10 July 2017

Beach outfits | summer 2017

Hello summer! I have the need to welcome summer in every post now. I'm so happy I finished my college year and I'm free for 3 and a half months. Can we have 'hell yeah'? Thanks. Of course, with summer, most people will be heading to pools or, those lucky ones, to real seaside. Also, if you're not lucky like me to have the beach half a minute walk from your apartment (not bragging and not exaggerating), you need some clothes to the beach. Here are 6 summer beach outfits.
Note: All outfits can be found on the links below pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand, where to get it and the price.
Jumpsuits/rompers are really comfortable and practical for shorter periods of time (going to bathroom can be a pain) so I love pairing them with swimsuits for going to beach and maybe running some errands before or after the beach. Since this one is long, it would probably be great for evenings and after beach parties. Monochromatic is cute when paired with fun, colorful sandals and big bag with interesting summer motives.
Last year I got myself one piece swimsuit and it soon became my favorite. I love pairing it with shorts. I only need those two pieces and I have a whole outfit. For this fun navy swimsuit I chose some light cover-up and fun big bag for day. For the evening or night out, pair it with denim shorts and colorful sandals and also bright bag with floral motives. I love this one!
I have to admit this one isn't really beach friendly, but it looks so elegant and great. This swimsuit is so powerful (am I the only one who sees Beyonce here?) so I paired it with some classy, simple sandals which are easy to wear. Since the swimsuit is statement, simple black cover-up is just a perfect match. I also picked big gold and white bag which is basically elegant version of normal beach bags I have in other outfits. This outfit is definitely more for taking pictures, but in case you feel like it, you can easily jump into the pool or sea.
I needed a casual one. With a top like this, which is a bit longer than normal bra (so a crop top), some high-waisted shorts are all you need. Since the bikini is colorful, I wanted the rest of the outfit to be simple. However, these shorts are pretty interesting. They are a bit of a contrast to the bikini, but bikini also has some small red details so it all matches. There's also red baseball hat and simple while slip-ons. Yellow bag matches all pieces and it's big enough to fit all your beach essentials.
I realized I hadn't had any skirts here, so here you go. This one is maybe not your first choice for beach, but skirts are really easy to put on and take off. Also, pineapples here are a perfect motive for beach and they're really trendy now. Simple white crop top will go great with anything and will show these interesting strips on this beautiful maroon bathing suit. Not to make this too fancy, here are flip-flops and basket beach bag.

Where are you going this summer? Which outfit is your favorite? Which combination you would never wear?


  1. These are very pretty beach outfits, I'm not a huge fan of the beach myself, I'm way more into river banks :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    1. I love going to the seaside, but I do sometimes go to the river or lake nearby. :D
      thank you, I love them too :D

  2. I'm loving pom pom sandals at the moment! xx

    Tamz |

    1. they are so cute! I have some beige ones and some craft pom poms so I'm actually gonna make my own sandals. we'll see how it goes :D

      thank you for coming and reading :*