31 July 2017

Summer vacation skincare & beauty essentials

I've already been on a one week vacation, but I'm looking forward to my 3 week vacation in the late August. As I planned this first week in quite a rush, I forgot some things (although I made a free packing list). Now I know what I really need in my beauty bag, so read my list.
As you can see, during summer, I don't really worry about makeup as I tend to go all natural wherever I go. However, some minor improvements may be necessary so I included those too. I'll start with and concentrate on the skin care products.

28 July 2017

No post 27.7.2017.

As you can see I didn't post yesterday. I had (have) some family problems (nothing too serious, but enough not to be able to work on my blog). Also I didn't have Internet for 3 days.

New post will be up on Monday as scheduled.

Thank you for coming!

24 July 2017

Barry M color changing lip paint

You can't tell me you've never been intrigued by weird colors in make-up. There’s something really appealing in colors you know you’ll probably never wear. But you have to have them. I always think these would look great for a photoshoot. When am I ever going to have a photoshoot? 
For most days, I keep my make-up simple and very ordinary. Standard brownish smokey eyes, just a bit of bronzer and a nice mauve lipstick is all I need. Then I did this look and everything changed. However I still needed an every day make-up.

20 July 2017

Remington Pro spiral curl tong

I already wrote one 'hair tool' post and I said I got something else which is a hair curler. Let me introduce you to my new favorite thing. If you want to read part one of this, post is Simply straight straightening brush.
As I have curly hair by nature, I never thought I would actually want, need or love a hair curler. Also my family doesn't know anything about hair or beauty, so I never expected something like this, but they did great with this one.

17 July 2017

What's in my bag | summer 2017

I change my bags a lot. Whenever I go somewhere I pair my bag with the rest of the outfit. You can see all of my bags in the post My bag collection. However I always keep my essentials in one bag ready to go just in case I really need to storm out. Currently, all my stuff are in a black backpack that usually goes great with all of my casual everyday outfits.
I usually carry only stuff I really need so you won't find old receipts, expired stuff or anything like that. I can proudly say I keep my bag really neat.

10 July 2017

Beach outfits | summer 2017

Hello summer! I have the need to welcome summer in every post now. I'm so happy I finished my college year and I'm free for 3 and a half months. Can we have 'hell yeah'? Thanks. Of course, with summer, most people will be heading to pools or, those lucky ones, to real seaside. Also, if you're not lucky like me to have the beach half a minute walk from your apartment (not bragging and not exaggerating), you need some clothes to the beach. Here are 6 summer beach outfits.
Note: All outfits can be found on the links below pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand, where to get it and the price.

06 July 2017

White, gold, blue, black manicure

Summer always brings the most of my creativity. Usually. For this manicure I took inspiration from one of my favorite nail artists out there - Yagala S. I feel like I always fail a bit when I have short nails. I'll let you be the judge of it.

03 July 2017

SkinPro cleansing device

If you care for your skin at all, you know that cleaning it is the most important thing. You can't cover bad skin with makeup or by tanning it. You need to clean your skin properly. Here's where this device should come in handy. It's SkinPro cleansing device by Oriflame.
I bought it for about $50* and I also bought these two additional brush heads for $7. I've used it for a month and a half now and I'm ready to write first impressions, whole review and to tell you whether I would recommend it or not. You can order it on Oriflame's site (linked above) or on Amazon here.