17 July 2017

What's in my bag | summer 2017

I change my bags a lot. Whenever I go somewhere I pair my bag with the rest of the outfit. You can see all of my bags in the post My bag collection. However I always keep my essentials in one bag ready to go just in case I really need to storm out. Currently, all my stuff are in a black backpack that usually goes great with all of my casual everyday outfits.
I usually carry only stuff I really need so you won't find old receipts, expired stuff or anything like that. I can proudly say I keep my bag really neat.
Starting from the big stuff, I have my bottle that's usually filled with water or some juice. I don't always carry this around, but I know myself and I know how long I can be without drinking anything so I estimate do I need it or not. During summer, I'll usually take it with me cause I can't stand these heats. And it's yellowish cause I had my juice in there and now it's stained forever. Anyone knows how to get rid of the yellow?
Onto these two pouches now. This pink one is my beauty bag and I showed you it's content in a post called What's in my beauty bag. I've changed it since so now it has hand sanitizer, Essence all about matt oil control papers, tissues, tweezers, nail clipper, hand cream, the same lipstick/lipgloss and nail file. This teal one I call my essential bag. I also wrote about what I always have with me so that's mostly in this bag.
Of course, I always have my wallet with me. I got this one for my birthday and I love it, but since it's quite big, I'll change it if I'm wearing some clutch or small bag. It fits all my money and cards and I love that it keeps my paper money flat and straight.
Here are also my sunglasses. It's summer, it's sunny 99% of the time and I always have my sunglasses with me cause I just go blind without them. If I'm really putting together an outfit, I'll maybe choose different sunglasses, but there go great with every single outfit so they are my safest bet. These are original RayBan that I got myself from my first paycheck ever.
Although I have one pack of paper tissues in my beauty bag, I usually have one more just somewhere in a pocket so it's easily accessible. Along with it, I have wet tissues too.
As I mentioned in previous posts linked here, I always have my headphones with me. I carry them in this pouch for mobile phones. Since my phone is too big for this pouch, I love it for this purpose. It keeps my headphones from tangling. I'll also use this pouch as a small wallet if I'm changing bags as I previously mentioned.
This little notebook was bought about 3 years ago and I still have some room there, but I love having it with me just in case I have a blog idea or I need to write down some stores where I found something or anything like that. I prefer this over writing in notes on my phone.
In the most cases, like 99% of the time, I'll have two or three lady pads which are usually used by my friends as non of them have a habit of carrying those, but I just used last one out of the bag, so I don't have them here.

And that's it! What do you carry in your bag? Is there some thing you can't go out without (except keys, phone and wallet)?

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