even two).
If I had to pick one of the boot colors, I would probably always pick the biggest of all, yellow. (Regardless what I said about the blue boots.) They are the first to see the light of the day and will always have a special place whenever somebody mentions this boots.
I'm starting with regular blue fitted jeans. Everybody has to have at least one pair or them. Any color will do, but blue is, let's say, a must have.
We're moving on to our feet where I've put yellow boots. These are not very simple and ordinary. These one have golden studs and leopard print. They are unique and very easy to see on the street. But, even like this, they are very easy to combine. Exactly the effect we want to accomplish, right?
As we have the yellow boot with golden accessories, we have to have the matching bag. This one is brown with the matching studs. Also pretty big one, ideal for going to college or a casual meeting with friends. Big enough to have everything you really need, small enough not be always in your way.
To finish the styling, I've chosen brown leather (not real!!) jacket. This aviation jacket, as everybody calls this model, is both stylish and convenient. It is light and modern, but also very warm which is really important during winter.
I couldn't decide what to put here (cause I always make two or three more outfits) so I've put them all. First and last one are my favorites. Very stylish, bold and representing "girl power", simple and sweet with those pink boots, again bold and edgy, and in the end, we could say elegant. Those would be my descriptions of these outfits in order from the left.
P.S. Whatever you wear, especially during winter, make sure it fits you, keeps you warm and comfortable. Everything else, like great style, is just an addition.

27 July 2014

Summer hats (and accessories)

Summer has been here for a month now and I expect it to stay for at least one more month. (I'm not talking about the dates, I'm talking about the weather.) So, after introducing beach/summer clothes, it would only be fair to continue in that direction and present few of summer accessories. The most important one, after sunglasses, is, of course, a hat. Big, small, colored or black. It doesn't matter. What does is that it is a great fashion addition and it protect your eyes. Here are my top choices with the suitable outfits.
There's not much to say about the base outfit here. I've chosen short jeans which are extremely popular during summer and a black blouse. Now, the blouse is not that simple and plain, but there are just a few little details that don't require any special explanations. But they do make it look better.
I've put two types of shoes for this outfit. Flat shoes are airy and ideal for daily walks on the beach and taking a coffee at the local cafe. High heeled wedges are more for evenings and maybe some summer date.
Bag is, now my favorite, model of Dior's collection. I really don't expect for ordinary people to be able to afford this bag, but I like the model and many colors on it. Since this is supposed to be an elegant/beach wear, this kind of bag is desirable. Something that will be practical and stylish.
And, in the end, the hat. As I said, this is "elegant" version of casual summer wear, so I chose the hat to match the whole outfit. It has very popular bow in black color so it goes great with the blouse. Also, black is great because we already have many colors on the bag and the wedges. It has wide brim so the Sun won't be your problem.
We're starting again with the pants. I've chosen here green (military/army green) color and knee-length pants. Walking is supposed to be more comfortable in this kind of pants. This bow-belt is useful and very stylish and modern at the same time. You really can't go wrong with this pants.
Blouse is very simple, airy and with flower print. Also a very popular model these days. Comfortable and very eye-catching. Perfect!
Shoes are popular gladiators. I've chosen brown and metallic ones. These two choices should make both sides happy. Whether you're more of a high straps fan or less and low straps fan. These are very comfortable models and they will keep you feet very secure and in place. Just what you want.
Bag is big so you can bring everything you want with you and still look very fashionable. The combination of greenish bag with brown details will go great with these colors and this casual combination.
I've put here two hats. It depends on you. If you're more girly pick the one with the blue strip. If you're more for fun or you just love cowboy fashion, pick the cowboy hat with stars. Either way, you can't go wrong.
Here are three more outfits. All of them are somewhere between casual and elegant. It all depends on the accessories, I guess.
Flowers, bright and live colors, airy clothes, comfortable shoes, practical bags, hats that will protect you and will make you look great... All you need to look perfect in every summer occasion.

