20 July 2017

Remington Pro spiral curl tong

I already wrote one 'hair tool' post and I said I got something else which is a hair curler. Let me introduce you to my new favorite thing. If you want to read part one of this, post is Simply straight straightening brush.
As I have curly hair by nature, I never thought I would actually want, need or love a hair curler. Also my family doesn't know anything about hair or beauty, so I never expected something like this, but they did great with this one.
This one has a 19 mm barrel for pretty tight curls, 4 protection coats an it heats up to 210°C. You can adjust the temperature you want. I was more impressed with the straightening brush as it has a display, but it's not that hard to guess on which temperature you are and what you really need. Once I found a good temperature, I just left it like that. What I also love it how fast it heats. It's heated to the right temperature within a minute so I can really do some quick fixes.
I tried to make some waves or curls with my old hair straightener, but it's safe to say that was a total mess. I naturally have curly hair, but I rarely leave it to dry naturally because I'm either impatient so I'll just blow dry it into some mess or I'm too sleepy so I'll fall asleep with wet hair and I'll wake up with another undefined hair style. Lately, I've been really into curly hair so this was a total hit when I unwrapped my present. I used it quite a few times now and I can honestly say I love it.
This one has a clip which I saw people don't like, but I love it as it gives me more stability. However, you don't have to use it with a clip, you can just wrap your hair around.
Also, it is great when you put your 3-day-no-wash hair into a ponytail and it gives more definition to that ponytail and everything looks so much better! I usually use it after few days of not washing my hair when it gets all frizzy and undefined to fix it.
Left: My hair on the third day after washing needed some quick structure (believe me, it was awful)
Middle: Some defined curls for my birthday celebration.
Right: My mom's hair with the same style.
Verdict? Highly recommending this one! I know I say I recommend a lot of stuff, but I've been so lucky to find all the products I love. This is one of them. It's practical, it has a swivel cord which makes everything so much easier. I won't say I'm amazed by this as I was expecting everything I eventually got, but that itself is a win. It makes beautiful waves and curls and styles depending on the temperature and angle of holding and time of curling hair.

How do you style your hair? Do you wear it loose or in a ponytail/bun? ♥

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  1. Looks like it give stunning curls! Might look into it!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT