07 October 2014

Fashion and beauty tips


  • Don't ever use too much make-up. Heavy foundation on your face isn't good for your skin.
  • Lipstick should be one shade darker than your inner side of the lips. Unless it is timeless red.
  • Don't wash your hair too often. Don't let it become greasy, take care of your hygiene, but washing the hair too often is actually very bad for it.
  • When you use hair conditioner, put it only on the tip of your hair, not vertex. Your hair won't get greasy so soon.
  • Remove your nail polish before taking a shower. That way nails will regenerate a bit with warm water and soap.
  • When you apply nail polish, use oil (for nails or regular/eatable) on the skin around your nails.
  • When you're struggling with removing glitter nail polish, make 10 balls out of cotton, soak them with nail polish remover and put one on each finger. Hold that on for about a minute or two and remove. It should remove all of nail polish without any damage.
  • Remove your make-up with baby oil. It's totally safe, even for eyes.
  • Don't use too much heat on your hair (drying, curling, straightening...).


  • One fluorescent (neon) item per outfit is enough.
  • Don't wear heels with hoodies. This is just an example, but decide whether you want to look sporty or elegant.
  • One striking item is also enough. Don't be a zebra and a leopard at the same time...
  • Open shoes are enemies with socks!
  • When you put all of your jewelry for the day, remove one part and that's perfect!
  • Black and white are not colors, therefore they go with everything. Brown, beige and grey are almost as good for combining as those two.
  • Always find clothes that fit you: not too small, not too big!
  • Comfort and self-confidence before anything!
  • If you have a short skirt, make sure you covered the upper part of the body. Same goes in reverse: big cleavage, longer skirts. 
  • Bag and shoes should match, but if you're bold and have a good fashion sense, you could make it work with the opposite colors.
I know that all this is a matter of a personal choice, these are just my opinion.
That's all for now...