13 July 2014

Summer fashion

Finally summer! The time of light dresses and open shoes has came. In this hot season we look for sophisticated, yet very light clothes. We also want to have as less clothes on our bodies as possible. That's why we have some great pieces of clothing made exactly for this time of the year. We'll start with my favorite...
I absolutely love this dress. It is light, airy and fluttery. It is bright with just a bit of dark details that make it even more interesting. Bows are a great and very cute addition. Also, the bow in the waist area is actually a belt so you can show off your new figure. Back to the black details... If I were you, I would choose birds, crowns, smiley faces... Anything but the dark figures like skulls... It is summer after all.
This half wedges are my next new love. They have just the perfect heel height for everyday strolls and for an evening out. Pluto is also more comfortable than you probably think so they won't be too bad for your feet which is extra important! Color is complementing those details on the dress. Black is, like white and beige, always a safe way to go. There's also a little bow on them. Just to be extra cute!
The bag. Oh, the pink bag with the black and white leopard print bag. Black and white bow goes great with the rest of the combination. There's nothing more to say. Pink will light up the whole impression.
This styling will take you anywhere - from the city to a club and to the beach on the after party. Enjoy.
Since I can't just do the "elegant" styling, there must be a causal one as well. You need to be able to get ready in a sip and be fast on your feet. That's why we have flat shoes and simple combinations.
This is a very popular jumpsuit. Blue, color of the bright sky, sea and summer altogether. Jumpsuits are very comfortable and easy to put on. I would pick ones with straps or sleeveless ones like this because that way you'll be safe that nothing will fall off or move. White dots are fun detail.
Next to the jumpsuit is a wicker bag. This bag is extremely popular in summer because it's more resistant than the normal, everyday bags. They are usually big so you can store everything you need without any problem. Neutral colors are the most popular. You can either color them yourselves or try harder to find colored in stores. Either way, they're great.
And to conclude this outfit, there are lovely flat sandals. Open shoes are great for hot summer days. Your feet won't get sweaty and if you paint your toenails the effect will reach its maximum. There are also some flower details on these ones because we all know nothing says summer like flowers. Beige is going great with the bag and light theme of summer.
As always, I did few more outfits.
Jumpsuits are my great love for the past three years so I tried to make few more combinations with them as the main stars. Hope you'll like it.
First one... Flowers, flowers, flowers... Flowers on the jumpsuit, on the shoes too. To keep some kind of balance here, I've chosen this bright green bag.
Second one... Again with the flowers. But this time we have elegant white high-heeled wedges and the stripy pink and white bag. Colors are all here.
The last one... This could be the elegant look but I've chosen flower wedges so they bring more fun in this than elegance and seriousness. And I have to say that I simply adore this black and white bag!
Be careful: Don't wear all flowers. At least one piece should be something different, preferably one color. Even though you have multicolored, for example, dress, you have to be careful that you pick a purse of the one color that is already on the dress. Don't go outside it and look for more colors. Wear flat shoes and wedges with jumpsuits. Try to avoid normal heels with a thin heel.

05 July 2014

Green parka

Everybody has heard about the all time star among jackets - the green parka. It can be combined to look like a sporty and casual jacket, that it really is. No matter what people say, green parka is very stylish and comfortable. It can be found almost everywhere and it looks good on 99% of people. Since I got one last week (because weather doesn't know what summer means) I had to praise this wonderful piece of clothing.
As always, first comes my personal favorite. The closest one to my style.
Here we have simple blue jeans. As I said many times before there is nothing like them. Stylish, casual and elegant, comfortable...
I believe in casual look more than anything so I've chosen this simple white printed T-shirt. Animals are always popular, and I really like big cats on my clothes. Simple and very effective. No doubts there.
Next on, I found this really simple black shoes. Nike, of course, since it is my favorite brand. Sneakers in general are the most comfortable foot wear and it only depends on the model and color you choose that will show your personality or occasion you're attending.
Something that's a total must have with the green parka is big black bag. I just love it how these two things go great together. Practical and stylish.
And I'll end it with a good pair of black and dark sunglasses. These are really popular model of Ray-Ban. I know these are really expensive so you can use any pair but make sure they fit your needs and style and are not too bad for your vision.
Second look is a combination of casual and wannabe elegant.
Parka is fitted and with a hoodie. Great for unexpected rain. It also has this belt area and you can easily remove or replace your belt.
We're starting with a simple printed T-shirt and blue jeans.
I added some accessories to this look so it would be more appropriate for some date, casual meeting... Anywhere where you want to leave impression that you're paying attention to details and you're sophisticated.
Here are again black sneakers. This time they have small heels. This model is very popular these days and almost every girl has at least one pair of them. They are great: comfortable and can take you anywhere really fast like real sneakers and lifted and more stylish like real heels. Try them!
I'm here again with the black bag. Can't wear parka without it...
What is new here are this scarf and popular golden statement bracelet.
Scarf has a leopard print and is great for autumn and chilly spring days. It can be worn for keeping you warm or just for making you look great.
Golden bracelet will just add more elegance to this outfit.

