24 May 2015

My favorites - nails!

Since I love painting my nails I have quite a big collection for someone who doesn't do it professionally. Of course, I have some pieces which I love and which I buy over and over. Here are my favorites...
Before you start: click on the picture for a larger display.
Here is my all time favorite transparent base coat by Essence (I've mentioned it before). What is so great about it is the fact that the bottle is big but it doesn't dry. I have it for months now and it is the same as the day that I bought it. Also the brush is perfect combination of thick and thin and suits my nails really well. Another great thing is the price.
Black nail polish on the right is also by Essence. Until a week ago, I had some other black nail polish. I had to put on three to four coats to get black nails. I thought all of them worked like that until I discovered this one. One coat is actually enough, but I prefer two. Great coverage and quality.

This on the left is matte effect top coat by BeautyUK. They are not usually the brand that I buy products from but this matte effect is great. You could see the effect in my previous post. I just love it.
I recently purchased this matte green nail polish on the right. It is by GoldenRose. They have the entire collection of beautiful matte nail polishes and I want them all after trying on this one. One coat is enough and as it dries, it gets this perfect matte effect and you don't have to worry that some parts will stay shiny.
This is my collection of stripy nail polishes. They all here are by Essence. As you already know (I hope), these are nothing special, the only difference is they come in these little cute bottles with thin brushes. Quality of the polish is the same as any other Essence's nail polish. (And I love it.) The thing is, these are great if you are a beginner or you just don't want to spend extra money on different brushes and pallets to put your nail polishes in. All in all these are a lot of fun.

17 May 2015

Nails: Fearless black

I haven't posted a nail design in a long time. Here's my new one. Black. Silver. Elegant. Fearless. Easy one to make, doesn't require much time or experience and effect is ten times greater.

You'll need:
  • base coat nail polish
  • black nail polish
  • silver nail polish (with thin brush)
  • silver rhinestones
  • black glitter nail polish (with thin brush)
  • matte top coat nail polish
  • As usual, I started with applying transparent base coat.
  • First thing after the base coat is dry is applying a layer of black nail polish.
  • Choose one nail to cover with matte effect top coat.
  • Afterwards, you'll make two parallel lines on the outer side of your nail. Two silver lines on four fingers and two black glitter lines on that matte nail.
  • On that nail where you applied black glitter nail polish, you'll make two more parallel lines crossing with the existing two in the outer upper corner.
  • When the glitter black stripes are dry, fill the gap between them with silver nail polish.
  • After everything is half dry, put a rhinestone where those black glitter lines cross.
  • Put four more rhinestones on one of your other nails (thumb is the best choice because it's the biggest so it won't be overcrowded) in line.
This is the result.
P.S. Don't forget to put oil on cuticle (which is not shown on the pictures, sorry).