03 July 2017

SkinPro cleansing device

If you care for your skin at all, you know that cleaning it is the most important thing. You can't cover bad skin with makeup or by tanning it. You need to clean your skin properly. Here's where this device should come in handy. It's SkinPro cleansing device by Oriflame.
I bought it for about $50* and I also bought these two additional brush heads for $7. I've used it for a month and a half now and I'm ready to write first impressions, whole review and to tell you whether I would recommend it or not. You can order it on Oriflame's site (linked above) or on Amazon here.
One minute a day - for the skin you always dreamed of! SkinPro cleansing device gives you the thorough cleansing that is fundamental for beautiful-looking skin - and it takes only one minute a day. You'll be amazed with the improvements to your skin!
Until now, I had some basic facial cleansing brush which you can see in this post about my shower routine. I first saw this SkinPro device when I was having my facial treatment that my friend Anchy got for the two of us. It immediately felt great to have my face properly cleaned. This is why I decided to splurge a bit and get it myself (also, I was getting lazy with my brush cause I had to work it on my face...).
It comes with a single brush head for every day cleansing, two batteries, stand and a bag to store it while traveling. The brush also has a  lid so your bristles wouldn't damage during transport or storing. Brushes should be changed every 3 months. There's also another brush for deep cleansing which I ordered and I'm currently waiting for it to arrive.
Device is waterproof when properly closed, it's also somehow heavy, but easy to hold and use. It has two rotating speeds (although I only use one for unknown reason). 
As it shuts down automatically after a minute, they suggest spending 20 seconds on your forehead, 10 seconds on each cheek and 20 seconds on your chin. I never measure this, but I move it around my face a lot so one place wouldn't get irritated. However, if you're using it with your favorite cleanser, I doubt your skin would get irritated cause these bristles are really gentle.
I usually use it before I go to sleep with my evening routine. After I roughly take off my makeup (if I'm wearing some), I'll get my cleanser and work it into my face. Afterwards, I only apply some moisturizer or night cream and I'm done. I'll use it in the morning too, but only if I'm applying makeup.
Verdict and recommendation? I personally love it. Maybe it would be too harsh for some sensitive skin, but it works well with mine. I didn't notice any major improvements however, but my skin isn't that bad so I can't really be the judge here. My pores look the same and my skin stayed the same in terms of getting oily. However, my skin texture is definitely a lot smoother. I can only say that I'm definitely sure my face is 100% clean and free of makeup.

* I work for Oriflame so I get 20% discount. 

What do you use to cleanse your face? What's your favorite facial cleanser?


  1. This looks a lot like a cleansing brush I have by Magnitone, I love mine :) Or loved anyway... It broke this year haha.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
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    1. Yes, all of these pretty much look the same, only this one is cheaper than Magnitone as far as I know the prices.
      oh :( are you getting a new one?