Left one has more eye-catching jeans but everything else is pretty simple. Nothing I haven't mentioned before, except for the hat. If you have that style and know how to wear it, this would be a pretty great combination for you to try on.
Right combination has cheerful and bright T-shirt, older version of sunglasses (remember John Lennon), and a small necklace. Other than that, combination is actually very simple, modest and, most of all, very casual. Still very attractive.

12 June 2014


There is a great increase in temperature these days and I can announce that summer is coming. And what goes great with summer? Neon colors. Bright and colorful clothes will most certainly bring happy faces and good mood. Just be careful, one neon item is more enough for one outfit. It will be a highlight of your look. Choose it wisely. :) We'll start with my favorite, as always.
Here we have pink jeans as the basic item for today's outfit. Great thing about bright jeans is that you'll have the feeling like you're wearing something else, something thinner (something like leggings) and you'll still be sure that you're not showing too much (as some people do while wearing, let's say, leggings that are really thin and transparent). And they're also great for those who have some insecurities about their body and feel uncomfortable in anything other than jeans. Well, jeans don't have to be blue or black, you know.
Everything else in the outfit is black so we could keep the highlight on the jeans and so the whole appearance wouldn't be too much.
I've chosen very popular transparent black blouse. Make sure you have a black bra under it, or, better yet, some black camisole top.
Next on, there is pretty simple, yet very modern and attractive black ring. It goes great with the next accessory, the black bag.
For shoes, I picked out two possible looks. You can be sporty and show it with these gorgeous black sneakers (with or without high heel) or you can be more elegant and wear these black wedges. It depends only on you!
Since I chose neon bottom for the first outfit, it would only be fair to make something with the neon top. So here we go.
Base of this outfit is obviously this neon green cropped and cut top. It is absolutely perfect for hot summer days. It is very airily and these straps will hold everything in place. Just what you need to relax and enjoy your free summer.
To continue with this theme, I've found this beautiful fluttery skirt with white daisies. I absolutely love it (and wish I could have it). The skirt has this elastic band so it won't fall off very easily (unless you buy too big). This is also a great fact about it.
Shoes, shoes, shoes... I've found this black heels with closed front and a ankle strap. This makes them a bit unusual but also very great looking and comfortable because you need all the support you can get in heels that high. Of course you can wear black sneakers, flat shoes, shoes with low heel... Anything for that matter. But I like to create runway outfits, and they require high heels.
And in the end, I had to have some accessory in this look so I've put a big statement necklace around the neck. It is black so we won't overdo it with colors. As I said before, one neon item is just enough.
Three more outfits just with short descriptions.
First one. Excellent choice for young business women. You can feel and look young but still be classy and professional.
Second one... Perfect again for young business women. Just be careful that you don't put on too short shirt because it will look a bit tacky.
And third one, my personal favorite from these three. It is a very sporty and casual look but with all the fashion tips in it. Stripes are very popular, white sneakers with black birds also. And yellow jeans became a must-have in every girl's closet...

16 May 2014

Colorful blazers

Blazers were once a sign of prestige and you knew that those people who wore it were richer than the others cause they were the only one who could afford it. The situation has changed since then. Today blazers come in all shapes, styles and colors and are worn in every occasion.
We're starting with the simple red blazer. Longer blazer, long sleeves. Perfect for a meeting, a walk in the park and especially for the changing weather cause it's actually used as a very stylish jacket.
I've put plain white tank top underneath the blazer since it's a great start for any styling. You can really make tons of different looks with something as plain jet as modern as this shirt. To keep the highlight on the blazer, I've chosen simple white jeans, great for sunny summer days. These are your two very big white items. The white color should stop here. And now we have to neutralize it a bit...
If you have simple plain white top like this one, I suggest very popular statement necklace. Preferably in different colors, but red would be just fine too. Or, if you're more daring, take some totally opposite color, like blue or green.
Next on, there are black heels and black bag. They say that bag, or at least one clothing item, and shoes should always go together and I try to make every outfit by that rule. Black will also bring some edge to this look. If you want to play it safer and if you like bright colors more than black, use beige or brown.
And for the finishing touch, a perfect hair bun and a big statement ring!
There's the opposite blazer color from the previous one. Yellow is the warmest color that exists and is always linked to summer, spring, flowers, good mood... That's why I think this is a great clothing item.
As before, I've chosen white tank top cause you can't go wrong with it. It has already been tested and passed with the highest grades. Black, or any other color, would maybe be too much. If you try it, let me know...
And there's a statement necklace very similar to the one in the picture above. Try to chose a necklace that has colors that will go great with the blazer or just multicolored ones... They are always a safe way to go.
Yellow heels are a perfect match to the blazer and will be a great addition to the simple light blue jeans we have here. (I love seeing heels on jeans!)
I've decided to bring more spring and popular flowers in this outfit so there are flower necklace, flowery bag and a mobile phone case in the same theme. Notice that everything is very bright. No black flowers anywhere...
In the end, I present statement ring in the orange color, very similar to the outfit. It's OK if there are other colors than the main one...
Here is green color, very dear to me. I've put a turquoise ring next to it because green and turquoise are very close colors. There's, of course, a statement necklace in the same three colors - black, green and blue/turquoise. Flat beige shoes will leave the highlight on the upper part of the body. Also, big gray bag is a great contrast to the whole outfit and jet it doesn't stand out as much as you thought it would.
On the right, there's a red blazer again. (I love red!) Everything's copy-paste. White top with big statement necklace, this time in black and white version. Black heels with bow will go great with the jewelry and, since the jeans aren't too bright, won't be a big contrast in colors. And there's, of course, big red bag that will complement your styling and show that you have a good eye for details. 

06 May 2014

Hoodie forever

I have to express my love for hoodies and, as you'll see today, my love for Nike clothes. (Nike doesn't have any idea that I'm advertising them and I don't have any profit here. Just so you know...) Anyhow, hoodies were first very popular among guys, used for sports and any kind of activities, but these days they have become an equal item in our closets for fashion and sporty girls and guys. Here we go...
My personal favorite look today.
Here we have constantly good looking jeans, a bit ripped, but solid ones are just as great.
Nike hoodie is black with girly pink letters and it's great for both fashionable and sporty look. I just love it!
Next on, we have Nike Air Max sneakers. I love them too, and they go great with the whole outfit. They're black and white which is ultimate combination, but are also decorated with a bit of pink. Since this is the color or our combination, this sneakers will fit it perfectly. There's also a bit safer version with only black shoes with the white Nike sign.
Since I love wearing a bunch of bracelets on my wrists, I found this great combination of about a dozen bracelets which match this outfit. For more visible bracelets, pull up your sleeves. Earrings are just an addition if you want them.
The bag is just perfect! It has all the right colors and the design is really going great with the rest of the outfit. It's sporty, but not too sporty. Just the look I was going for!
And there's a hat. Also Nike's and also pink with black. Since the hoodie is black, a bit of pink accessories will do just great.
To start with, I've chosen this beautiful yellow hoodie with a few black stripes that will highlight your body figure.
Next on, there are simple black denim jeans. They go great with everything.
And the combination of black and yellow is just perfect (to me)!!
Again, to match the whole outfit, there are Nike Air Max sneakers in those exact colors. Yellow, black and white. This blue is only a great addition to break the yellow-black monotony.
Bag is, like the one above, sporty but not too much. It's simple and black but with only few yellow details. This means you can practically combine it with everything. Yellow is also a grateful color, like black. (Just be careful you don't have to many colors...)
Out of accessories, I've chosen simple golden hoop earrings or golden with blue stones earrings which match the blue on the sneakers. Either ones will go great with this outfit. 
If you want to look more sporty, put on sweatpants (not leggings!) and lose the earrings.
Here are two more (purple) outfits.
Pay attention to the sneakers in each one. They are either in the colors of the outfit, neutral like black and white, or totally crazy (the right ones).
Accessories are also reduced to the minimum and I've put bunch of bracelets on the right outfit because this hoodie has short sleeves and they will be visible. Also, don't use some fancy jewelry...
Denim jeans are the safest item here you can ever wear so I went with them. 

28 April 2014

Black leggings

Leggings are probably one of the most popular fashion and clothing item these days. They are comfortable, easy to put on and will not hold you back on your way. You can combine them with almost anything. They're a lot like jeans in that way. Here are some of mine looks...
Hip, modern and casually elegant. There are few words here that maybe don't go together but it's the best way to describe this. Personally, one of my favorite looks today.
Leggings are today's topic so, for this outfit, I've chosen black leather ones. They can be really sophisticated if you combine them properly.
For the top, I've chosen black sequin tunic (long shirt) with golden details. It will cover all parts of your body that are not supposed to be seen even though you're wearing something that tight as leggings.
Big black leather bag will be the perfect accessory for this. It won't stand out much but will complete the look you were going for.
Black heels are a must-have item and they are suitable for every even remotely elegant look. You can go with leather heels too, but I decided to soften this look a bit so I've chosen suede. Also, you can see that I almost always put heels with straps. It just easier to walk in them.
If I were you, I wouldn't put on any jewelry. This shirt has all you need to sparkle. Maybe some small earrings would be just perfect.
As always, there's one outfit as the opposite to the first one. More for casual occasions and people who are always moving.
Again, black leggings. This time, they're not leather, but that's not really that important. Just be careful that you neutralize the glow from the leather if you choose it.
There's also a checkered blouse. Also tunic, for the same reasons. This item is really cute, more for rock style, playful and very practical cause you can wear it with your sleeves long or short. Belt will perfectly show your figure.
Black leather (or not) boots are very comfortable and great for moving in the town. They will also fulfill your "rock" style.
A hat is always a nice touch if you find the right one and if you know how to wear it. I put it here because my friend loves hats and hopefully she'll like the styling. I'm not that big fan of them, but I have to admit, they always catch my eye on the street. The safest way is to buy simple black one. You can't go wrong with it.
Two more looks just for you to choose from.
Hopefully, you'll find something you like here.
Something for everyone...
Be careful with how tight are your leggings and what is visible through them. That's why I suggest tunics!

One tip: Tight bottom - baggy/loose top, and the other way around!

26 April 2014

Denim jacket

As we all know, denim jacket was once very popular. Then it faded away and now it's back big style. There are so many designs and, as for every clothing item, each represent something: certain character or occasion.
We'll start with the most romantic outfit today.
Here I've put together beautiful white lace sleeveless dress with the short sleeves jacket. Jacket is very modest and simple and that suits this dress. I've chosen the jacket with short sleeves just because this dress doesn't have sleeves. This way, you can actually show what season are you in. Also, notice that the jacket is short. Also very popular today but it also contributes to the whole gentle and romantic side of this outfit. Great for the spring time.
Flat shoes in this light, beige color only add softness and romance into this outfit. The bow on them is also a nice detail. Not too much cause it's pretty small, but it will be a nice finishing touch.
In this style, I found this beautiful beige clutch, also with a bow motive. I've heard bows and butterflies are a huge hit these days.
Accessories are very simple. Golden necklace and golden hoops earrings. Why golden? Because I think gold more romantic than the silver. 
And I have to have one rock version too. (I'm not into rock so I have no idea about their style, so I apologize if this isn't a definition of it. When I say rock, I mean more daring.)
There's a denim jacket to start with, of course. A bit darker, longer, with long sleeves.
Next, we have simple black pants. They go with, basically, everything. Safe call would be to choose denim, as I did.
There is white/gray/black lion sleeveless T-shirt that is perfect for this outfit because it shows personality for you and it looks really cool, you have to admit it. As an alternative shirt, I've chosen this cropped Batman shirt. Since I love Batman, I had to put him somewhere.
There are also black earrings that will be a perfect addition to the dark outfit, but will also show that you care for accessories and style.
In the end, there are black studded boots. Enough said. 

Here are two more outfits of the same style. The left one is fearless and the right one is simple girly one.
Studded bra, cropped T-shirt, studded high-heel boots and black hoop earrings are a great combination. Because I'm not a big fan of walking around naked (just with a bra and jacket) I had to bring some shirt in this.
Denim flat shoes go great with denim jacket. There's a sleeveless lace dress with a brown belt. Everything goes great together and to spice things up, I've added a very modern gold chain necklace.

21 April 2014

Yellow dresses

Summer is coming, slowly, but it is. And bright colors are perfect to lift moods up and to announce warmer days. Since we don't have summer yet, we can pretend we're on a beach in these pretty yellow designs.
We are going to start with the most elegant one. 
Here we have a pretty simple yellow dress with only one highlight on the waist. I used this one because I saw it in Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf wore it really well. I liked it. It's casual and elegant at the same time. Great for the young ones and for older ladies. Conservative and very playful. Perfect choice for everyone. 
Be careful if you don't have the "perfect" waist because this sewed belt will draw attention to it. 
I've added perfectly yellow heels for the perfect catwalk.
Every girl needs a clutch. Little bag that can store almost everything in it. I went with this black one with a hole so you can hold it in more than one way. And this handle also makes it easier to hold it if you have hands full with champagne glasses.
Since I love chokers, I've put a black one here. Of course, this will look great with any black necklace.
Care to join me for a walk through the park? Design perfect for spring strolls. Comfortable and noticeable.
Simple yellow dress with a bit of unusual shoulder straps and everything seems perfect. The length is also adjusted for a casual dress-up.
Flat beige shoes are girl's favorite item in the summer so I couldn't do an outfit without them. These have straps so they wouldn't fall off if you need to run for the bus.
Big beige bag for all the things you think you need. From mobile phone which you can't imagine your life without, to that little notebook you keep carrying around in case you'll need to write something down but you never do. But, you have to admit it, it looks great with these items.
Earrings are also beige and have a feather motive which is very popular these days. (If you wear earrings, it's better not to wear a necklace.)
And again a motive from Blair Waldorf, a hairband. Yellow, to match the outfit, will look great if you have darker hair but that doesn't mean blonds can have it too. 
I have to prepare you for the drops of water from the sky. Yes, I'm talking about this rain that keeps falling. Since it'swarm outside, you can still wear a dress, but you better take a coat too. Just in case it gets colder in the evening.
Yellow strapless dress. About a knee-length.
Beige sandals or beige boots. It's your choice. I haven't put boots here because I really can't see them with this dress but if you have some other style, be my guest.
Cause it's a casual styling, I've chosen only small beige stud earrings.
Little black clutch in the bow shape is also very modern these days and very practical, if I may add. It's usually bigger than the rest of the clutches but still small enough so your arms won't fall off.
And, another Blair Waldorf's fashion item, a green coat. I can't tell you how much I love the finishing touch it gives to the outfit.

14 April 2014

Sparkles with black

Every girl needs a bit of sparkles in her life. Some have money and just go and buy real diamond and that's pretty much all they need. Others buy sparkly clothes and accessory. It's a problem when people don't know when is enough.
So, I saw a woman today walking outside wearing something like this. Now, I know it's wrong to judge people by their looks, but if I want to keep this close to a fashion blog I need to say that this is a total no (!!) when it comes to a good fashion sense. Everything's sparkly and, to add some more bad taste, in different colors. That's not the way to use sparkles. You'll just look like a bad disco ball.
Now, I've put this together. This is a proper way of using a shiny or sparkly fashion, clothing item.
We have a pretty, simple silver dress. To keep the highlight on it, everything else is black. I'm not saying everything necessarily needs to be black but some dark colors will fit right in. Be careful that the color you choose matches the color of the sparkly item and that you only use one color. You don't want to look like a Christmas tree.
I've used simple black pantyhose, black shiny heels and a simple black blazer. This blazer will reduce the sparkles and everything will seem more sophisticated. Also, you can wear shiny shoes because their color is neutral and shine will be a nice addition to sparkles since you don't have anything else that will shine. And they add a bit of elegance.
Also, when using sparkly clothes, don't put on much jewelry. I've only put here one simple silver bracelet.

This is more party version of the previous look. Again, I'm keeping it simple. Sparkly golden dress is enough by itself. Simple black pantyhose and black heels and you're good to go. 
You don't need any jewelry for two reasons. Like before, adding jewelry to a dress like this is wrong from a fashion point of view. And, if you're going out, jewelry will just be in your way. Your earrings will be all over the place if they're dangle (and not studs). The same will happen with your necklace, especially if it's long. Don't bother yourself with those. (You can wear some simple bracelet. Or some really small stud earrings.)

For the end, combination of sparkles with something simple and regular.
Here we have a basic black T-shirt and a sparkly skirt on the left and the opposite on the right.
Both combinations could work because you're keeping the sparkles under control.
In the left situation, you can put sparkly shoes too, but I suggest that you think about it before you actually wear it. You need a personality to wear sparkles.
And, because I love these boots, I had to put them in one combination, so you can also wear black boots with a playful skirt on the right.

12 April 2014

Checkered blouse

Checkered blouse is both used in casual and more formal occasions. I personally love checkered blouses. Especially those with 3/4 sleeves. That's why I've chosen one just like that to make two (actually four) outfits.
 This is my favorite look off all times so I had to put it first. We have red checkered blouse with 3/4 sleeves and simple skinny jeans. What I absolutely love about those sleeves is the fact that I can put bracelets on my wrists and they'll be visible (it's a problem with long sleeves). And I love bracelets!
You can see the difference between the left side and the right one considering the accessories. Don't mind bracelets and the watch. Those fit on both of these looks I'm about to explain. On the left, we have brown boots with middle-height heel. There's also a little brown bag that will be perfect for all your essentials. This look could be great for a date if you're going somewhere casual. You'll be modern, trendy, comfortable and also very good looking.
Right side is more comfortable and great for walks and shopping or going to school. Heel on the boot is lower (almost non-existent) and the bag is bigger so you can put more stuff (that you usually don't need but still like to have) in it.
If I had to pick, I would choose the left side, but all-in-all, this in my favorite look and I would wear this all the time if I could.
On the other side, we can make checkered blouse and simple jeans look more elegant. These outfits will suit a work surrounding and maybe a stroll in the city (I have an image from "Sex and the city" in my head). We also have two possibilities here.
Black one consists of this black and silver bracelet and the black bag. Since we have something black on the sleeves, black accessories will fit right in. Don't panic if there isn't anything black on your blouse. Black goes with everything!
There is also a softer combination on the left. Beige bag and bracelet with sand/earth tones really show off your romantic side.
This beige cardigan and black wedges (middle-height heel) are supposed to look great with both of possibilities. You really can't go wrong with black and beige and you can combine them even though they're contrast colors.
Use both of these looks for going to work or having a coffee on the main square. You won't go unnoticed.

11 April 2014

Little black dress found colors

Since I wrote a bit about little black dress that every woman should have, today I would like to present the fun side to black dresses. If you add just a bit of colors, black dress could be the only thing you need for a perfect look.
I've put together two, mostly the same, outfits. The only difference are the colors combined with the black dress.
Pink styling shows more girly and party side. This is actually a great look for a Saturday night out.
Red one is more sophisticated and a bit more elegant. This could be worn at some cocktail party.
The point of this is to show you how colors have a great impact on how people see you and every color has its time to shine. You can't wear anything anywhere.
I'm personally more for the red one.
And one more for the end. This is not a dress like those were before. This one is more casual and has this white stripe that breaks the monotony. This is actually a perfect dress for every day. It's casual, has shoulder straps which will enable you to move freely. It's also fluttery and will not make you fall down because you couldn't move your legs. Nothing says casual like yellow, so I decided to choose this color for accessories. Yellow also bring out the good mood. Left shoes are really for everyday walks in the city. They have thick heel which makes walking more comfortable. It is also important that the heel isn't too high. For more daring women out there, here are yellow boots in the right corner. This can also look great, but you have to have a proper attitude to go with it.